Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: ODI, T20i, Test

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An impressive record stands tall in the cricketing world, telling stories of unparalleled talent and legendary dismissals: the record for most wickets bowled.

An illuminating example of cricketing brilliance, this album documents thrilling moments that have defined careers and immortalized players' identities.

But how can one reach the highest level of cricket? In one-day internationals, Twenty20 internationals, and Test cricket, whose dismissals have been the most hypnotic?

We welcome you to come along on a voyage that will be filled with more than just reminiscing as we prepare to unveil this intricate tapestry of stories told with care, strategy, and, at times, a dash of luck.

Get ready to be captivated as we unveil a tale of the most wickets bowled in cricket, a record that encompasses both the path taken and the final destination.

Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: ODI, T20i, Test

The bowlers whose names have come to represent cricketing greatness and the legendary deliveries that have characterized their careers will take you on a magical journey through the years.

This is more than a statistical tour; it's an exploration of cricket's essence, a tribute to the passion of the game that has enchanted fans all around the globe.

Come celebrate with us the cricketing greats by looking into the record for most wickets bowled, a record that tells stories of unmatched skill, passion, and determination—the very soul of the game.

More than just a record, it is the very essence of cricket, teeming with anecdotes of great achievements and devastating dismissals that have inspired and motivated fans for decades.

Join me on this adventure as we scour the record of the most wickets bowled in the glorious history of cricket, uncovering tales laced with strategy, skill, and the dogged quest of greatness.

Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: ODI, T20i, Test

5PlayerSpanMatBallsRunsWktsBBIAveBwd% Wkts
77M Muralidaran (Asia/ICC/SL)1992-2011495631323080313479/5122.8629021.52
31Wasim Akram (PAK)1984-200346040813215919167/11923.5727830.34
35Waqar Younis (PAK)1989-200334928922187077897/3623.7025332.06
23MA Starc (AUS)2010-202326123796162866426/2825.3620131.3
34JM Anderson (ENG)2002-202339649223266479777/4227.2719720.16
37A Kumble (Asia/IND)1990-2008403553462876795610/7430.0918619.45
13SL Malinga (SL)2004-202034017944153345466/3828.0817131.31
24N Kapil Dev (IND)1978-199435638942198126879/8328.8316724.3
38SK Warne (AUS/ICC)1992-2007339513472553610018/7125.5116516.48
36GD McGrath (AUS/ICC)1993-200737642266206569498/2421.7616417.28
19B Lee (AUS)1999-201232228261191457185/2226.6616122.42
10Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/PAK)1996-201852423032177375417/1232.7815528.65
16Shoaib Akhtar (Asia/ICC/PAK)1997-201122416225111754446/1125.1615434.68
24Imran Khan (PAK)1971-199226326919131025448/5824.0815027.57
26CEL Ambrose (WI)1988-200027431456139306308/4522.1114923.65
25Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2006-202343029885194676907/3628.2114420.86
29DW Steyn (Afr/SA)2004-202026525879163396997/5123.3714320.45
23CA Walsh (WI)1984-200133740841196067467/3726.2814319.16
12Z Khan (Asia/IND)2000-201430929234189966107/8731.1414223.27
34R Ashwin (IND)2010-202327532868184217177/5925.6913919.38
21SCJ Broad (ENG)2006-202334440980235748478/1527.8313716.17
41Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-199020128100130185899/5222.1013623.08
16TA Boult (NZ)2011-202324724854155106027/3425.7613522.42
21SM Pollock (Afr/ICC/SA)1995-200842340308196738297/8723.7313516.28
11Mohammed Shami (IND)2013-202318816977116754487/5726.0613329.68
14RA Jadeja (IND)2009-202332827341160095467/4229.3212923.62
16WPUJC Vaas (Asia/SL)1994-200943939345216437618/1928.4412916.95
13J Srinath (IND)1991-200329627039160435518/8629.1112522.68
8Umar Gul (PAK)2003-201623716866122494276/4228.6812328.8
14MA Holding (WI)1975-19871621815389323918/9222.8412331.45
22AA Donald (SA)1991-200323624080132706028/7122.0412220.26
22MD Marshall (WI)1978-199221724759121095337/2222.7112222.88
22M Ntini (ICC/SA)1998-201128429713180996627/3727.3311817.82
10J Garner (WI)1977-19871561849981854056/5620.2011127.4
11D Gough (ENG/ICC)1994-200621920332127614676/4227.3210923.34
6ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL)1989-201158623433156934406/2935.6610824.54
22DL Vettori (ICC/NZ)1997-201544243661228637057/8732.4210815.31
10JJ Bumrah (IND)2016-20231811217977793516/1922.1610730.48
20TG Southee (NZ)2008-2023370*32260216197367/3329.3710614.4
17FS Trueman (ENG)1952-1965671517866253078/3121.5710333.55
9JB Statham (ENG)1951-1965701605662612527/3924.8410240.47
27IT Botham (ENG)1976-199221828086150175288/3428.4410119.12
4Abdul Razzaq (Asia/PAK)1996-201334318288126533896/3532.529925.44
35HMRKB Herath (SL)1999-201818129600148925259/12728.369918.85
12RR Lindwall (AUS)1946-1960611365052512287/3823.039742.54
15CJ McDermott (AUS)1984-199620924047133504948/9727.029719.63
7JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA)1995-201451931258185485776/5432.149616.63
14KAJ Roach (WI)2008-202318519042115314006/2728.829423.5
10Rashid Khan (AFG/ICC)2015-2023190870864333477/1818.539226.51
14CL Cairns (ICC/NZ)1989-200627919914130564207/2731.089121.66
19Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)1995-200421822840124814968/16425.169018.14
8HH Streak (Afr/ZIM)1993-200525423027132084556/7329.029019.78
15MG Johnson (AUS)2005-201525624146157265908/6126.659015.25
16RGD Willis (ENG)1971-198415420952101584058/4325.088921.97
5A Flintoff (ENG/ICC)1998-200922720725116924005/1929.238822
18LR Gibbs (WI)1958-1976822727190483118/3829.098828.29
12Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2008-201521219022107014477/5523.938519.01
18GP Swann (ENG)2000-201317819968113894106/6527.778520.73
17DL Underwood (ENG)1966-19821122314084083298/5125.558525.83
10M Morkel (Afr/SA/World)2006-201824723210145025446/2326.658515.62
28Harbhajan Singh (Asia/IND)1998-201636741671231437118/8432.548511.95
11I Sharma (IND)2007-202119923171140414347/7432.358419.35
15K Rabada (SA)2014-202321717495123514957/11224.958316.76
24DK Lillee (AUS)1971-198413322060106384587/8323.228318.12
17Abdul Qadir (PAK)1977-199317122226111963689/5630.428222.28
1Mashrafe Mortaza (Asia/BAN)2001-202031018051136593906/2635.028120.76
5JE Taylor (WI)2003-20181661269891232916/4731.358027.49

Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: ODI

5PlayerSpanMatBallsRunsWktsBBIAveBwd% Wkts
6Wasim Akram (PAK)1984-200335618186118125025/1523.5217635.05
13Waqar Younis (PAK)1989-20032621269899194167/3623.8415136.29
10M Muralidaran (Asia/ICC/SL)1993-201135018811123265347/3023.0812222.84
8SL Malinga (SL)2004-20192261093697603386/3828.8710430.76
9Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/PAK)1996-201539817670136323957/1234.5110426.32
2A Kumble (Asia/IND)1990-200727114496104123376/1230.899227.29
4WPUJC Vaas (Asia/SL)1994-200832215775110144008/1927.539022.5
9B Lee (AUS)2000-20122211118588773805/2223.368923.42
9MA Starc (AUS)2010-2023121624054202366/2822.968837.28
4ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL)1989-201144514874118713236/2936.758827.24
7GD McGrath (AUS/ICC)1993-20072501297083913817/1522.028722.83
4Shoaib Akhtar (Asia/ICC/PAK)1998-2011163776461692476/1624.978634.81
1Z Khan (Asia/IND)2000-20122001009783012825/4229.438128.72
3Abdul Razzaq (Asia/PAK)1996-20112651094185642696/3531.838130.11
3J Srinath (IND)1991-20032291193588473155/2328.088025.39
1N Kapil Dev (IND)1978-19942251120269452535/4327.457931.22
5SM Pollock (Afr/ICC/SA)1996-20083031571296313936/3524.507519.08
2AB Agarkar (IND)1998-2007191948480212886/4227.857124.65
4Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2006-20232471257593603175/2929.526821.45
4CEL Ambrose (WI)1988-2000176935354292255/1724.126629.33
5Mohammed Shami (IND)2013-2023101498546181957/5723.686131.28
2JM Anderson (ENG)2002-2015194958478612695/2329.226122.67
2D Gough (ENG/ICC)1994-2006159847062092355/4426.426025.53
2AA Donald (SA)1991-2003164856159262726/2321.786022.05
0CL Hooper (WI)1987-2003227957369581934/3436.056031.08
2RA Jadeja (IND)2009-2023197975079362205/3336.075826.36
4Abdur Razzak (BAN)2004-2014153796560652075/2929.295727.53
1HH Streak (Afr/ZIM)1993-2005189946871292395/3229.825723.84
2DL Vettori (ICC/NZ)1997-20152951406096743055/731.715618.36
1CJ McDermott (AUS)1985-1996138746150182035/4424.715527.09
6Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)1995-2003169877062752885/2021.785519.09
2JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA)1996-20143281075086802735/3031.795520.14
2Umar Gul (PAK)2003-2016130606452531796/4229.345430.16
1Imran Khan (PAK)1974-1992175746148441826/1426.615429.67
1Mashrafe Mortaza (Asia/BAN)2001-20202201092288932706/2632.935420
1DJ Bravo (WI)2004-2014164651158741996/4329.515226.13
4Aaqib Javed (PAK)1988-1998163801257211827/3731.435228.57
1CA Walsh (WI)1985-20002051082269182275/130.475222.9
1CL Cairns (ICC/NZ)1991-2006215816865942015/4232.805125.37
2A Flintoff (ENG/ICC)1999-2009141562441211695/1924.384928.99
6TA Boult (NZ)2012-2023114618051462117/3424.384923.22
2M Prabhakar (IND)1984-1996130636045341575/3328.874931.21
0MD Marshall (WI)1980-1992136717542331574/1826.964931.21
1CH Gayle (ICC/WI)1999-2019301742459261675/4635.484929.34
1SK Warne (AUS/ICC)1993-20051941064275412935/3325.734916.72
4Rashid Khan (AFG)2015-2023103530037481837/1820.484826.22
1CRD Fernando (Asia/SL)2001-2012147650756481876/2730.204825.66
4M Ntini (ICC/SA)1998-2009173868765592666/2224.654617.29
1JE Taylor (WI)2003-201790434137801285/4829.534535.15
2JJ Bumrah (IND)2016-202389458035091496/1923.554530.2
1KMDN Kulasekara (SL)2003-2017184826367511995/2233.924522.61
2DK Morrison (NZ)1987-199696458634701265/3427.534434.92
5RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-1990115618234071585/2521.564427.84
3TG Southee (NZ)2008-2023161807574482217/3333.704419.9
0SR Waugh (AUS)1986-2002325888367611954/3334.674422.56
3J Garner (WI)1977-198798533027521465/3118.844329.45
0IT Botham (ENG)1976-1992116627141391454/3128.544329.65
1MA Holding (WI)1976-1987102547330341425/2621.364229.57
2Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2008-2015113600041821845/2422.724222.82
1Mohammad Sami (PAK)2001-201587428435671215/1029.474133.88
2Kuldeep Yadav (IND)2017-2023101512643191676/2525.864124.55
6L Klusener (SA)1996-2004171733657511926/4929.954121.35

Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: T20i

5PlayerSpanMatBallsRunsWktsBBIAveBwd% Wkts
2SL Malinga (SL)2006-202084179922251075/620.794340.18
2Rashid Khan (AFG/ICC)2015-202382187419251305/314.804131.53
0Shahid Afridi (ICC/PAK)2006-20189921682396984/1124.443939.79
0Bilal Hassun (UGA)2021-202335666745514/1714.603364.7
2DM Nakrani (UGA)2019-202347925891606/714.853151.66
2Umar Gul (PAK)2007-20166012031443855/616.973136.47
2Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2006-2023117253528691405/2020.493122.14
0PWH de Silva (SL)2019-20235812521438914/915.802931.86
0MA Starc (AUS)2012-20225813141673734/2022.912939.72
0JJ Bumrah (IND)2016-20236213311455743/1119.662939.18
0Bilal Khan (OMA)2015-20236413811489924/1916.182628.26
1Mustafizur Rahman (BAN)2015-202385181622941035/2222.272625.24
0Zahoor Khan (UAE)2017-20235712391406724/1619.522534.72
0Hamid Hassan (AFG)2010-202125544580354/2216.572468.57
0K Irakoze (RWN)2021-20236511641265644/2019.762335.93
2B Kumar (IND)2012-20228717912079905/423.102325.55
0Ehsan Khan (HKG)2016-20235111341148684/2416.882232.35
0H Ssenyondo (UGA)2019-20236713181204724/416.722230.55
1Waseem Abbas (MLT)2019-20234610081263595/3721.402135.59
0F Nsubuga (UGA)2019-2023511043827523/915.902140.38
0Sompal Kami (NEP)2014-20235510601218523/2023.422140.38
0Rohan Mustafa (UAE)2014-20235811061283614/1821.032134.42
0SM Sharif (SCOT)2012-20236312851730724/2424.022129.16
1Imad Wasim (PAK)2015-20236613561416655/1421.782132.3
0SO Ngoche (KENYA)2010-20237114321496864/1417.392124.41
0CJ Jordan (ENG)2014-20238818282658964/627.682121.87
1YM Nkanya (TAN)2022-202344858762605/212.702033.33
0M Akayezu (RWN)2021-2023629461247604/920.782033.33
0Haris Rauf (PAK)2020-20236213441802834/1821.712024.09
1Syazrul Idrus (MAL)2019-202333586686517/813.451937.25
0SA Jumbe (TAN)2021-2023498121021494/2420.831938.77
0AM Kimote (TAN)2021-2023558281004514/1319.681937.25
0IS Sodhi (NZ)2014-2023102211928221264/2822.391915.07
0G Sesay (SLE)2021-202327435428334/1112.961854.54
0Mohammad Naveed (UAE)2015-201931688729373/1419.701848.64
1N Vanua (PNG)2015-2023519161084605/1718.061830
1A Bohara (NEP)2019-2023489781134646/1117.711828.12
0Hasan Ali (PAK)2016-20225010151414604/1823.561830
0DW Steyn (SA)2007-20204710151175644/918.351828.12
0Shaheen Shah Afridi (PAK)2018-20235211431455644/2222.731828.12
1YS Chahal (IND)2016-20238017642409966/2525.091818.75
0Shadab Khan (PAK)2017-202392195123011044/822.121817.3
1P Aho (NGA)2021-202335630547456/512.151737.77
0E Sebareme (RWN)2021-202355910868574/615.221729.82
0RE van der Merwe (NED/SA)2009-2022529971070564/3519.101730.35
0Mohammad Amir (PAK)2009-20205010791263594/1321.401728.81
0K Rabada (SA)2014-20235612071733583/2029.871729.31
1A Zampa (AUS)2016-20237415891856825/1922.631720.73
0AU Rashid (ENG)2009-20239920722574984/226.261717.34
0Bilal Muhammad (MLT)2021-202231710786404/1019.651640
1CW Perchard (JER)2019-202337779799555/1714.521629.09
1P Mishra (BUL)2019-2023438381068405/1626.701640
0S Badree (WI/World)2012-20185211461180564/1521.071628.57
0Mohammad Hafeez (PAK)2006-202111912611388614/1022.751626.22
0Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2009-20156414301516854/1917.831618.82
0JJ Huo (MOZ)2019-202329381370344/1110.881544.11
0WA Peatfield (GUE)2019-202221450457294/2215.751551.72
1MA Baig (MWI)2019-202326534485415/1311.821536.58
0AR Ramjani (UGA)2022-202328575487514/99.541529.41
2BAW Mendis (SL)2008-201439885952666/814.421522.72
1Karan KC (NEP)2015-20235511071412795/2117.871518.98
0PA van Meekeren (NED)2013-20225811651358644/1121.211523.43
1S Lamichhane (ICC/NEP)2018-20235211751233985/912.581515.3
0MR Adair (IRE)2019-20237114991920984/1319.591515.3
0Mohammad Wasim (PAK)2021-202327511692354/2419.771440
1Rizwan Butt (BHR)2022-202327581729415/1617.781434.14
0Riazat Ali Shah (UGA)2019-202352676781374/1221.101437.83
0Khawar Ali (OMA)2015-202241716790464/1117.171430.43
2Imran Tahir (SA/World)2013-201938845948635/2315.041422.22
1Mujeeb Ur Rahman (AFG)2018-202343954999565/2017.831425
0TL Chatara (ZIM)2010-20235612041450623/723.381422.58
0Sohail Tanvir (PAK)2007-20175712141454543/1226.921425.92
0TA Boult (NZ)2013-20225512571647744/1322.251418.91
0Mohammad Nabi (AFG)2010-202310919902427874/1027.891416.09
2TG Southee (NZ)2008-2023114249234021445/1823.62149.72
1D Heyliger (CAN)2019-202332604705355/1620.141337.14
0B Ward (JER)2019-202331633627354/1817.911337.14
0Fitri Sham (MAL)2019-202342812896453/2219.911328.88
1JN Frylinck (NAM)2019-2023488961003606/2416.711321.66
0Z Bimenyimana (RWN)2021-20235910221246553/722.651323.63
0CA Young (IRE)2015-20235610881442604/1324.031321.66
0PM Seelaar (NED)2008-20217711321290584/1922.241322.41
0Aizaz Khan (HKG)2014-20236011851485724/2620.621318.05
0KMDN Kulasekara (SL)2008-20175812311530664/3123.181319.69
0R Ashwin (IND)2010-20226514521672724/823.221318.05
0Kaleem Sana (CAN)2022-202316359337274/1812.481244.44
0ND Laegsgaard (DEN)2019-202323411363314/1911.701238.7
0Amjad Javed (UAE)2014-201722446560333/1216.961236.36
0K Waiswa (UGA)2020-202358492611394/1415.661230.76
0Sami Sohail (MWI)2019-202326503505414/612.311229.26
0Sahir Naqash (GER)2019-202338537660433/2415.341227.9
0DMW Rawlins (BER)2019-202328588567324/1017.711237.5
