Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

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Despite the fact that bowlers and batsmen get all the attention in cricket, there is a record that highlights the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes.

Breaking the record for most dismissals in a career across all formats is more than just a statistic; it's a story of speed, accuracy, and an extraordinary knack for reading the game.

However, who exactly are these wicket keepers? What exactly sets their accomplishments apart?

Discover the backstories of the wicketkeepers who have accumulated the most dismissals in their careers as we delve into their fascinating world.

Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

A game that requires accuracy and talent, cricket is always changing. Still, there are recordings that exude an aura of unparalleled brilliance. One such record that attests to a wicketkeeper's skill is the most dismissals in a career.

Reading the game, anticipating the batsman's next move, and maintaining a state of constant vigilance are just as important as actually catching the ball.

Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

PlayerSpanMatInnsDisCtStMax Dis InnsDis/Inn
MV Boucher (Afr/ICC/SA)1997-2012467596998952466 (6ct 0st)1.674
AC Gilchrist (AUS/ICC)1996-2008396485905813926 (6ct 0st)1.865
MS Dhoni (Asia/IND)2004-20195386088296341956 (6ct 0st)1.363
KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL)2000-20155944996785391395 (5ct 0st)1.358
IA Healy (AUS)1988-1999287392628560686 (6ct 0st)1.602
Q de Kock (SA)2012-2023289325550506446 (6ct 0st)1.692
RW Marsh (AUS)1970-1984188274479463166 (6ct 0st)1.748
BJ Haddin (AUS)2001-2015226274474449256 (6ct 0st)1.729
PJL Dujon (WI)1981-1991250316474448265 (5ct 0st)1.500
D Ramdin (WI)2005-2019284339468429395 (5ct 0st)1.380
JC Buttler (ENG)2011-2023344335457408496 (6ct 0st)1.364
Mushfiqur Rahim (BAN)2005-20234534304553541015 (5ct 0st)1.058
Kamran Akmal (PAK)2002-2017268303453368855 (5ct 0st)1.495
BB McCullum (NZ)2002-2016432320453419345 (5ct 0st)1.415
Moin Khan (PAK)1990-2004288327434341935 (5ct 0st)1.327
RD Jacobs (WI)1996-2004212267408367417 (7ct 0st)1.528
AJ Stewart (ENG)1989-2003303278404375296 (6ct 0st)1.453
Sarfaraz Ahmed (PAK)2007-2023231278368312566 (6ct 0st)1.323
Rashid Latif (PAK)1992-2003203233350301496 (6ct 0st)1.502
MJ Prior (ENG)2004-2014157212342318246 (6ct 0st)1.613
AC Parore (NZ)1990-2002257268337305325 (5ct 0st)1.257
RS Kaluwitharana (SL)1990-20042382703252241015 (5ct 0st)1.203
DJ Richardson (SA)1991-1998164198317298195 (5ct 0st)1.601
A Flower (ZIM)1992-2003276281316275415 (5ct 0st)1.124
Wasim Bari (PAK)1967-1984132196290253377 (7ct 0st)1.479
APE Knott (ENG)1967-1981115193285265205 (4ct 1st)1.476
BJ Watling (NZ)2009-202110814428127386 (6ct 0st)1.951
JM Bairstow (ENG)2011-2023272133261243186 (6ct 0st)1.962
IDS Smith (NZ)1980-1992161205261248137 (7ct 0st)1.273
NR Mongia (IND)1994-2001184216261209525 (5ct 0st)1.208
MS Wade (AUS)2011-2023209208244218265 (5ct 0st)1.173
SMH Kirmani (IND)1976-1986137199234187476 (5ct 1st)1.175
AB de Villiers (Afr/SA)2004-2018420130232215176 (6ct 0st)1.784
DL Murray (WI)1963-19808814522721895 (5ct 0st)1.565
TD Paine (AUS/World)2009-202182113225212135 (5ct 0st)1.991
N Dickwella (SL)2014-2023137167224185395 (5ct 0st)1.341
KS More (IND)1984-1993143183220173475 (3ct 2st)1.202
TG Evans (ENG)1946-195991175219173464 (4ct 0st)1.251
T Taibu (Afr/ZIM)2001-2012195198216173434 (4ct 0st)1.090
Khaled Mashud (BAN)1995-2007170187213169445 (3ct 2st)1.139
RC Russell (ENG)1987-199894136212194186 (6ct 0st)1.558
GO Jones (ENG/PNG)2004-20148711720719896 (6ct 0st)1.769
Saleem Yousuf (PAK)1982-1990118144207172355 (5ct 0st)1.437
AT Carey (AUS)2018-2023135145207183246 (6ct 0st)1.427
RW Taylor (ENG)1971-198484133206193137 (7ct 0st)1.548
Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)2015-2023187178191174174 (4ct 0st)1.073
RR Pant (IND)2017-2022129139190166246 (6ct 0st)1.366
ATW Grout (AUS)1957-19665198187163246 (6ct 0st)1.908
MH Cross (SCOT)2013-2023155146180158226 (6ct 0st)1.232
HAPW Jayawardene (SL)2000-201564108161128335 (5ct 0st)1.490
SD Hope (WI)2015-2023177129153138155 (5ct 0st)1.186
BRM Taylor (ZIM)2004-2021284134153122315 (5ct 0st)1.141
JR Murray (WI)1992-200288107152142105 (5ct 0st)1.420
L Ronchi (AUS/ICC/NZ)2008-2018122118152134184 (4ct 0st)1.288
CO Browne (WI)1995-20056682149138115 (5ct 0st)1.817
Mohammad Shahzad (AFG)2009-202315915314996535 (4ct 1st)0.973
JHB Waite (SA)1951-19655092141124174 (4ct 0st)1.532
LD Chandimal (SL)2010-2023301126138114246 (5ct 1st)1.095
TWM Latham (NZ)2012-2023244108134115195 (5ct 0st)1.240
WAS Oldfield (AUS)1920-19375410113078525 (1ct 4st)1.287
KD Karthik (ICC/IND)2004-202218080126105214 (4ct 0st)1.575
NJ O'Brien (IRE)2006-201813410112399245 (5ct 0st)1.217
WP Saha (IND)2010-20214984122109136 (5ct 1st)1.452
RW Chakabva (ZIM)2008-2022132105121109125 (5ct 0st)1.152
PA Patel (IND)2002-2018657311293194 (4ct 0st)1.534
JM Parks (ENG)1954-19684680112101115 (5ct 0st)1.400
KJ Wadsworth (NZ)1969-1976467211110565 (5ct 0st)1.541
LJ Tucker (IRE)2016-20231099310999104 (4ct 0st)1.172
Litton Das (BAN)2015-20231987310488164 (4ct 0st)1.424
PR Downton (ENG)1977-198858791049684 (4ct 0st)1.316
SA Edwards (NED)2018-2023989610490145 (4ct 1st)1.083
GC Wilson (IRE)2007-20201889910184174 (4ct 0st)1.020
J Da Silva (WI)2020-202326471009377 (7ct 0st)2.127

Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: ODI

PlayerSpanMatInnsDisCtStMax Dis InnsDis/Inn
KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL)2000-2015404353482383995 (4ct 1st)1.365
AC Gilchrist (AUS/ICC)1996-2008287281472417556 (6ct 0st)1.679
MS Dhoni (Asia/IND)2004-20193503454443211236 (5ct 1st)1.286
MV Boucher (Afr/SA)1998-2011295290424402226 (6ct 0st)1.462
Moin Khan (PAK)1990-2004219209287214735 (5ct 0st)1.373
Mushfiqur Rahim (BAN)2006-2023265249280224565 (5ct 0st)1.124
JC Buttler (ENG)2012-2023178173257220376 (6ct 0st)1.485
BB McCullum (NZ)2002-2016260183242227155 (5ct 0st)1.322
IA Healy (AUS)1988-1997168168233194394 (4ct 0st)1.386
Q de Kock (SA)2013-2023155148226209176 (6ct 0st)1.527
Rashid Latif (PAK)1992-2003166164220182385 (5ct 0st)1.341
RS Kaluwitharana (SL)1990-2004189185206131755 (4ct 1st)1.113
PJL Dujon (WI)1981-1991169166204183214 (4ct 0st)1.228
RD Jacobs (WI)1996-2004147145189160296 (5ct 1st)1.303
D Ramdin (WI)2005-201613913718818175 (5ct 0st)1.372
Kamran Akmal (PAK)2002-2017157151187156315 (4ct 1st)1.238
BJ Haddin (AUS)2001-2015126115181170115 (5ct 0st)1.573
DJ Richardson (SA)1991-1998122121165148175 (5ct 0st)1.363
A Flower (ZIM)1992-2003213185165133325 (5ct 0st)0.891
AJ Stewart (ENG)1989-2003170137163148156 (6ct 0st)1.189
NR Mongia (IND)1994-2000140139154110445 (4ct 1st)1.107
T Taibu (Afr/ZIM)2001-2012150143145112334 (4ct 0st)1.013
Sarfaraz Ahmed (PAK)2007-2021117115143119246 (6ct 0st)1.243
AC Parore (NZ)1992-2002179147136111255 (3ct 2st)0.925
SD Hope (WI)2016-2023118114134121135 (4ct 1st)1.175
BRM Taylor (ZIM)2004-2021205103131102295 (5ct 0st)1.271
Khaled Mashud (BAN)1995-200612612612691355 (3ct 2st)1
MH Cross (SCOT)2014-2023908512511876 (6ct 0st)1.47
RW Marsh (AUS)1971-1984929212412045 (5ct 0st)1.347
L Ronchi (AUS/NZ)2008-20178583117105124 (4ct 0st)1.409
MS Wade (AUS)2012-2021979411710895 (5ct 0st)1.244
TWM Latham (NZ)2012-20231449110994155 (5ct 0st)1.197
Saleem Yousuf (PAK)1982-1990868610381224 (3ct 1st)1.197
AB de Villiers (Afr/SA)2005-201822859989355 (5ct 0st)1.661
NJ O'Brien (IRE)2006-2018103779682145 (5ct 0st)1.246
AT Carey (AUS)2018-20237270908285 (4ct 1st)1.285
KS More (IND)1984-199394939063275 (3ct 2st)0.967
Mohammad Shahzad (AFG)2009-201984828863255 (4ct 1st)1.073
R Dravid (Asia/ICC/IND)1996-2011344728672143 (3ct 0st)1.194
IDS Smith (NZ)1980-19929896858053 (3ct 0st)0.885
