Cricket Record for Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: ODI, T20i, Test

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The record for the most hundred partnerships by a pair is a monument to collaboration and synergy in the domain of cricket, where every run counts and every partnership matters.

What dynamic duos, nevertheless, have left indelible marks across all of the formats? Furthermore, what are the actual requirements for accomplishing this?

Come with me as I tell you a story of cricket skill, strategy, and teamwork.

Cricket Record Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: ODI, T20i, Test

The success of partnerships is frequently crucial in cricket, which is a game that requires both skill and strategy. Magic takes place when two players are totally in tune with one another.

The record for the most hundred partnerships by a duo across different formats, including one-day internationals, Twenty20 internationals, and tests, is revealed today.

Cricket Record Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: ODI, T20i, Test

4538SC Ganguly, SR Tendulkar (IND)1992-200824761240028151.45
6236DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara (Asia/SL)2000-2015293131336862447.74
4331R Dravid, SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-2012241111103733147.98
5131CG Greenidge, DL Haynes (WI)1978-1991251151168829849.52
3027TM Dilshan, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-20151728810322549.4
3726ML Hayden, RT Ponting (AUS)2001-200915212838927259.92
2624V Kohli, RG Sharma (IND)2010-20231506743424651.62
3724LRPL Taylor, KS Williamson (NZ)2010-202115913801826554.91
5023MS Atapattu, ST Jayasuriya (SL)1996-200726612999533539.35
2222S Dhawan, RG Sharma (IND)2011-20221732698421040.84
3021R Dravid, SC Ganguly (Asia/IND)1996-20081567765731851.38
1720Misbah-ul-Haq, Younis Khan (PAK)2001-20179310495721859.72
2320HM Amla, AB de Villiers (SA)2005-20181134627430857.55
3120AC Gilchrist, ML Hayden (AUS)2000-20081374645123348.5
3720DL Haynes, RB Richardson (WI)1983-199418013755829745.25
2919PA de Silva, A Ranatunga (SL)1984-200016276614189*42.67
2919HH Gibbs, GC Smith (SA)2002-20101644713836844.61
1418AB de Villiers, JH Kallis (SA)2004-2013976520025657.14
2418Younis Khan, Yousuf Youhana (PAK)2000-20101104608736357.42
3518Inzamam-ul-Haq, Yousuf Youhana (PAK)1998-200715611709525948.93
2417M Azharuddin, SR Tendulkar (IND)1989-20001207589922252.2
2317HH Gibbs, G Kirsten (SA)1996-20031315585525646.46
2317V Sehwag, SR Tendulkar (IND)2001-20121382596433643.85
3617G Gambhir, V Sehwag (IND)2003-20131534719923348.31
1816MJ Clarke, RT Ponting (AUS)2003-2012955509238656.57
1016JM Bairstow, JE Root (ENG)2013-20239664161269*46.23
2716V Kohli, AM Rahane (IND)2011-20231085561136554.47
2016R Dravid, VVS Laxman (IND)1996-20121187531437647.87
2316MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey (AUS)2005-2013119105755334*52.79
2016AJ Finch, DA Warner (AUS)2012-202212445371258*44.75
1115JB Hobbs, H Sutcliffe (ENG)1924-1930391333928387.86
1315JM Bairstow, JJ Roy (ENG)2015-2022610330817454.22
1915AN Cook, KP Pietersen (ENG)2006-2013753438920660.95
1615HM Amla, JH Kallis (SA)2004-20149755165377*56.14
2115A Flower, GW Flower (ZIM)1992-20031164509726945.5
1214JL Langer, RT Ponting (AUS)1998-2006486345132782.16
1614CG Greenidge, IVA Richards (WI)1974-1991752379922152.04
2214Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)2016-20239344543203*51.04
3014JH Kallis, G Kirsten (SA)1996-20041158582424954.42
2514HH Gibbs, JH Kallis (SA)1997-201012355589315*47.36
2914ML Hayden, JL Langer (AUS)1994-20071234614525551.63
