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Ground Name Newlands Cricket Ground
Address 146 Campground Rd, Newlands, Cape Town, 7780, South Africa
Establishment 1888
Capacity 25,000
As known as The Newlands, PPC Newlands (2002-2010), Sahara Park Newlands (2010-2012), Liberty Life Newlands (2012-2020), Six Gun Grill Newlands (2020-present)
First Match Held 1 January 1889
Official Website
Owner Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA)
Operator Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA)
Tenants MI Cape Town
Phone MI Cape Town

Nestled amidst the scenic backdrop of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak in Cape Town, South Africa, the Newlands Cricket Ground stands as a testament to the sport's rich heritage and enduring appeal.

Officially known as Six Gun Grill Newlands due to sponsorship arrangements, this iconic venue serves as the home ground for both the Western Province cricket team and the MI Cape Town franchise in the Mzansi Super League.

Newlands Cricket Ground has earned its reputation as one of the most aesthetically pleasing cricket grounds in the world.

Its picturesque setting, overlooking the majestic Table Mountain and the rugged Devil's Peak, provides a breathtaking backdrop for cricketing encounters.

The stadium's architecture, blending modern amenities with elements of traditional Cape Dutch design, further enhances its allure.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, Newlands Cricket Ground holds a significant place in South African cricket history.

It has hosted numerous Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), witnessing countless moments of cricketing brilliance and sporting drama.

The ground has also played a pivotal role in nurturing young cricketing talent, providing a platform for future stars to showcase their skills.

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Newlands Cricket Ground, known for sponsorship as Six Gun Grill Newlands, is a historic cricket ground in Cape Town, South Africa.

Established in 1888, it’s home to Western Province and MI Cape Town, and hosts Test matches, ODIs, and T20Is.

Renowned for its stunning architecture and setting beneath Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, Newlands accommodates 25,000 spectators, offering a unique atmosphere.

The pitch is notable for favoring spinners, a rarity in South Africa grounds. Newlands has hosted significant cricketing events.

Its ongoing transformation into a mixed-use precinct, begun in 2019, aims to expand its role beyond just cricket. Let’s explore the story behind it!

Summary & Key Takeaways


Newlands Cricket Grounds: A Cricket Giants on the West of South Africa

Newlands Cricket Grounds

Inaugurated in 1888 and nestled in Cape Town’s picturesque landscape, Newlands Cricket Ground serves as a beloved cricket venue.

This legendary cricket stadium stands with a 25,000 capacity, it provides a vibrant spectator experience, uniquely favoring spin bowling.

t has been a stage for crucial cricket events and is transitioning into a multi-purpose site, here are some key point to remember:

The History of Newlands Cricket Ground

The Newlands Cricket Ground, located in Cape Town, South Africa, boasts a storied history dating back over a century.

The land’s journey to becoming a cricket ground began in 1845 when Jacob Letterstedt gifted it to his daughter Lydia Corrina.

By 1887, the Western Province Cricket Club took the lease for £50, initiating the ground’s transformation into a cricket venue with the construction of a pavilion through donations and member contributions.

Newlands Cricket Ground officially opened in 1888 with a match between Mother Country and Colonial Born.

The ground’s inaugural test match took place in March 1889, a mere five years after test cricket debuted at Lords.

This event marked the beginning of South Africa’s rise in the cricketing world. The arrival of the Australia team in 1902-1903 was a significant milestone, drawing record crowds and setting Newlands on a path to becoming a global cricket brand.

Over the years, the ground has witnessed numerous renovations. Between 1991 and 1997, extensive changes were made, replacing grass embankments with pavilions and boosting the seating capacity to 25,000.

In 2019, a major development project was announced, adding an office block to the historic ground and transforming Newlands into a mixed-use precinct.

As a home venue, Newlands has been pivotal for Western Province and MI Cape Town teams, or the South Africa team itself. This venue hosting various international cricket formats.

However, the ground’s legacy extends beyond just hosting matches; it’s also a symbol of cricket’s evolution in South Africa.

With the fall of apartheid in the early 1990s, Newlands entered a new era, welcoming teams from India, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and more.

This period also marked a winning streak for South Africa, with notable successes in both Test and ODI formats at Newlands.

Historic moments at Newlands are numerous, including South Africa’s first victory over England in 1906 and subsequent wins in 1910 and 1970.