MJ Prior (ENG)2004-20116856776986 (6ct 0st)1.375
GO Jones (ENG/PNG)2004-20145149726845 (5ct 0st)1.469
CO Browne (WI)1995-20054646685995 (5ct 0st)1.478
Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)2015-20237454676434 (4ct 0st)1.24
A Bagai (CAN)2003-20136256675894 (4ct 0st)1.196
C Kieswetter (ENG)2010-201346426452125 (2ct 3st)1.523
Wasim Bari (PAK)1973-198451506252104 (3ct 1st)1.24
LJ Tucker (IRE)2019-20234642615834 (4ct 0st)1.452
GC Wilson (IRE)2007-2019105465949104 (4ct 0st)1.282
Umar Akmal (PAK)2009-2019121375845135 (5ct 0st)1.567
SA Edwards (NED)2018-20234747574985 (4ct 1st)1.212
TD Paine (AUS)2009-20183533555145 (5ct 0st)1.666
KO Otieno (KENYA)1996-200990585440144 (3ct 1st)0.931
MA Ouma (KENYA)2004-201480575343105 (3ct 2st)0.929
N Dickwella (SL)2014-202255515241114 (2ct 2st)1.019
CS Baugh (WI)2003-201247465139124 (2ct 2st)1.108
JR Murray (WI)1992-19995550514473 (3ct 0st)1.02
KL Rahul (IND)2016-20237233504554 (4ct 0st)1.515
WB Phillips (AUS)1982-19864842494274 (3ct 1st)1.166
J Smits (NED)2003-20093838484174 (4ct 0st)1.263
RC Russell (ENG)1987-19984040474163 (3ct 0st)1.175
BKG Mendis (SL)2016-202312143474253 (3ct 0st)1.093
RW Chakabva (ZIM)2008-20226134464155 (5ct 0st)1.352
D Williams (WI)1988-199736354535104 (4ct 0st)1.285
HP Tillakaratne (SL)1986-200320052453965 (5ct 0st)0.865
ZE Green (NAM)2019-20233330433945 (5ct 0st)1.433
CMW Read (ENG)2000-20063635434125 (5ct 0st)1.228
KD Karthik (IND)2004-20199426423574 (4ct 0st)1.615
LD Chandimal (SL)2010-202215744413384 (3ct 1st)0.931
PA Patel (IND)2003-20123825393094 (3ct 1st)1.56
V Aravind (UAE)2019-20235545393094 (4ct 0st)0.866
DL Murray (WI)1973-19802626383714 (4ct 0st)1.461
TE Blain (NZ)1986-19943833373614 (4ct 0st)1.121
SMH Kirmani (IND)1976-19864948362795 (5ct 0st)0.75
DSBP Kuruppu (SL)1983-19905431342684 (3ct 1st)1.096
H Klaasen (SA)2018-20235114332854 (3ct 1st)2.357
MDKJ Perera (SL)2013-202311626333034 (4ct 0st)1.269
CJO Smith (SCOT)2006-200927263322115 (5ct 0st)1.269
Ghulam Shabber (UAE)2017-20192323323024 (4ct 0st)1.391
RW Taylor (ENG)1973-19842727322664 (4ct 0st)1.185
JC Adams (WI)1992-200112726312655 (4ct 1st)1.192
RG de Alwis (SL)1983-19883131302735 (5ct 0st)0.967
WK Lees (NZ)1979-19833131302824 (4ct 0st)0.967
CS Pandit (IND)1986-199236333015154 (2ct 2st)0.909
SS Karim (IND)1997-20003434302734 (3ct 1st)0.882
LK Germon (NZ)1994-19973737302194 (4ct 0st)0.81

Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: T20i

PlayerSpanMatInnsDisCtStMax Dis InnsDis/Inn
Q de Kock (SA)2012-202380799276164 (4ct 0st)1.164
MS Dhoni (IND)2006-201998979157345 (5ct 0st)0.938
IA Karim (KENYA)2013-202348417250225 (5ct 0st)1.756
JC Buttler (ENG)2011-2023109926958113 (3ct 0st)0.75
D Ramdin (WI)2006-201971716343204 (4ct 0st)0.887
Mushfiqur Rahim (BAN)2006-2022102826232303 (1ct 2st)0.756
Mohammad Shahzad (AFG)2010-202373716133285 (3ct 2st)0.859
Kamran Akmal (PAK)2006-201758536028324 (0ct 4st)1.132
MH Cross (SCOT)2013-202365615540154 (3ct 1st)0.901
MS Wade (AUS)2011-20237773534763 (2ct 1st)0.726
Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)2015-202385795241113 (3ct 0st)0.658
SA Edwards (NED)2018-20225149474163 (3ct 0st)0.959
Sarfaraz Ahmed (PAK)2010-202161614636103 (3ct 0st)0.754
KC Sangakkara (SL)2006-201456564525203 (2ct 1st)0.803
LJ Tucker (IRE)2016-20235945413653 (3ct 0st)0.911
N Pooran (WI)2016-20238052393273 (3ct 0st)0.75
ZE Green (NAM)2019-20234443383264 (3ct 1st)0.883
D Ndikubwimana (RWN)2021-20235146383174 (4ct 0st)0.826
GC Wilson (IRE)2008-20208151362974 (3ct 1st)0.705
RR Pant (IND)2017-20226652342592 (2ct 0st)0.653
Awais Ahmed (ESP)2019-202328233221114 (3ct 1st)1.391
BB McCullum (NZ)2005-20157142322483 (3ct 0st)0.761
TL Seifert (NZ)2018-20235045322573 (3ct 0st)0.711
CN Kakuru (UGA)2022-202330293117144 (4ct 0st)1.068
L Ronchi (AUS/ICC/NZ)2008-20183333302463 (3ct 0st)0.909
Nurul Hasan (BAN)2016-20224645302193 (3ct 0st)0.666
Usman Patel (KUW)2020-20233333292094 (4ct 0st)0.878
AB de Villiers (SA)2006-20177826282174 (4ct 0st)1.076
KD Karthik (ICC/IND)2006-20226019271984 (3ct 1st)1.421
W Barresi (NED)2012-20194234272614 (4ct 0st)0.794
V Mbazo (BOT)2019-202329242611154 (1ct 3st)1.083
V Aravind (UAE)2020-20234531262154 (4ct 0st)0.838
S Nadigotla (ROM)2019-20232719252053 (3ct 0st)1.315
NJ O'Brien (IRE)2008-201630222515104 (3ct 1st)1.136
MJ Richardson (GER)2019-202325252515104 (2ct 2st)1
Mohammed Rizlan (QAT)2019-202233292515103 (2ct 1st)0.862
K Doriga (PNG)2019-20233131252145 (5ct 0st)0.806
JSE Dunford (JER)2019-202231312513124 (1ct 3st)0.806
JK Theodore (GHA)2021-20233131251963 (3ct 0st)0.806
RW Chakabva (ZIM)2008-20224940252323 (3ct 0st)0.625
LD Chandimal (SL)2010-20226832241864 (3ct 1st)0.75
Rahmanullah Gurbaz (AFG)2019-20234336242222 (2ct 0st)0.666
R Mutumbami (ZIM)2015-20222922231854 (4ct 0st)1.045
AT Carey (AUS)2018-20213829231493 (1ct 2st)0.793
SS McKechnie (HKG)2019-20233030231493 (1ct 2st)0.766
BJ Haddin (AUS)2006-20143431231763 (3ct 0st)0.741
F Achelam (UGA)2019-20233532231854 (3ct 1st)0.718
AP Rajeevan (TAN)2022-20234335231942 (2ct 0st)0.657
Aasif Sheikh (NEP)2021-20233323221663 (3ct 0st)0.956
C Sudarsanan (MLT)2023-20231313211923 (3ct 0st)1.615
Sachin Mandy (GER)2022-20231914211564 (2ct 2st)1.5
Mohamed Azzam (MDV)2019-20232620211473 (3ct 0st)1.05
HA Jackson (Fran)2021-20231818201644 (4ct 0st)1.111
L Emilio (MOZ)2019-20222419201194 (4ct 0st)1.052
Manpreet Singh (ITA)2019-20232019201374 (3ct 1st)1.052
A Shreshta (NGA)2021-20232121201823 (3ct 0st)0.952
Hamza Tariq (CAN)2013-20222622201463 (3ct 0st)0.909
C Kieswetter (ENG)2010-20122523201733 (2ct 1st)0.869
J Bangura (SLE)2021-20232725201553 (1ct 2st)0.8
DP Conway (NZ)2020-20234126201643 (2ct 1st)0.769
Manpreet Singh (SGP)2019-20233427201462 (2ct 0st)0.74

Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: Test

PlayerSpanMatInnsDisCtStMax Dis InnsDis/Inn
MV Boucher (ICC/SA)1997-2012147281555532236 (6ct 0st)1.975
AC Gilchrist (AUS)1999-200896191416379375 (5ct 0st)2.178
IA Healy (AUS)1988-1999119224395366296 (6ct 0st)1.763
RW Marsh (AUS)1970-198496182355343126 (6ct 0st)1.95
MS Dhoni (IND)2005-201490166294256386 (6ct 0st)1.771
BJ Haddin (AUS)2008-20156612827026286 (6ct 0st)2.109
PJL Dujon (WI)1981-19918115027026555 (5ct 0st)1.8
APE Knott (ENG)1967-198195174269250195 (4ct 1st)1.545
BJ Watling (NZ)2009-20217512726525786 (6ct 0st)2.086
MJ Prior (ENG)2007-201479146256243136 (6ct 0st)1.753
AJ Stewart (ENG)1990-2003133141241227146 (6ct 0st)1.709
Q de Kock (SA)2014-20215498232221116 (6ct 0st)2.367
Wasim Bari (PAK)1967-198481146228201277 (7ct 0st)1.561
JM Bairstow (ENG)2012-202395104223209146 (6ct 0st)2.144
RD Jacobs (WI)1998-200465122219207127 (7ct 0st)1.795
TG Evans (ENG)1946-195991175219173464 (4ct 0st)1.251
D Ramdin (WI)2005-201674131217205125 (5ct 0st)1.656
Kamran Akmal (PAK)2002-20105399206184225 (5ct 0st)2.08
AC Parore (NZ)1990-20027812120119475 (5ct 0st)1.661
SMH Kirmani (IND)1976-198688151198160386 (5ct 1st)1.311
DL Murray (WI)1963-19806211918918185 (5ct 0st)1.588
ATW Grout (AUS)1957-19665198187163246 (6ct 0st)1.908
BB McCullum (NZ)2004-201610195179168115 (5ct 0st)1.884
Sarfaraz Ahmed (PAK)2010-202353102179157225 (5ct 0st)1.754
IDS Smith (NZ)1980-19926310917616887 (7ct 0st)1.614
RW Taylor (ENG)1971-19845710617416777 (7ct 0st)1.641
RC Russell (ENG)1988-19985496165153126 (6ct 0st)1.718
N Dickwella (SL)2014-20235496160133275 (5ct 0st)1.666
TD Paine (AUS)2010-2021356815715075 (5ct 0st)2.308
HAPW Jayawardene (SL)2000-201558102156124325 (5ct 0st)1.529
DJ Richardson (SA)1992-1998427715215025 (5ct 0st)1.974
KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-201513490151131205 (5ct 0st)1.677
A Flower (ZIM)1992-2002639615114295 (5ct 0st)1.572
Moin Khan (PAK)1990-200469118147127205 (4ct 1st)1.245
JHB Waite (SA)1951-19655092141124174 (4ct 0st)1.532
RR Pant (IND)2018-20223365133119146 (6ct 0st)2.046
GO Jones (ENG)2004-2006346613312856 (6ct 0st)2.015
JC Buttler (ENG)2014-2022577013113015 (5ct 0st)1.871
Rashid Latif (PAK)1992-20033769130119116 (6ct 0st)1.884
KS More (IND)1986-19934990130110205 (0ct 5st)1.444
WAS Oldfield (AUS)1920-19375410113078525 (1ct 4st)1.287
RS Kaluwitharana (SL)1992-2004498511993265 (5ct 0st)1.4
Mushfiqur Rahim (BAN)2005-2023869911398155 (5ct 0st)1.141
JM Parks (ENG)1954-19684680112101115 (5ct 0st)1.4