2214MJ Guptill, BB McCullum (NZ)2009-20161247519733944.41
2414ME Waugh, SR Waugh (AUS)1988-20021278533923144.86
2114AN Cook, AJ Strauss (ENG)2006-20121322525322940.4
3814DC Boon, GR Marsh (AUS)1985-19921514630721742.9
1313M Labuschagne, SPD Smith (AUS)2019-2023532304925159.78
713Javed Miandad, Mudassar Nazar (PAK)1977-1989583313945157.07
2513S Dhawan, V Kohli (IND)2011-2022894469822755.27
2313HM Amla, F du Plessis (SA/World)2011-2019903447824751.47
2013R Dravid, V Sehwag (ICC/IND)2001-2012922483341053.7
1213EJG Morgan, JE Root (ENG)2013-2021957373819842.47
1913AR Border, DM Jones (AUS)1984-199496104524224*52.6
1913VVS Laxman, SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-2012965457935350.31
2113BC Lara, RR Sarwan (WI)2000-2007973465623249.53
2313S Chanderpaul, RR Sarwan (WI)2000-20119874583262*50.36
2413MS Atapattu, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-20071074508843849.39
2113S Chanderpaul, BC Lara (WI)1994-20071084469721945.16
2013HM Amla, Q de Kock (SA)2013-201912535218282*42.77
3913Mushfiqur Rahim, Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2006-20231966704535937.07
1012UT Khawaja, SPD Smith (AUS)2013-2023541287120954.16
1012DPMD Jayawardene, TT Samaraweera (SL)2003-2013612354743760.11
1012DC Boon, ME Waugh (AUS)1991-1996632286717547
1712DL Haynes, IVA Richards (WI)1978-1991894410222348.25
1312MA Taylor, ME Waugh (AUS)1991-1998892391318944.97
1712AB de Villiers, GC Smith (SA)2004-2013922464633851.62
2412DR Martyn, RT Ponting (AUS)1998-2006945473924253.24
2112IR Bell, KP Pietersen (ENG)2004-2014965469935051.63
1812SM Gavaskar, DB Vengsarkar (IND)1976-19879644344344*47.21
2312AC Gilchrist, RT Ponting (AUS/ICC)1997-2008975465922550.64
1612TWM Latham, KS Williamson (NZ)2012-20239824090221*42.6
2012PD Collingwood, KP Pietersen (ENG)2004-20111003447831046.16
2012MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh (Asia/IND)2005-201710112429925648.3
2512ME Trescothick, MP Vaughan (ENG)2000-20051045443525544.79
2312MJ Slater, MA Taylor (AUS)1993-19991062490026047.11
3012HM Amla, GC Smith (SA)2006-20141173568025949.82
2812MS Atapattu, DPMD Jayawardene (SL)1998-20071197545522648.7
2912MJ Guptill, KS Williamson (NZ)2010-20221243516717342.7
2812TM Dilshan, DPMD Jayawardene (SL)1999-20151506546217937.93
1111Babar Azam, Imam-ul-Haq (PAK)2017-20235312955190*56.82
1011CPS Chauhan, SM Gavaskar (IND)1973-1981633316221352.7
1811KL Rahul, RG Sharma (IND)2015-2023712385122755.81
1311MJ Guptill, LRPL Taylor (NZ)2009-2020794329518043.93
2011AJ Strauss, ME Trescothick (ENG)2003-2006822395927349.48
2311SPD Smith, DA Warner (AUS)2011-2023933428626047.62
2511MA Atherton, AJ Stewart (ENG)1990-20001113457522642.36
3211NJ Astle, SP Fleming (NZ)1995-20071773580219333.34
910CA Pujara, M Vijay (IND)2010-2018450281337062.51
910M Amarnath, SM Gavaskar (IND)1976-1987602276622447.68
1310RT Ponting, SR Waugh (AUS)1995-2004621306628150.26
1510MA Atherton, GA Gooch (ENG)1989-1995690354226351.33
1210AN Cook, IJL Trott (ENG)2009-20156923426329*51.13
1410MS Atapattu, PA de Silva (SL)1992-2003702315623046.41
1010GA Gooch, DI Gower (ENG)1978-1992700301935143.12
1410DC Boon, AR Border (AUS)1984-1994795338517045.74
1210Ijaz Ahmed, Inzamam-ul-Haq (PAK)1992-20018343529352*44.67
1810CL Hooper, BC Lara (WI)1990-2003944405715445.07
2110MS Dhoni, SK Raina (IND)2005-2018101114354196*48.37
1410CH Gayle, RR Sarwan (WI)2001-20111134415033138.07
2310A Balbirnie, PR Stirling (IRE)2010-20231152416321436.84
2610DC Boon, MA Taylor (AUS)1989-19961174460622140.76
2310ST Jayasuriya, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-20101190424620335.68