0IO Okpe (NGA)2019-202341688697443/815.841227.27
0Mohammad Saifuddin (BAN)2017-2022347011009344/3329.671235.29
0Mudassar Bukhari (NED)2008-201638704780434/718.131227.9
0Dawlat Zadran (AFG)2012-201934741980404/4424.501230
0Arshdeep Singh (IND)2022-2023398031150564/3720.531221.42
0JR Hazlewood (AUS)2013-2022419221181584/1220.361220.68
0M Morkel (SA/World)2007-2017449521191474/1725.341225.53
0WB Rankin (ENG/IRE)2009-20205010681219553/1622.161221.81
1T Shamsi (SA)2017-20236313601676765/2422.051215.78
1D Jakiel (MWI/ZIM)2019-202315330376205/1118.801155
0J Miyaji (UGA)2022-202218336334273/712.371140.74
0J Theron (SA/USA)2010-202218374477244/2719.871145.83
1Nasrulla Rana (HKG)2019-202324392526296/1218.131137.93
0Abdullah Akbarjan (Aut)2019-202328527552313/1617.801135.48
0Rubel Hossain (BAN)2009-202128579912283/3132.571139.28
0JE Taylor (WI)2006-201830600863333/626.151133.33
0A Nortje (SA)2019-202331623742384/1019.521128.94
0Saad Bin Zafar (CAN)2019-202334690728383/819.151128.94
1LH Ferguson (NZ)2017-202333692903445/2120.521125
0Abdur Razzak (BAN)2006-201434730838444/1619.041125
0Virandeep Singh (MAL)2019-202367752658454/1014.621124.44
0Faheem Ashraf (PAK)2017-202348769981363/527.251130.55
0Janak Prakash (SGP)2019-2023408241192443/1527.091125
0Muslim Yar (GER)2019-202340828853523/916.401121.15
0M Theekshana (SL)2021-202338877974343/1728.641132.35
0AR Patel (IND)2015-2023488831116413/927.211126.82
0AD Russell (WI)2011-2021678911364393/4334.971128.2
0KJ O'Brien (IRE)2008-20211109171149584/4519.811118.96
0Pavandeep Singh (MAL)2019-202344954939543/1217.381120.37
0Junaid Siddique (UAE)2019-2023449681195544/1222.121120.37
0BM Scholtz (NAM)2019-202348988953514/1218.681121.56
0Mohammad Nawaz (PAK)2016-20235710301258473/526.761123.4
1WD Parnell (SA)2009-20235610941513595/3025.641118.64
0Taskin Ahmed (BAN)2014-20235410961411524/1627.131121.15
0PJ Cummins (AUS)2011-20225010981350553/1524.541120
0NL McCullum (NZ)2007-20166311231278584/1622.031118.96
1MRJ Watt (SCOT)2015-20235812181407695/2720.391115.94
0DJ Bravo (WI)2006-20219115052036784/1926.101114.1
0A Dhingra (LUX)2021-202318339449182/2624.941055.55
1S Conteh (SLE)2021-202322376335295/1711.551034.48
1Mohammad Kamran (ESP)2022-202319403351225/915.951045.45
0Ijaz Hussain (ROM)2019-202326442548314/2817.671032.25
0Ravi Bishnoi (IND)2022-202319448545314/1617.581032.25
0IK Pathan (IND)2006-201224462618283/1622.071035.71
0Taranjeet Singh (ROM)2021-202324474531294/1718.311034.48
1A Nanda (LUX)2019-202326476604275/622.371037.03
0SW Tait (AUS)2007-201621478589283/1321.031035.71
0CH Morris (SA)2012-201923498697344/2720.501029.41
0G Bakiweyem (GHA)2019-202329506556263/1621.381038.46
0S Vijay Unni (MAL)2022-202327523560324/2317.501031.25
0Sayed Monib (KUW)2020-202331584835424/1619.881023.8
0Sarfaraz Ali (BHR)2019-202339586698274/1225.851037.03
0Al-Amin Hossain (BAN)2013-202031614730433/2016.971023.25
0Mohammad Nadeem (OMA)2015-202346684834274/2330.881037.03
0Mahedi Hasan (BAN)2018-202238737807303/1926.901033.33
0S Muniandy (MAL)2019-2023647571085454/1324.111022.22
1Vraj Patel (KENYA)2021-202336762613595/1210.381016.94
0DL Vettori (NZ)2007-201434787748384/2019.681026.31
0CJA Amini (PNG)2015-202350814853434/1819.831023.25
0RP Burl (ZIM)2018-202367816959463/1320.841021.73
0DJ Willey (ENG)2015-2022438651180514/723.131019.6
0R Ngarava (ZIM)2019-2023418761053483/1121.931020.83
1AF Milne (NZ)2010-2023449111218475/2625.911021.27
0Sikandar Raza (ZIM)2013-20237510111204484/825.081020.83
0AD Mathews (SL)2009-20217810291200383/1631.571026.31
0SC Williams (ZIM)2006-20237211161294443/1529.401022.72
0PVD Chameera (SL)2015-20225211181507524/1728.981019.23
0Mashrafe Mortaza (BAN)2006-20175411391527424/1936.351023.8
1JO Holder (WI)2014-20235511501577575/2727.661017.54
0JB Little (IRE)2016-20236013161678684/2324.671014.7
0HH Pandya (IND)2016-20239214331950734/1626.711013.69
1A Gbla (SLE)2021-202321194212165/1613.25956.25
0RP Singh (IND)2007-200910198225154/1315.00960
0Shagharai Sefat (Belg)2021-202310222247193/1313.00947.36
0A Morris (CAY)2019-202312264263174/2615.47952.94
0Zeeshan Kukikhel (HUN)2021-202315265369183/3120.50950
1KV Morea (PNG)2021-202315306373255/914.92936
0Awais Malik (QAT)2019-202018342446223/1920.27940.9
0NR Johns-Wickberg (SRB)2021-202319345393193/620.68947.36
1AS Joseph (WI)2022-202316366493265/4018.96934.61
0KS Leverock (BER)2019-202329460525254/2821.00936
0DR Hooper (GUE)2019-202324473592193/531.15947.36
2Aamir Kaleem (OMA)2015-202233480557325/1517.40928.12
1S Wickramasekara (CZK-R)2019-202334518620235/1526.95939.13
1F Damiao Couana (MOZ)2019-202330529571285/1920.39932.14
0EJB Miles (JER)2019-202333642696403/1017.40922.5
0MA Leask (SCOT)2013-202354645839373/1122.67924.32
0V Vijh (LUX)2019-202337654870374/1923.51924.32
1Aqib Iqbal (Aut)2019-202334679712345/520.94926.47
1Kuldeep Yadav (IND)2017-202332687758525/2414.57917.3
0Shapoor Zadran (AFG)2010-202036695907373/4024.51924.32
0Wahab Riaz (PAK)2008-202036710971343/1828.55926.47
1JJ Smit (NAM)2019-202342738820446/1018.63920.45
0SVE Bharathi (GER)2020-202337755672464/614.60919.56
1FJ Klaassen (NED)2018-202237762938405/1923.45922.5
0T van der Gugten (NED)2012-202242767939423/922.35921.42
0J Botha (SA)2006-201240774823373/1622.24924.32