The ground has also hosted major international tournaments like the ICC World Cup, the ICC World T20 championship, the most popular Indian Premier League, and the Champions League, further solidifying its reputation as a favorite among cricket fans worldwide.

Stadium Capacity

The Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town, South Africa, can accommodate 25,000 spectators. This capacity places it among the mid-sized cricket stadiums globally.

The seating arrangement includes the Oaks Enclosure, a fan favorite due to its scenic view and the historic oak trees that line it.

In a global comparison, Newlands’ capacity aligns with several other international cricket grounds. For instance, stadiums like the Old Trafford in Manchester and the Dubai International Cricket Stadium also hold 25,000 spectators.

However, it is smaller than some of the world’s largest cricket venues, such as India’s Eden Gardens, but not listed as the smallest cricket stadium in the world.

The record attendance at Newlands was set in 1998 during an Australian Rules Football match between the Brisbane Lions and Fremantle, drawing a crowd of 10,123.

This figure underscores the ground’s versatility and ability to attract substantial audiences for events beyond cricket.

Pitch and Conditions

The pitch at Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town is predominantly a bowling-friendly surface, favoring seamers with additional speed and bounce.

Over time, the ground has evolved to offer something for spinners too, making it one of the few South African grounds favoring spin bowling. This is reflected in Western Cape’s history of producing excellent spinners.

Historical data on pitch behavior highlights its dynamic nature. In Test matches, the ground has seen a total of 60 games, with a nearly even split between victories for teams batting first and those bowling first.

The highest total recorded in a Test match was 651/10 by South Africa against Australia. Interestingly, the lowest total was 35/10, achieved by South Africa against England.

In One Day Internationals (ODIs), Newlands has hosted 45 matches. The highest total recorded in an ODI was 367/5 by South Africa against Sri Lanka.

The lowest total was 43/10 by Pakistan against West Indies. The ground’s behavior typically sees higher scores in the first innings compared to the second.

T20 matches at Newlands have also been notable, with 23 games played. The highest total in this format is 193/5 by Australia against South Africa, while the lowest is 96/10 by South Africa against Australia.

Current pitch reports suggest that pacers continue to play a significant role, with the pitch providing good bounce and carry.

Batters face challenges playing shots on a hard length, though the fast outfield and boundary size can be advantageous. Scores above 165 are considered excellent in the current conditions.

The pitch’s nature, combined with the winter rainfall climate in Cape Town, ensures a conducive environment for cricket, with a low percentage of Test matches ending in draws.

Memorable Matches and Moments

Newlands Cricket Ground, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is a historic and significant venue in the world of cricket. Here’s an overview of some of the iconic matches and moments that have taken place at this ground:

Iconic Matches

  • First Test Match (1889): Newlands hosted its inaugural Test match in 1889, just five years after the first-ever Test match at Lord’s, marking the beginning of South Africa’s journey in international cricket.
  • Australia’s First Tour (1902-1903): This tour included three Test matches at Newlands and attracted an unprecedented crowd of about 10,000, a record at the time.
  • South Africa’s Turning Point (1906): After several defeats, South Africa achieved their first victory against England at Newlands in the second of two Tests played in 1906, a moment of triumph after years of struggle.

Historical Significance

  • Early International Encounters: England’s early victories in 1889, 1892, 1896, 1899, and 1906 at Newlands reflect the ground’s long-standing involvement in international cricket.
  • End of Apartheid Era: The collapse of apartheid in the early 1990s marked a new era for cricket at Newlands, allowing players of all races to compete, thus integrating international cricket communities at this historic ground.

Record-Breaking Performances

  • First Test Century (1889): The first Test century at Newlands was scored by Englishman Bobby Abel in 1889.
  • Highest Test Score (2006): New Zealand, Stephen Fleming scored 262 against South Africa in 2006, the highest score at Newlands, among six double centuries recorded at the ground.

Dramatic Finishes

  • First ODI (1992): The first ODI match played at Newlands in December 1992 saw South Africa defeating India, with a notable performance by Hansie Cronje.
  • Thrilling T20 Encounter (2009): A memorable T20 match between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders in 2009 concluded with a last-ball finish, with KKR chasing down a target of 174 set by RCB.

Visitor Information: Location and Tips

The Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s oldest stadiums, boasts a rich history spanning over 130 years.

It’s not just a venue for international and domestic cricket but also a site admired for its beauty. The ground underwent development in 2019 and is now officially known as ‘Six Gun Grill Newlands’ due to a sponsorship deal initiated in 2020.