Cricket Record Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: ODI

2926SC Ganguly, SR Tendulkar (IND)1992-2007176325847.55
1920TM Dilshan, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-20151086210*53.67
1718V Kohli, RG Sharma (IND)2010-202393524659.76
1518S Dhawan, RG Sharma (IND)2011-2022117221045.15
2916AC Gilchrist, ML Hayden (AUS)2000-2008117317247.44
2515CG Greenidge, DL Haynes (WI)1979-19911034192*52.58
3215DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-2015149617941.74
1114JM Bairstow, JJ Roy (ENG)2015-202254017455.72
1614LRPL Taylor, KS Williamson (NZ)2010-201969320657.75
2614MS Atapattu, ST Jayasuriya (SL)1996-2007144523739.29
913EJG Morgan, JE Root (ENG)2013-202177619846.98
1813V Sehwag, SR Tendulkar (IND)2001-2012114218239.16
812HM Amla, AB de Villiers (SA)2008-201845223872.34
1412AJ Finch, DA Warner (AUS)2014-2022801258*47.94
1712A Flower, GW Flower (ZIM)1992-200388416146.92
911MJ Clarke, RT Ponting (AUS)2003-201157416151.30
1511HH Gibbs, GC Smith (SA)2002-200984118743.45
1811R Dravid, SC Ganguly (IND)1996-200787131850.37
1511HM Amla, Q de Kock (SA)2013-2019953282*46.73
1411R Dravid, SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-200998533144.26
1010Babar Azam, Imam-ul-Haq (PAK)2017-2023401190*63.74
1810S Dhawan, V Kohli (IND)2011-202260321260.17
1310MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh (IND)2005-201766725652.59
1510ML Hayden, RT Ponting (AUS)2001-200873621952.44
89A Jadeja, SR Tendulkar (IND)1992-200041417657.05
139HM Amla, F du Plessis (SA)2011-201942224760.85
129HH Gibbs, G Kirsten (SA)1996-200368523546.12
129HH Gibbs, JH Kallis (SA)1997-201069417948.70
189MS Dhoni, SK Raina (IND)2005-20187310196*56.90
149TM Dilshan, WU Tharanga (SL)2005-201577128244.30
219DL Haynes, RB Richardson (WI)1984-1994103616740.28
179NJ Astle, SP Fleming (NZ)1995-2007118319333.16
68R Dravid, M Kaif (IND)2002-200644613551.57
88MJ Guptill, LRPL Taylor (NZ)2009-202045418053.14
78A Balbirnie, PR Stirling (IRE)2010-202347021444.55
108MA Taylor, ME Waugh (AUS)1992-199755118947.77
148DR Martyn, RT Ponting (AUS)1998-2006624234*51.98
148MJ Guptill, BB McCullum (NZ)2009-2016644166*45.61
198M Azharuddin, SR Tendulkar (IND)1989-200078617548.80
208AC Gilchrist, RT Ponting (AUS)1997-200880422546.81
268DC Boon, GR Marsh (AUS)1986-199296121240.07
208AC Gilchrist, ME Waugh (AUS)1997-200297120641.58
228Inzamam-ul-Haq, Yousuf Youhana (PAK)1998-200799716244.36
188PA de Silva, A Ranatunga (SL)1984-1999105315337.27
47NJ Astle, RG Twose (NZ)1995-200121117071.55
57S Dhawan, AM Rahane (IND)2013-201824023165.58
77JE Root, JJ Roy (ENG)2015-202230122157.82
97AR Border, GR Marsh (AUS)1986-199232014652.56
47G Gambhir, V Kohli (IND)2008-201335222460.60
67CG Greenidge, IVA Richards (WI)1975-199137222152.51
117Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman (PAK)2017-2023373194*59.00
107AB de Villiers, GC Smith (SA)2005-201342118655.56
107V Kohli, SK Raina (IND)2008-2018435146*58.89
107DL Haynes, IVA Richards (WI)1978-199151420551.25
107MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey (AUS)2005-201253714450.73
167DM Jones, GR Marsh (AUS)1986-199255118549.00
117Fakhar Zaman, Imam-ul-Haq (PAK)2017-202360230443.05
127ADR Campbell, A Flower (ZIM)1992-200360212536.44
167AB de Villiers, JP Duminy (SA)2007-2017611321955.37
107SC Ganguly, V Sehwag (IND)2001-200762320242.05
157MS Atapattu, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-200764414646.33
87ST Jayasuriya, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-200969020133.23
187MJ Guptill, KS Williamson (NZ)2010-202270216345.10
157H Masakadza, BRM Taylor (ZIM)2005-201970114235.56
207Mushfiqur Rahim, Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2007-202397614838.95
46TM Head, DA Warner (AUS)2016-202323028469.08
66T Bavuma, Q de Kock (SA)2016-202326017359.38
56SS Iyer, V Kohli (IND)2019-202326116356.24
66TM Dilshan, HDRL Thirimanne (SL)2013-201527116354.46
76TWM Latham, LRPL Taylor (NZ)2012-202232120057.09
86V Kohli, AM Rahane (IND)2011-201833321357.23
126Q de Kock, F du Plessis (SA)2013-201945215454.00
96MS Atapattu, PA de Silva (SL)1992-200348118441.91
136DC Boon, DM Jones (AUS)1985-199449214548.14
186S Chanderpaul, RR Sarwan (WI)2001-201149314954.30
86Inzamam-ul-Haq, Saleem Malik (PAK)1992-199952220437.92
66CH Gayle, WW Hinds (WI)1999-200654119241.22
176S Chanderpaul, CH Gayle (WI)1999-201064319346.29
186RT Ponting, ME Waugh (AUS)1995-200265321948.91
86PA de Silva, AP Gurusinha (SL)1986-199665118335.09
186WTS Porterfield, PR Stirling (IRE)2009-202290020535.67
196ST Jayasuriya, RS Kaluwitharana (SL)1993-2004112212930.47
35KL Rahul, RG Sharma (IND)2017-202316122783.53
15MS Dhoni, SR Tendulkar (IND)2005-2012194135*61.86
45KC Sangakkara, HDRL Thirimanne (SL)2012-2015221212*56.23
95RG Sharma, Shubman Gill (IND)2019-202323121269.31
15AM Rahane, RG Sharma (IND)2013-201824014947.37
65BB McCullum, JD Ryder (NZ)2008-201425116651.16
65IR Bell, IJL Trott (ENG)2010-201328116748.88
65WJ Cronje, G Kirsten (SA)1994-200030115449.82
35RB Richardson, PV Simmons (WI)1987-199631115740.76
55N Hussain, NV Knight (ENG)1997-200333216548.29
105AD Hales, JE Root (ENG)2014-201933024856.63
45AB de Villiers, DA Miller (SA)2010-201833112642.62
45Mohammad Yousuf, Shoaib Malik (PAK)2005-201033220649.96
55AJ Finch, SPD Smith (AUS)2014-202234018248.11
75Misbah-ul-Haq, Younis Khan (PAK)2002-2015344144*49.20
65Younis Khan, Yousuf Youhana (PAK)2000-200536216147.79
75HH Dippenaar, JH Kallis (SA)1999-200638219445.50
85Soumya Sarkar, Tamim Iqbal (BAN)2015-202342015440.59