0H Lakov (BUL)2019-202235779989323/2130.90928.12
0C Rubagumya (RWN)2021-202356784988453/1421.95920
1L Ngidi (SA)2017-2023407851214605/3920.23915
0LM Jongwe (ZIM)2015-2023507921108554/1820.14916.36
0JW Dernbach (ENG/ITA)2011-2021408261170444/2226.59920.45
1D Wiese (NAM/SA)2013-2023448971081475/2323.00919.14
1DJG Sammy (WI/World)2007-2017689161116445/2625.36920.45
0SCJ Broad (ENG)2006-20145611731491654/2422.93913.84
0Adil Butt (SWZ)2022-202310198235102/1123.50880
0N Senamontree (THAI)2020-202312224242144/917.28857.14
0C Udekwe (NGA)2022-202317277223183/1212.38844.44
2Zaker Taqawi (SWE)2022-202314285270285/179.64828.57
0Muhammad Jawadullah (UAE)2023-202312287367154/2724.46853.33
0M Magagula (SWA/SWZ)2021-202219348507233/1222.04834.78
0Rizwan Haider (MAL)2022-202321348428234/3418.60834.78
0C Rumistrzewicz (ESP)2021-202318362299224/2413.59836.36
0A Kheterpal (HUN)2021-202318366463123/1938.58866.66
1H Fennell (Arg)2019-202319367393326/1812.28825
0B Regmi (NEP)2014-201918373405254/1616.20832
1SN Netravalkar (USA)2019-202220378398195/1220.94842.1
0NM Odhiambo (KENYA)2010-202349384496163/3031.00850
1Sirajullah Khadim (PORT)2021-202318387336295/1711.58827.58
0PK Matautaava (VAN)2019-202323408416273/1015.40829.62
0Yasir Ali (ESP)2019-202227424428283/815.28828.57
1N Nipiko (VAN)2019-202328456573455/1912.73817.77
0P Useni (NGA)2021-202329467445253/717.80832
1Ibrahim Hassan (MDV)2019-202330498669225/2430.40836.36
1SA Okpe (NGA)2019-202336509437355/912.48822.85
1JP Faulkner (AUS)2012-201724515684365/2719.00822.22
0Naveen-ul-Haq (AFG)2019-202327521704343/2120.70823.52
0D Klein (GER)2020-202323528536283/3119.14828.57
0Fazalhaq Farooqi (AFG)2021-202324544590273/1121.85829.62
0R Rampaul (WI)2007-202127575803313/1625.90825.8
0MA Wood (ENG)2015-202328597831453/918.46817.77
0E Rukiriza (RWN)2023-202334611672324/1521.00825
0V Baskaran (SGP)2019-202233623783293/3927.00827.58
0O Harvey (GHA)2021-202330629564333/1217.09824.24
0S Veerapathiran (BHR)2020-202334629858383/4322.57821.05
0Amir Hamza (AFG)2013-202133666752303/3925.06826.66
0AL Phehlukwayo (SA)2017-202238670971454/2421.57817.77
2D Maisuria (BOT)2019-202333682593665/188.98812.12
0K Nassoro (TAN)2021-202354716762384/1420.05821.05
0Washington Sundar (IND)2017-202340753900313/2229.03825.8
0Zeeshan Maqsood (OMA)2015-202353780831374/722.45821.62
0MNM Aslam (KUW)2019-202341840843524/516.21815.38
0Mahmudullah (BAN)2007-20221218451012383/1026.63821.05
0SS Cottrell (WI)2014-2023459181244524/2823.92815.38
1Ghulam Ahmadi (GER)2021-202341918898495/2318.32816.32
2AC Agar (AUS)2016-2022479941073486/3022.35816.66
1Ahmed Raza (UAE)2014-20225510681178375/1931.83821.62
0SP Narine (WI)2012-20195111021105524/1221.25815.38
0NLTC Perera (ICC/SL/World)2010-20218411021717513/2433.66815.68
0GH Dockrell (IRE)2010-202312515621869824/2022.7989.75
1A Yon (STHEL)2022-2022796118115/1010.72763.63
0JC Darji (TAN)2021-2022811380104/78.00770
0Bilal Zalmai (Aut)2019-20218156137144/129.78750
0IKEG Artawan (INA)2022-202315196223204/1211.15735
0Ali Dawood (BHR)2023-202311238286122/1623.83758.33
0K Santokie (WI)2011-201412245278184/2115.44738.88
0Habib Khan (EST)2021-202212247281184/1615.61738.88
0Atif Kamal (LUX)2019-202215276307153/1520.46746.66
0Basil Hameed (UAE)2020-202345276336183/2018.66738.88
0Umair Qasim (SWA/SWZ)2021-202316279343133/2426.38753.84
0Muhammad Murad (QAT)2021-202315281338163/1721.12743.75
0LA Simango (MOZ)2019-202221285322182/1117.88738.88
0Jaweed Sadran (Aut)2021-202320303415133/1731.92753.84
0KP Meiyappan (UAE)2021-202315312367234/2515.95730.43
0JEC Franklin (NZ)2006-201338327417204/1520.85735
0LT Bichard (GUE)2020-202316336350214/2016.66733.33
0B Shikongo (NAM)2019-202326346396202/419.80735
0Hamza Tahir (SCOT)2018-202215348493234/3021.43730.43
0R Abdulkareem (NGA)2021-202328376340253/613.60728
0Khalid Ahmadi (Belg)2020-202318388388264/514.92726.92
0Ali Nayyer (SUI)2021-202318388513193/2527.00736.84
0Aayan Afzal Khan (UAE)2022-202321410414173/1924.35741.17
0A Vala (PNG)2015-202353413445283/715.89725
0Atif Mehmood (ESP)2019-202323425399234/617.34730.43
1KS Bagabena (GHA)2019-202333433505245/921.04729.16
0J Bulele (MOZ)2019-202227457512324/1316.00721.87
0S Vashisht (ROM)2019-202326499506274/2218.74725.92
0HV Patel (IND)2021-202325503770294/2526.55724.13
0Mohammad Ghazanfar (HKG)2019-202328524599293/1620.65724.13
0KOK Williams (WI)2016-202026551805414/2819.63717.07
0AG Cremer (ZIM)2008-201829570660353/1118.85720
1Ahsan Malik (NED)2012-201731575730445/1916.59715.9
0TK Curran (ENG)2017-202130588907294/3631.27724.13
0Gulbadin Naib (AFG)2012-202360589801263/2830.80726.92
0Harbhajan Singh (IND)2006-201628612633254/1225.32728
0HR Walsh (USA/WI)2019-202238623824313/2326.58722.58
0Fayyaz Butt (OMA)2019-202333645803333/1624.33721.21
0Nasum Ahmed (BAN)2021-202335645787344/1023.14720.58
0AJ Tye (AUS)2016-202132683997474/2321.21714.89
1Karim Janat (AFG)2016-2023527571011395/1125.92717.94
1SM Curran (ENG)2019-2023418021026435/1023.86716.27
0S Thakor (TAN)2021-202346828795494/516.22714.28
0BJ McCarthy (IRE)2017-2023449291343444/3030.52715.9
0SR Watson (AUS)2006-2016589301187484/1524.72714.58
0RA Jadeja (IND)2009-20226412371453513/1528.49713.72
0MJ Santner (NZ)2015-202390186822061004/1122.0677

Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: Test

5PlayerSpanMatBallsRunsWktsBBIAveBwd% Wkts
67M Muralidaran (ICC/SL)1992-201013344039181808009/5122.7216720.87
32JM Anderson (ENG)2003-202318339217182346907/4226.4213319.27
37SK Warne (AUS)1992-200714540705179957088/7125.4111616.38
17FS Trueman (ENG)1952-1965671517866253078/3121.5710333.55
9JB Statham (ENG)1951-1965701605662612527/3924.8410240.47
22Waqar Younis (PAK)1989-2003871622487883737/7623.5610227.34
25Wasim Akram (PAK)1985-20021042262797794147/11923.6210224.63
20SCJ Broad (ENG)2007-202316733698167196048/1527.6810116.72
12RR Lindwall (AUS)1946-1960611365052512287/3823.039742.54
34R Ashwin (IND)2011-20239425113115694897/5923.659719.83
23Imran Khan (PAK)1971-1992881945882583628/5822.819626.51
35A Kumble (IND)1990-2008132408501835561910/7429.659415.18
36Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-1990862191896114319/5222.299221.34
22CA Walsh (WI)1984-200113230019126885197/3724.449117.53
26DW Steyn (SA)2004-20199318608100774397/5122.959020.5
23N Kapil Dev (IND)1978-199413127740128674349/8329.648820.27
18LR Gibbs (WI)1958-1976792711589893098/3829.098728.15
14MA Starc (AUS)2011-2023821624291933336/5027.608425.22
22CEL Ambrose (WI)1988-2000982210385014058/4520.998320.49
34HMRKB Herath (SL)1999-20189325993121574339/12728.078218.93
13MA Holding (WI)1975-1987601268058982498/9223.688132.53
17DL Underwood (ENG)1966-1982862186276742978/5125.837926.59
29GD McGrath (AUS)1993-200712429248121865638/2421.647613.49
22MD Marshall (WI)1978-1991811758478763767/2220.947319.41
10TA Boult (NZ)2011-2022781741787173176/3027.497222.71
18M Ntini (SA)1998-200910120834112423907/3728.827218.46
15AV Bedser (ENG)1946-1955511591858762367/4424.897029.66
16GD McKenzie (AUS)1961-1971601768173282468/7129.786928.04
24SF Barnes (ENG)1901-191427787331061899/10316.436835.97
7J Garner (WI)1977-1987581316954332596/5620.976826.25
16RGD Willis (ENG)1971-1984901735781903258/4325.206820.92
6Mohammed Shami (IND)2013-2023641151563462296/5627.716628.82
10B Lee (AUS)1999-2008761653195543105/3030.816621.29
9WW Hall (WI)1958-1969481042150661927/6926.386533.85
12Shoaib Akhtar (PAK)1997-200746814345741786/1125.696435.95
16BS Chandrasekhar (IND)1964-1979581596371992428/7929.746426.44
12RA Jadeja (IND)2012-2023671635466202757/4224.076423.27
10S Ramadhin (WI)1950-1961431393945791587/4928.986239.24
20AA Donald (SA)1992-2002721551973443308/7122.256218.78
23NM Lyon (AUS)2011-202312231422153794968/5031.006212.5
16Yasir Shah (PAK)2014-2022481425576572448/4131.386125
7MW Tate (ENG)1924-1935391252340551556/4226.165938.06
11KAJ Roach (WI)2009-2023791422973622656/4827.785922.26
11I Sharma (IND)2007-202110519160100783117/7432.405918.97
16SM Pollock (SA)1995-20081082435397334217/8723.115914.01
27IT Botham (ENG)1977-199210221815108783838/3428.405815.14
8JA Snow (ENG)1965-1976491202153872027/4026.665728.21
17GP Swann (ENG)2008-2013601534976422556/6529.965722.35
21CV Grimmett (AUS)1925-1936371451352312167/4024.215625.92
11Z Khan (IND)2000-20149218785102473117/8732.945618
11T Richardson (ENG)1893-18981444982220888/9425.225461.36
23DK Lillee (AUS)1971-1984701846784933557/8323.925415.21
6ST Gabriel (WI)2012-202359937953481668/6232.215331.92
6GS Sobers (WI)1954-1974932159979992356/7334.035322.55
9J Briggs (ENG)1884-189933533220951188/1117.755244.06
9JC Laker (ENG)1948-19594612027410119310/5321.245226.94
9GA Lohmann (ENG)1886-189618383012051129/2810.755145.53
7FR Spofforth (AUS)1877-18871841851731947/4418.415053.19
12MG Johnson (AUS)2007-2015731600188913138/6128.405015.97
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Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: ODI, T20i, Test