NR Mongia (IND)1994-200144771079985 (5ct 0st)1.389
AB de Villiers (SA)2004-20181144510610156 (6ct 0st)2.355
Saleem Yousuf (PAK)1982-1990325810491135 (5ct 0st)1.793
WP Saha (IND)2010-2021407610492126 (5ct 1st)1.368
JR Murray (WI)1993-200233571019835 (5ct 0st)1.771
J Da Silva (WI)2020-20232445989267 (7ct 0st)2.177
GRA Langley (AUS)1951-195626519883155 (5ct 0st)1.921
KJ Wadsworth (NZ)1969-19763359969245 (5ct 0st)1.627
LEG Ames (ENG)1929-193947819572234 (4ct 0st)1.172
AT Carey (AUS)2021-20232546948776 (6ct 0st)2.043
AFA Lilley (ENG)1896-190935679270224 (4ct 0st)1.373
FCM Alexander (WI)1957-19612547908555 (5ct 0st)1.914
SO Dowrich (WI)2015-20203557908554 (4ct 0st)1.578
Imtiaz Ahmed (PAK)1952-196241649074165 (4ct 1st)1.406
Khaled Mashud (BAN)2000-20074461877894 (4ct 0st)1.426
FM Engineer (IND)1961-197546838266163 (3ct 0st)0.987
CO Browne (WI)1995-20052036817925 (5ct 0st)2.25
Adnan Akmal (PAK)2010-201421417766116 (6ct 0st)1.878
TA Blundell (NZ)2017-202326387565105 (3ct 2st)1.973
PR Downton (ENG)1981-19883051757054 (4ct 0st)1.47
MS Wade (AUS)2012-202136427463115 (4ct 1st)1.761
H Strudwick (ENG)1910-192628487361124 (2ct 2st)1.52
LD Chandimal (SL)2011-202376507363106 (5ct 1st)1.46
Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)2016-20232845726934 (4ct 0st)1.6
PA Patel (IND)2002-201825477262104 (4ct 0st)1.531
Litton Das (BAN)2015-20233944706284 (4ct 0st)1.59
H Carter (AUS)1907-192128556544214 (4ct 0st)1.181
PM Nevill (AUS)2015-20161731636124 (4ct 0st)2.032
BT Foakes (ENG)2018-20232038635764 (4ct 0st)1.657
JJ Kelly (AUS)1896-190536676343204 (4ct 0st)0.94
DA Murray (WI)1978-19821934625755 (5ct 0st)1.823
HB Taber (AUS)1966-19701630605645 (5ct 0st)2
T Taibu (ZIM)2001-20122840605554 (4ct 0st)1.5
G Duckworth (ENG)1924-193624436045154 (4ct 0st)1.395
WK Lees (NZ)1976-19832142595275 (5ct 0st)1.404
JM Blackham (AUS)1877-189435575935244 (2ct 2st)1.035
D Tallon (AUS)1946-19532142585084 (4ct 0st)1.38
KD Karthik (IND)2004-20182635575164 (4ct 0st)1.628
DT Lindsay (SA)1963-19701928565426 (6ct 0st)2
JT Murray (ENG)1961-19672136555236 (6ct 0st)1.527
CMW Read (ENG)1999-20071526544866 (6ct 0st)2.076
BN Jarman (AUS)1959-19691936545044 (4ct 0st)1.5
AE Dick (NZ)1961-19651730514744 (4ct 0st)1.7
NS Tamhane (IND)1955-196121355135164 (4ct 0st)1.457
HB Cameron (SA)1927-193526455139124 (2ct 2st)1.133
RW Chakabva (ZIM)2011-20212231504555 (5ct 0st)1.612
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Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