Cricket Record Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: T20i

119Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)2019-2023562203*50.14
105KL Rahul, RG Sharma (IND)2016-202242116546.26
44TP Ura, A Vala (PNG)2015-2023262137*43.00
84MJ Guptill, KS Williamson (NZ)2012-2021301171*47.89
64AJ Finch, DA Warner (AUS)2012-2022443134*38.60
74S Dhawan, RG Sharma (IND)2013-201952016033.51
13Aziz Mohammad, Muhammad Muneeb (Belg)2021-202312013542.91
33BN Cooper, MP O'Dowd (NED)2018-202123114438.86
33L Bruce, BA Pai (GIBR)2021-2023252213*44.34
43MJ Guptill, C Munro (NZ)2012-202029113638.67
53V Kohli, RG Sharma (IND)2010-202233013836.87
63DA Warner, SR Watson (AUS)2009-201637013331.18
103KJ O'Brien, PR Stirling (IRE)2010-202149015435.10
-2TM Head, GJ Maxwell (AUS)2016-20183010980.33
-2DO Obuya, SO Tikolo (KENYA)2007-201042126*120.50
12Q de Kock, RR Rossouw (SA)2014-20226016865.66
22Babar Azam, Hussain Talat (PAK)2018-20216011964.16
12A Johnson, SA Wijeyeratne (CAN)2022-20226014258.33
12AC Gilchrist, ML Hayden (AUS)2005-20079110449.75
22Ahmed Shehzad, Babar Azam (PAK)2017-20199012246.44
22MA Baig, Sami Sohail (MWI)2021-2023102119*52.12
22DJ Malan, EJG Morgan (ENG)2018-202111018251.54
32HA Jackson, G Mckeon (Fran)2022-202311012146.09
22LE Bosman, GC Smith (SA)2006-201012117059.09
12Aqib Ilyas, Jatinder Singh (OMA)2015-2023121131*45.63
-2AD Hales, EJG Morgan (ENG)2012-201813115239.83
32JC Buttler, AD Hales (ENG)2014-2022131170*57.66
22N Pooran, R Powell (WI)2018-202313012242.30
22V Kohli, SA Yadav (IND)2021-202215310451.91
22Saud Islam, S Ssesazi (UGA)2021-202115210341.30
22GJ Maxwell, DA Warner (AUS)2012-202217216137.73
32AD Hales, MJ Lumb (ENG)2012-2014181143*41.47
42JC Buttler, DJ Malan (ENG)2017-2023191167*46.16
12V Aravind, Muhammad Waseem (UAE)2021-202319012935.47
12IA De Silva, H Lakov (BUL)2021-202219012336.57
22J Bulele, F Damiao Couana (MOZ)2019-202219014535.05
42MJ Guptill, BB McCullum (NZ)2009-2015222127*41.55
32DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara (SL)2007-201422216641.10
72R Satheesan, Taranjeet Singh (ROM)2021-2023221116*44.71
22JC Buttler, EJG Morgan (ENG)2012-2021235114*38.88
62V Kohli, KL Rahul (IND)2017-202227111939.03
62Q de Kock, RR Hendricks (SA)2014-202328115240.22
72Virandeep Singh, Zubaidi Zulkifle (MAL)2022-202328015635.39
22Aasif Sheikh, K Bhurtel (NEP)2021-202329011632.24
102KJ Coetzer, HG Munsey (SCOT)2015-202146020034.28