Cricket Record for Most Wickets Taken Bowled: ODI, T20i, Test

A person’s ability to hold the record for most wickets taken bowled is a source of admiration in the thrilling sport of cricket.

This record stands as a testament to the utmost level of cricketing expertise and is a source of immense pride. A lot may be gleaned from this document regarding the ferocity of competition and the pain of crushing loss.

This record, which details the events surrounding these landmark firings, is an indication of the author’s skill and dedication. Luck, technique, and pinpoint precision all converge on this dynamic canvas for a bowler.

We are at a turning point between the past and the present as we go further into this riveting story, where the dismissals of legends bring to mind their achievements and the rise of future cricketing greats.

Come along as we investigate the record for most wickets bowled and reminisce about the most shocking dismissals in cricket history.

ODI: The Arena of Unforgettable Dismissals Most Wickets Taken Bowled

Every bowler in One Day Internationals (ODI) wants to be the one to break the record books. The most wickets taken while bowling in this format is more than just a feat of excellence and determination.

Here, bowlers weave a tapestry of success with each delivery, creating tales of remarkable dismissals. Bowlers have the opportunity to leave their mark on the game with every delivery.

As evidence of the artistry and talent that characterize the greatest in the business, consider the gallery of these deliveries that makes up the record for most wickets taken bowled in ODI.

We’ll take a closer look at the careers of the best five bowlers in ODI history, the ones who left the sport with the most memorable dismissals in the form of wickets.

Wasim Akram: The Sultan of Swing

Spanning a remarkable career from 1984 to 2003, Wasim Akram has become synonymous with cricketing excellence.

With a record of 502 wickets from 356 matches, he has showcased a masterful control over the ball, orchestrating dismissals that are etched in the annals of cricket history.

His best bowling innings, a remarkable 5/15, speaks volumes about his skill, carving a niche in the record for most wickets taken bowled with an average of 23.52.

Akram’s legacy is one of precision, skill, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence, securing his place in the pantheon of cricket legends.

Waqar Younis: The Master of Reverse Swing

Waqar Younis, another Pakistani legend, graced the cricket field with his presence from 1989 to 2003. In 262 matches, he secured 416 wickets, a testament to his formidable skill and relentless spirit.

His record for most wickets taken bowled is adorned with a best bowling innings of 7/36, showcasing a career punctuated with moments of sheer brilliance.

Younis has left an indelible mark in the cricket world, with an average of 23.84 and a striking record of 13 instances of taking 5 wickets in an innings.

M Muralidaran: The Spin Wizard

M Muralidaran, a name synonymous with spin bowling mastery, has a career that spans from 1993 to 2011.

Representing Asia, ICC, and Sri Lanka, he has played 350 matches, taking 534 wickets, the highest in our list. His best bowling innings stands at 7/30, a figure that showcases his bowling prowess.

Muralidaran’s record for the most wickets taken bowled is a journey of precision, skill, and a deep understanding of the cricketing landscape, with an impressive average of 23.08.

SL Malinga: The Slinga King

SL Malinga, affectionately known as Slinga Malinga, has a career that stretched from 2004 to 2019, representing Sri Lanka in 226 matches.

His record for most wickets taken bowled stands at 338, with a best bowling innings of 6/38. Malinga’s bowling style is a blend of agility and precision, leaving a legacy of unforgettable dismissals with an average of 28.87.

His career is a testament to the spirit of cricket, showcasing a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Shahid Afridi: The All-Rounder Extraordinaire

Shahid Afridi, representing Asia, ICC, and Pakistan from 1996 to 2015, has showcased a remarkable all-round performance in his career.

In 398 matches, he has secured 395 wickets, with a best bowling innings of 7/12. Afridi’s record for the most wickets taken bowled is a narrative of skill and versatility, with an average of 34.51.

His career is a rich tapestry of unforgettable dismissals, showcasing a player who could change the course of a game with his bowling mastery.

Most Wickets Taken Bowled T20i

Transitioning to the T20i, we find a stage set for spectacular feats. The most wickets taken bowled here narrate stories of agility and precision, where every ball is a duel between the bowler and the batsman.

It is a realm where dismissals become legends, and legends become the bearers of records that stand the test of time.

In this fast-paced format, the record for most wickets taken bowled is a dynamic entity, constantly evolving with every match.

It is a living testament to the ever-changing landscape of cricket, a chronicle of the most spectacular dismissals that have graced the T20i stage.

Let us commence a scholarly exploration to commemorate the quintet of eminent individuals who have inscribed their names within the chronicles of cricket history, having achieved the highest number of wickets taken through the act of bowling in T20 International matches.

