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Ground Name Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium
Address Saurashtra Cricket Association, Jamnagar - Rajkot Hwy, opp. GETCO, Gujarat 360110Hf, India
Establishment 2008
Capacity 2008
As known as Khanderi Cricket Stadium
First Match Held 11 January 2013
Official Website
Owner Saurashtra Cricket Association
Operator Saurashtra Cricket Association
Tenants Gujarat Lions, India National Cricket Team, Saurashtra Cricket Team
Phone +91 280 220000

Basked in the radiant glow of the Gujarat sun, the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, also known as the Khandheri Cricket Stadium, stands as a beacon of sustainability and innovation.

As the first solar-powered cricket stadium in Gujarat, the Khandheri Cricket Stadium is a shining example of the state's commitment to renewable energy and environmental protection.

In 2013, the stadium hosted its first international match, an ODI between India and England.

While India lost the match by a narrow margin of 9 runs, the Khandheri Cricket Stadium made history as the first solar-powered stadium to host an international cricket match.

Since then, the Khandheri Cricket Stadium has hosted several other high-profile matches, including Indian Premier League matches and international Test matches.

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The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, or Khandheri Cricket Stadium, is Gujarat’s first solar-powered stadium, established in 2008 in Rajkot, India.

It has a seating capacity of 28,000 and is noted as stadium with stunning design, due to its modern and futuristic media box.

On the other side, Rajkot’s Khandheri Stadium also focused on integrating to nature, as their commitement as eco-friendly grounds.

The stadium, part of a larger sports complex, started hosting international matches in 2013 and is known for its flat pitch that generally favors batsmen, making it a scene for high-scoring games.

Significant for its role in cricket history, hosted many famous cricket matches and tournament. It was selected as a Test venue, and served as the home ground for the Gujarat Lions.

Summary & Key Takeaways


Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium: One of the Best Eco-Friendly Stadium in India

Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium

Inaugurated in 2008, Rajkot’s Khandheri Stadium shines as a modern cricketing jewel with a capacity of 28,000.

It’s renowned for a spectator-friendly environment, mirrored after prestigious international grounds, and a batsmen-favored pitch that has witnessed record-breaking innings.

Elevated to Test venue status in 2015, it’s also etched in IPL history as the Gujarat Lions’ den. However, here are some of key points of Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium:

The History of Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium

The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, also known as Khandheri Cricket Stadium, began its journey on a 30-acre stretch of agricultural land acquired near the Jamnagar highway in 2004.

The construction, which started in 2006, involved a cost of around Rs 75 crore. By late 2008, the venue was hosting first-class matches, signifying its inauguration into the cricketing world.

While the stands were still under construction, the ground hosted Ranji Trophy matches. Upon completion, it could accommodate 28,000 spectators.

It includes state-of-the-art features, such as a media box designed after the one at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, and boasts ease of movement for spectators with multiple aisles and a surrounding passage.

The stadium has two playing fields, catering to both international matches and district-level games, with provisions like luxurious dressing rooms and over 60 hospitality boxes that are available for hire during international matches.

Cricket history at the stadium includes the exploits of Saurashtra’s own Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja, scoring double and triple centuries, and the venue’s debut T20 International match in October 2013.

Further, it was chosen as a Test venue in 2015 and was the home ground for the Gujarat Lions in the 2016 IPL, hosting five matches that season.

The stadium’s significant moments are etched in cricketing lore, including the noteworthy T20 International where Yuvraj Singh marked his return to international cricket with an unbeaten 77, helping India chase down 201 against Australia.

This ground not only serves as the home venue for the Saurashtra cricket team but also holds a special place in IPL history.


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Stadium Capacity

The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, inaugurated in 2008, seats around 28,000 spectators, which positions it among the larger cricket stadiums in India.

This capacity has remained consistent since its inauguration on January 11, 2013, following renovations, including the addition of floodlights and a modern media center in 2018.

Comparatively, while it does not rank among the world’s largest stadiums, its state-of-the-art facilities provide a superior fan experience.

The layout, featuring VIP boxes and air-conditioned commentary boxes, ensures comfort and an engaging atmosphere for fans.

Pitch and Conditions

The pitch at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium is widely recognized as batting-friendly, a trend observed during international matches.

Teams batting first at this venue have historically posted high scores, with the average first-innings tally being 312 runs. Notably, all ODI games played here have been won by the teams that batted first.

The highest team score recorded at the stadium in ODIs is 340 runs by India against Australia in 2015, while the lowest is 252 by India against South Africa in the same year.

Individual performances have also shone, with Quinton de Kock holding the record for the highest ODI score at this ground of 103 runs.

Bowlers have had their moments too, with Morne Morkel’s 4 for 39 being the best ODI bowling figures at the stadium, hinting at the pitch’s occasional assistance to pace bowling under the right conditions.