Cricket Record Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: Test

2920R Dravid, SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-2012143624950.51
2719DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-2014120462456.50
2216ML Hayden, RT Ponting (AUS)2001-200976527267.11
2616CG Greenidge, DL Haynes (WI)1978-19911481129847.31
1115JB Hobbs, H Sutcliffe (ENG)1924-193039128387.86
715Misbah-ul-Haq, Younis Khan (PAK)2001-201753621868.36
1214JL Langer, RT Ponting (AUS)1998-200648632782.16
2814ML Hayden, JL Langer (AUS)1997-2007122425551.53
2114AN Cook, AJ Strauss (ENG)2006-2012132222940.40
713AB de Villiers, JH Kallis (SA)2004-201344325675.80
1513AN Cook, KP Pietersen (ENG)2006-201358320664.69
612JM Bairstow, JE Root (ENG)2013-2023564269*50.44
812BC Lara, RR Sarwan (WI)2000-200658023255.13
1612SC Ganguly, SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-200871328161.36
1412R Dravid, VVS Laxman (IND)1996-201286737651.45
611DC Boon, ME Waugh (AUS)1991-199637117557.41
911DPMD Jayawardene, TT Samaraweera (SL)2003-201355243761.26
1111PA de Silva, A Ranatunga (SL)1985-2000574189*53.05
1011CPS Chauhan, SM Gavaskar (IND)1973-198160321354.85
1011HM Amla, JH Kallis (SA)2004-2013673377*61.29
1611DL Haynes, RB Richardson (WI)1983-199477729752.14
2511G Gambhir, V Sehwag (IND)2004-201287323352.52
310Javed Miandad, Mudassar Nazar (PAK)1977-198828045175.60
910UT Khawaja, SPD Smith (AUS)2013-202341020958.24
710M Amarnath, SM Gavaskar (IND)1976-198744122455.02
910CA Pujara, M Vijay (IND)2010-201845037062.51
610AN Cook, IJL Trott (ENG)2009-2015512329*55.32
810IR Bell, KP Pietersen (ENG)2005-201457135054.07
1310Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Yousuf (PAK)1998-200757425956.84
1110R Dravid, V Sehwag (IND)2002-201258241060.41
1210HM Amla, GC Smith (SA)2006-201465125957.15
1210SM Gavaskar, DB Vengsarkar (IND)1976-1987672344*50.33
1710V Kohli, AM Rahane (IND)2013-202367236556.32
1210R Dravid, SC Ganguly (IND)1996-2008686194*53.12
1910ME Trescothick, MP Vaughan (ENG)2000-200572325551.14
1910LRPL Taylor, KS Williamson (NZ)2011-2021761026558.81
1610MJ Slater, MA Taylor (AUS)1993-199978226051.14
99M Labuschagne, SPD Smith (AUS)2019-202337225160.20
89AR Border, DM Jones (AUS)1984-199240521465.82
79CJL Rogers, DA Warner (AUS)2013-201541120051.32
59M Azharuddin, SR Tendulkar (IND)1989-200042122258.17
109PD Collingwood, KP Pietersen (ENG)2005-201045131060.04
69AN Cook, JE Root (ENG)2013-201852125949.27
79MA Butcher, N Hussain (ENG)1997-200452118951.17
129MA Atherton, GA Gooch (ENG)1989-199557026353.47
99S Chanderpaul, BC Lara (WI)1994-200657121946.80
129TWM Latham, KS Williamson (NZ)2014-202363016544.34
189WM Lawry, RB Simpson (AUS)1961-196864338259.01
139MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey (AUS)2005-2013643334*55.27
179JH Kallis, G Kirsten (SA)1997-200464624961.93
199ME Waugh, SR Waugh (AUS)1991-200273323149.07
199VVS Laxman, SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-201273435351.05
209MA Atherton, AJ Stewart (ENG)1990-200089322642.87
249MS Atapattu, ST Jayasuriya (SL)1997-2007122733539.41
78Javed Miandad, Shoaib Mohammad (PAK)1984-199323024891.82
68MS Atapattu, DPMD Jayawardene (SL)1998-200736120657.85
98KF Barrington, MC Cowdrey (ENG)1959-196838419364.79
68JB Hobbs, W Rhodes (ENG)1910-192140132358.82
88GA Gooch, DI Gower (ENG)1978-199246035151.19
98Azhar Ali, Younis Khan (PAK)2010-201748025054.75
128AJ Strauss, ME Trescothick (ENG)2004-200652127352.35
138L Hutton, C Washbrook (ENG)1937-195153335958.00
88DC Boon, AR Border (AUS)1984-199453317047.94
58N Hussain, GP Thorpe (ENG)1993-200455528845.16
118HH Gibbs, G Kirsten (SA)1996-200363025646.80
208DC Boon, MA Taylor (AUS)1989-199685422144.23
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Cricket Record for Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: ODI, T20i, Test

Cricket Record for Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair: ODI, T20i, Test

Cricket, a sport where skill and strategy go hand in hand, frequently highlights strong partnerships. When two players harmonize flawlessly, they can create unforgettable moments that will be remembered throughout the history of the sport.