SL Malinga

Leading the chart with a remarkable tenure from 2006 to 2020 is the Sri Lankan legend, SL Malinga. In his 84 matches, Malinga delivered 1799 balls, conceding 2225 runs but securing a monumental 107 wickets.

His best bowling innings, a staggering 5/6, showcases his mastery in the art of bowling, with an average of 20.79.

Malinga’s record of most wickets taken bowled stands at a towering 40.18%, a testimony to his dominant presence in the T20I arena.

Rashid Khan

Following closely is the prodigious talent from Afghanistan, Rashid Khan. Spanning a career from 2015 to 2023, Khan has played 82 matches, delivering 1874 balls and conceding 1925 runs.

His record for the most wickets taken bowled is an impressive 130, with a best bowling innings of 5/3 and an average of 14.80.

Khan has not only showcased his skill but has also demonstrated a remarkable consistency, holding a wicket percentage of 31.53%.

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, the stalwart from Pakistan, has graced the cricket field from 2006 to 2018, playing 99 matches in total.

Afridi has bowled 2168 balls, giving away 2396 runs, and taking 98 wickets. His best bowling innings stands at 4/11, with an average of 24.44.

Afridi’s contribution to the record for the most wickets taken bowled is undeniable, with a substantial wicket percentage of 39.79%.

Bilal Hassun

The young sensation from Uganda, Bilal Hassun, has already made a mark in his short career span from 2021 to 2023.

In just 31 matches, Hassun has bowled 587 balls, conceding 665 runs and taking 48 wickets. His best bowling innings record is 4/17, with an astonishing average of 13.85.

Hassun is rapidly rising in the ranks, with a remarkable 64.58% in the most wickets taken bowled category, promising a bright future ahead.

Umar Gul

Completing the top five is another Pakistani virtuoso, Umar Gul, who played from 2007 to 2016. In his 60 matches, Gul bowled 1203 balls, giving away 1443 runs while taking 85 wickets.

His best bowling innings, a remarkable 5/6, and an average of 16.97, speak volumes about his skill and precision.

Gul holds a significant place in the record for the most wickets taken bowled, with a percentage of 36.47%.

Test Cricket: The Epitome of Skill and Endurance

The farther we go, the closer we get to the hallowed test cricket grounds, the pinnacle of skill and stamina.

In this context, the record for the most wickets taken bowled is more than simply a number; it is a tale of dismissals that will be remembered throughout cricket’s storied history.

The record-holding most wickets taken bowled are more than just good at their craft; they’re true maestros who orchestrate dismissals with a mastery of technique, strategy, and sheer willpower.

It’s a testament to the highest level of cricket expertise and a shining example of what’s possible.

M Muralidaran (ICC/SL)

M Muralidaran, a name synonymous with cricketing genius, reigned over the pitch from 1992 to 2010. In a staggering 133 matches, he bowled 44,039 balls, conceding 18,180 runs.

However, it is his record of 800 wickets, a pinnacle in the most wickets taken bowled category, that cements his legacy.

With a best bowling innings (BBI) of 9/51 and an average of 22.72, Muralidaran showcased a mastery that was simply unparalleled, securing 67 five-wicket hauls and bowling 167 maiden overs, a testimony to his precision and skill.

JM Anderson (ENG)

JM Anderson, a stalwart of English cricket, has graced the field from 2003 to 2023. In 183 matches, he has bowled 39,217 balls, giving away 18,234 runs.

His record of 690 wickets, a monumental figure in the most wickets taken bowled record, speaks volumes about his skill and determination.

With a BBI of 7/42 and an average of 26.42, Anderson has showcased a remarkable consistency, securing 32 five-wicket hauls and bowling 133 maiden overs, a testament to his enduring excellence in the cricketing world.

SK Warne (AUS)

SK Warne, the Australian legend, dominated the cricketing landscape from 1992 to 2007. In his career spanning 145 matches, he bowled 40,705 balls and conceded 17,995 runs.

His tally of 708 wickets places him firmly in the annals of cricket history, a true titan in the most wickets taken bowled category.

With a BBI of 8/71 and an average of 25.41, Warne has left an indelible mark on the sport, securing 37 five-wicket hauls and bowling 116 maiden overs, a reflection of his genius and control over the ball.

FS Trueman (ENG)

FS Trueman, a name that resonates with cricket enthusiasts, showcased his prowess between 1952 and 1965. In 67 matches, he bowled 15,178 balls, conceding 6,625 runs.

His record of 307 wickets stands tall in the most wickets taken bowled record, a testament to his skill and determination.

With a BBI of 8/31 and an average of 21.57, Trueman has etched his name in cricket history, securing 17 five-wicket hauls and bowling 103 maiden overs, showcasing a remarkable skill set that set him apart in his era.

JB Statham (ENG)

JB Statham, another luminary from England, graced the cricketing world between 1951 and 1965. In 70 matches, he bowled 16,056 balls and conceded 6,261 runs.

His tally of 252 wickets is a remarkable achievement in the most wickets taken bowled category.

With a BBI of 7/39 and an average of 24.84, Statham has left a legacy of skill and precision, securing 9 five-wicket hauls and bowling 102 maiden overs, a testimony to his remarkable skill and enduring spirit in the cricketing arena.

Final Thoughts: Cricket’s Changing History

We are still in awe of the record for the most wickets bowled in all of cricket’s formats as we wrap up this exploration.

It is a history of remarkable achievements and indelible setbacks, a record that serves as both a guide and an endpoint.

Congratulations on setting a record for most wickets bowled, a feat that has inspired and captivated generations of cricket fans and is a tribute to the talent, perseverance, and creativity that characterize this sport.

The record takes us on a journey to the peak of cricket brilliance and promises to keep telling the story of the game’s most memorable dismissals as it develops and changes.

Ultimately, the record for most wickets bowled in a cricket match is more than just a record; it’s a narrative that comes to life with every game.

Listening to this song makes us want to be a part of cricket’s dynamic story and cheer for our favorite teams while they play.

We can’t wait for the next instalment in the epic tale of cricket’s most memorable dismissals, and this record guarantees to keep us glued to our seats.

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