Weather conditions, typical of Rajkot, can influence the pitch’s behavior, with dry conditions generally favoring spin as the match progresses.

Memorable Matches and Moments

The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium has been the stage for several notable matches since its inception.

In 2013, the stadium witnessed its first international match, an ODI, where India narrowly lost to England by 9 runs.

That same year, it hosted a memorable T20I during the Australia Tour of India, where Yuvraj Singh made a triumphant return to international cricket, scoring an unbeaten 77 and leading India to a six-wicket victory.

The stadium hosted its inaugural Test match on November 9, 2016, between India and England, which concluded in a draw.

Each of these matches has contributed to the stadium’s growing historical significance, with personal and team records being set and broken, and has firmly established its reputation as a venue that delivers thrilling cricketing encounters.

Facilities and Features

Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium caters to spectators with a seating capacity of 28,000, featuring VIP boxes and air-conditioned commentary boxes for a comfortable viewing experience.

Players enjoy state-of-the-art dressing rooms, practice pitches, indoor training facilities, and a gymnasium, ensuring top-notch preparation spaces.

Parking is ample, with spaces on-site and in nearby areas, accommodating the influx of fans on match days.

The technological infrastructure of the stadium includes modern scoreboards and sound systems, enhancing the matchday atmosphere.

These facilities contribute to the stadium’s reputation as a premier cricketing venue, hosting both domestic fixtures like the Ranji Trophy and IPL matches, as well as international games.

Visitor Information: Location and Tips

The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium is situated in Khandheri, Rajkot, Gujarat, India, a beacon for cricket enthusiasts seeking the thrill of live matches.

Accessible by a mere 13 km drive from the Rajkot airport, it welcomes visitors via taxi or auto-rickshaw, while Rajkot railway station’s proximity, about 10 km, offers buses and taxis to the venue.

Ample parking eases the visitor’s concern for their vehicles, with on-site and nearby options available.

For an optimal visit, arriving early on match days can avoid the rush, and adhering to match day protocols, like sun protection and noting prohibited items, ensures a smooth experience.


The architecture of the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot, India, stands as a testament to modern design infused with traditional elements.

The stadium was designed by ZEDO, who envisioned a space that pays tribute to cricket’s rich heritage while serving all stakeholders—spectators, players, media, and administration.

The design exceeds best practices and ICC requirements, with a focus on inclusivity.

The stadium’s circular shape allows for unobstructed views from every seat, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for the audience.

This design not only facilitates an uninterrupted view but also contributes to a vibrant atmosphere during matches.

The facade of the stadium merges modernity with tradition, a reflection of India’s rich cultural heritage.

The use of vibrant colors and appealing design elements enhances the grandeur of the venue, making it a distinguished landmark.

The seating arrangements and spacious stands are strategically planned to amplify spectator comfort and ease of movement.

Regarding the environmental aspect, the stadium stands out as Gujarat’s first solar-powered stadium, underscoring a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The structure’s architectural features are crafted with attention to detail to meet international standards, providing a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Renovations and technological upgrades are part of the stadium’s evolution, ensuring it remains state-of-the-art.

These modifications and the stadium’s design philosophy together create an immersive experience, fostering a lasting connection between the game and its fans.

Final Words about Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium

The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, a modern cricketing marvel in Rajkot, Gujarat, stands with a capacity of 28,000, hosting memorable games including international debuts and high-scoring ODIs.

As the home ground for teams like Gujarat Lions, one of the highest following cricket teams. This stadium witnessed historic cricketing moments and untold individual brilliance.

Its circular architecture offers unobstructed views, ensuring an engaging spectator experience, complemented by state-of-the-art facilities and solar-powered sustainability. With robust transport links, the stadium is accessible, inviting fans from all over.

Yet, as cricket is a game dictated by pitch and conditions, one wonders how Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium which batsman-friendly wicket would fare for a team adept at seam or spin, posing an intriguing question for the fans and strategists alike.

FAQs - Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium

Is Rajkot a batting pitch?

Yes, Rajkot is generally considered to be a batting pitch. The wicket is usually flat and batsmen find it easy to score runs. However, in recent years, the pitch has become more balanced and bowlers have also been able to get wickets.

Is Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium small or big?

The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium is a medium-sized stadium with a seating capacity of 28,000. It is not as big as some of the other international cricket stadiums in India, such as the Eden Gardens in Kolkata or the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. However, it is still a modern and well-equipped stadium that can host high-profile matches.

What is the pitch report of Saurashtra cricket ground?

The pitch report of the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium is generally favorable to batsmen. The wicket is usually flat and has good bounce. However, in recent years, the pitch has become more balanced and bowlers have also been able to get wickets.

What is the lowest score in Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium?

The lowest score in the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium is 152, which was scored by the India A team against the Sri Lanka A team in an unofficial Test match in 2015.

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