One record in particular jumps out at us as we peruse the annals of cricket history. The duo has achieved the distinction of having the most hundred partnerships.

The exceptional synergy between the players is evident in their astounding achievement, which was accomplished in the context of One-Day Internationals, Twenty20s, and Tests.

Come along with us as we explore this captivating story, showcasing the couples that have changed the game and had a lasting impact on cricket’s history.

Top 5 ODI Pairs with the Most Hundred Partnerships

The One-Day International (ODI) arena is where patience and prowess collide. Holding the record for the most hundred partnerships achieved by a pair using this method is a prestigious accomplishment that should be celebrated.

These twosomes, with their faultless coordination, have created moments that have won them matches, so establishing new standards for the one-day spectacle.

Let’s take a look back in history and celebrate the top five partnerships in ODIs that have scored hundreds of runs together.

1. SC Ganguly and SR Tendulkar (IND)

The iconic Indian duo of Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar tops the chart with an impressive 26 century stands between 1992 and 2007.

In 176 innings, they amassed 8227 runs at an average of 47.55. Their highest partnership of 258 runs remains etched in the memories of cricket aficionados.

With 26 hundred partnerships and 29 fifty partnerships, they set benchmarks that would inspire generations to come.

2. TM Dilshan and KC Sangakkara (SL)

Representing the island nation of Sri Lanka, Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara formed a formidable pair between 2000 and 2015.

In 108 innings, they notched up 5475 runs, with a remarkable average of 53.67. Their highest stand, an unbeaten 210, showcases their dominance.

With 20 instances of crossing the hundred-run mark and 19 fifty partnerships, they are second on the list of most hundred partnerships by a pair.

3. V Kohli and RG Sharma (IND)

The modern-day maestros of Indian cricket, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, have been a force to reckon with since 2010.

In just 86 innings, they’ve accumulated 5008 runs at a staggering average of 61.82. Their highest partnership, a colossal 246 runs, speaks volumes of their prowess.

They’ve achieved 18 hundred partnerships and 15 fifty partnerships, making them one of the most feared batting pairs in recent times.

4. S Dhawan and RG Sharma (IND)

Another Indian pair, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma, have been instrumental in setting up many victories for their team.

Between 2011 and 2022, in 117 innings, they’ve scored 5193 runs at an average of 45.15. Their highest partnership stands at 210 runs.

With 18 hundred partnerships and 15 fifty partnerships, they’ve consistently been a thorn in the side of opposition bowlers.

5. AC Gilchrist and ML Hayden (AUS)

The Australian openers, Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden, were known for their aggressive approach. From 2000 to 2008, in 117 innings, they’ve put together 5409 runs at an average of 47.44.

Their highest score in a partnership is 172 runs. They’ve achieved 16 hundred partnerships and added another 29 fifty partnerships, making them one of the most explosive pairs in ODI history.

Top 5 Duos with the Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair in T20Is

Every every ball matters in the frenetic world of Twenty20 international competition. It is a testament to a pair’s versatility and trustworthiness if they can amass the most number of hundred partnerships here.

Because these collaborations have a unique combination of rapid decision-making and tacit knowledge, they are able to shine in the format’s accelerated context.

1. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)

From 2019 to 2023, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan have been nothing short of phenomenal for Pakistan.

In 56 innings, they’ve amassed a staggering 2,708 runs, with a highest score of 203*. Averaging 50.14, they’ve notched up 9 century partnerships and 11 half-century stands.

Their consistency and ability to complement each other’s style have made them the gold standard for most hundred partnerships by a pair in T20Is.