Newlands Cricket Ground sits in the Newlands suburb of Cape Town, at the base of Table Mountain, in the southern part of the city.

Its full address is 146 Campground Road, Newlands, Cape Town, 7780, South Africa. The stadium is near the Newlands Railway Station and just a short distance from Cape Town International Airport, a major hub with international and domestic flights.

In terms of dining, the area around Newlands presents various options. La Cuuccina Cape Town, a mere 0.2 miles from the ground, offers Italian, French, and Mexican cuisine.

Bihari provides Indian fare suitable for vegetarian, vegan, and halal diets, while Mamma Roma specializes in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, with options for vegetarians and those requiring gluten-free meals.

For those looking to unwind, Foresters Arms is an upmarket restaurant and bar nearby, The Blue Whistle serves as a sports bar with a vibrant atmosphere, and Rascals Pub offers a friendly setting for food and drinks.

Additionally, visitors can explore Cape Town with activities like the Cape of Good Hope and Penguins tour or enjoy a relaxing day at the Camelot Spa at The Table Bay, which features steam rooms, a jacuzzi, and a gym.


The Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town, South Africa, showcases a blend of historical elements and modern features in its architecture.

Its oval shape aligns with the standard design of cricket grounds, optimizing spectator viewing angles.

The stadium includes grandstands and pavilions for a large number of spectators, offering unobstructed views and premium seating in the pavilions.

A notable feature is its backdrop of Table Mountain, enhancing the venue’s beauty.

Additionally, the ground incorporates state-of-the-art facilities for players and spectators, including modern changing rooms, training facilities, and a variety of food and beverage options. The restrooms are well-maintained.

The redevelopment of Newlands Cricket Ground aimed to create a sustainable, mixed-use sports, educational, and commercial campus.

The iconic Snakepit Building, with its glass facade, is a key component, housing commercial spaces and altering the architectural landscape of the ground.

The development also includes a new 840m2 Multi-purpose Hall and a Cricket Museum, both designed for versatile use.

A pedestrian bridge links different parts of the precinct, and a kilometer-long pedestrianized walkway encircles the field, leading to a new piazza.

The design juxtaposes old and new elements, with attention to visual interest and user experience.

Accessibility for differently abled individuals is a priority, with wheelchair-accessible entrances, elevators, adapted facilities, and tactile paving.

The Newlands Cricket Ground’s redevelopment was overseen by the Western Province Cricket Association. MLH Architects & Planners completed a project at the ground in 1992.

However, specific architects or builders involved in the recent redevelopment were not identified in the information found.

Final Words on Newlands Cricket Ground

Newlands Cricket Ground, a blend of historical richness and modern functionality, stands as a testament to cricket’s evolution in South Africa.

With a capacity of 25,000, it’s a notable venue for Western Province and MI Cape Town, hosting iconic cricket moments.

Its architecture, balancing traditional design with state-of-the-art facilities, creates a unique spectator experience.

Newlands Cricket Ground’s pitch, favoring both seamers and spinners, poses an intriguing question: How would your favorite team adapt to these conditions?

All You Need to Know about Newlands Cricket Ground

Is Newlands cricket ground batting or bowling pitch?

The Newlands cricket ground is generally considered to be a balanced pitch that offers a fair contest between bat and ball, although the conditions can vary depending on the time of year and the weather. The pitch tends to be more conducive to batting early in the season when the wickets are drier and harder, while later in the season, the wickets become more worn and uneven, making the pitch more challenging for batsmen.

What happened to Newlands Stadium?

The Newlands Stadium, more commonly known as the Newlands cricket ground, has undergone several renovations and expansions throughout its history. The most recent major renovation occurred in 2003, which saw the stadium’s capacity increase to 25,000 spectators. This renovation included the construction of new pavilions and the removal of grass embankments to accommodate more seating.

Who plays at Newlands cricket ground?

The Newlands cricket ground is the home ground for the Western Province cricket team, a prominent regional cricket team representing the Western Cape province in South Africa. Additionally, the stadium hosts matches for the South African national cricket team, particularly during the Test and One-Day International (ODI) formats.

What is the t20 record of Newlands cricket ground?

In Twenty20 International (T20I) cricket, the Newlands cricket ground has a mixed record. Out of 38 T20I matches played at the venue, the team batting first has won 15 matches, while the team chasing has won 21 matches. The average first innings score at Newlands in T20Is is 151, while the average second innings score is 141.

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