2. KL Rahul and RG Sharma (IND)

Between 2016 and 2022, the Indian duo of KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma showcased their prowess in 42 innings.

With a combined tally of 1,897 runs and a highest partnership of 165, they’ve averaged an impressive 46.26.

Their record boasts 5 century stands and 10 half-century partnerships, making them one of the most formidable pairs in the T20I arena.

3. TP Ura and A Vala (PNG)

Representing Papua New Guinea between 2015 and 2023, TP Ura and A Vala have been the pillars of their team’s batting lineup. In 26 innings, they’ve stitched together 1,032 runs, with their best stand being 137*.

With an average of 43.00, they’ve achieved 4 century partnerships and an equal number of half-century stands, showcasing their consistency and dominance.

4. MJ Guptill and KS Williamson (NZ)

The New Zealand pair of Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson, active from 2012 to 2021, have been a force to reckon with. In 30 innings, they’ve accumulated 1,389 runs, peaking with a 171* partnership.

Averaging 47.89, they’ve registered 4 century stands and 8 half-century partnerships, underlining their importance in the Kiwi batting lineup.

5. AJ Finch and DA Warner (AUS)

The Australian openers, Aaron Finch and David Warner, have been a nightmare for bowlers between 2012 and 2022. In 44 innings, they’ve piled up 1,583 runs, with their best effort being a 134* stand.

With an average of 38.60, they’ve crafted 4 century partnerships and 6 half-century stands, making them a key asset for the Australian team.

Cricket’s Elite Duos: Most Hundred Partnerships by a Pair in Test Matches

The best way to reap the benefits of your patience is to watch a test match. Having the most hundred partnerships by a pair in this format demonstrates both grit and grace over the course of the arduous sessions.

These friendships have lasted the test of time, producing masterworks over the course of countless hours spent together.

1. R Dravid and SR Tendulkar (IND)

From 1996 to 2012, the Indian cricketing maestros Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar showcased a partnership that was nothing short of legendary.

In 143 innings, they amassed a staggering 6,920 runs, with an average of 50.51. Their bond on the field resulted in 20 instances where they crossed the hundred-run mark, complemented by 29 half-century partnerships.

2. DPMD Jayawardene and KC Sangakkara (SL)

The Sri Lankan stalwarts, Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, graced the cricketing world with their impeccable understanding from 2000 to 2014.

In 120 innings, they stitched together 6,554 runs, boasting an average of 56.50. Their journey saw them achieve the most hundred partnerships by a pair 19 times, with an additional 27 fifty-run stands.

3. ML Hayden and RT Ponting (AUS)

Between 2001 and 2009, the Australian powerhouses Matthew Hayden and Ricky Ponting displayed a partnership that was both aggressive and strategic.

In just 76 innings, they accumulated 4,765 runs, with a remarkable average of 67.11. Their prowess led them to achieve the most hundred partnerships by a pair on 16 occasions, alongside 22 half-century partnerships.

4. CG Greenidge and DL Haynes (WI)

The West Indian duo of Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes, from 1978 to 1991, set the stage on fire with their consistent performances.

In 148 innings, they gathered 6,482 runs, with an average of 47.31. Their combined efforts resulted in 16 hundred-run partnerships and 26 fifty-run stands.

5. JB Hobbs and H Sutcliffe (ENG)

The English legends Jack Hobbs and Herbert Sutcliffe, between 1924 and 1930, showcased a partnership that was ahead of its time.

In a mere 39 innings, they scored 3,339 runs, with an astounding average of 87.86. Their collaboration led to 15 instances of crossing the hundred-run mark and 11 half-century partnerships.

United at the Crease: Concluding Thoughts on Cricket’s Top Duo Milestones

The spirit of cooperation is important to the game of cricket. Although the light of an individual’s brilliance might shine brightly, it is the combined power of partnerships that paves the way to success.

A shining example of this unified front is the award given to the couple with the most hundred partnerships.

As avid fans, we may look at these collaborations as not only examples of excellence but also as a constant reminder of the importance of teamwork in sports.

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