Cricket Record for Most Dismissals in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

It is often said that records are meant to be shattered. Having said that, the record for most dismissals in a lifetime continues to be an impressive indicator of a wicket-keeper’s skill, regardless of the format.

It can be a beacon of hope and an objective to strive toward for aspiring wicketkeepers. In the future, when the game evolves further, this record will most likely be surpassed.

But for the time being, it’s a shining example of what’s possible when one has enthusiasm, talent, and a strong work ethic.

Top 5 Players with Most Dismissals in Career ODI

The one-day international (ODI) format presents a special test. When the overs are counted, each ball is crucial. The unsung heroes known as wicket-keepers play a crucial role.

Their speed and dexterity can swing the balance of a game. Being the all-time leader in ODI dismissals is no easy achievement. It shows a high level of reliability, commitment, and knowledge of the game.

1. KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL)

Spanning from 2000 to 2015, the Sri Lankan maestro, Kumar Sangakkara, played 404 matches. With 482 dismissals to his name, he boasts an impressive 1.365 dismissals per inning.

Out of these, 383 were catches and 99 stumpings. His best performance in an inning saw him make 5 dismissals, comprising 4 catches and a stumping.

2. AC Gilchrist (AUS/ICC)

The Australian dynamo, Adam Gilchrist, graced the field from 1996 to 2008. In 287 matches, he made 472 dismissals, averaging 1.679 per inning.

Gilchrist’s sharp reflexes resulted in 417 catches and 55 stumpings. His record for most dismissals in a single inning stands at 6, all of which were catches.

3. MS Dhoni (Asia/IND)

India’s captain cool, MS Dhoni, played from 2004 to 2019. In 350 matches, he secured 444 dismissals, averaging 1.286 per inning.

Dhoni’s impeccable skills behind the stumps led to 321 catches and a remarkable 123 stumpings. His best in an inning is 6 dismissals, with 5 catches and a stumping.

4. MV Boucher (Afr/SA)

Mark Boucher, South Africa’s stalwart, was active from 1998 to 2011. In 295 matches, he made 424 dismissals, averaging 1.462 per inning.

Boucher’s record boasts 402 catches and 22 stumpings. His best performance in an inning saw him make 6 dismissals, all catches.

5. Moin Khan (PAK)

Pakistan’s Moin Khan, playing from 1990 to 2004, participated in 219 matches. He made 287 dismissals, averaging 1.373 per inning.

Khan’s tally includes 214 catches and 73 stumpings. His top performance in an inning is 5 dismissals, all of which were catches.

T20i: Where Every Second Counts

The T20i format is a whirlwind. Blink, and you might miss a crucial moment. For wicket-keepers, it’s a high-octane challenge. Quick decisions, faster reflexes, and an uncanny ability to read the game are essential.

Holding the record for the most dismissals in career in T20is is akin to being the master of quicksilver moments.It’s about seizing every opportunity, no matter how fleeting.

1. Q de Kock (SA) – The South African Prodigy

From 2012 to 2023, Quinton de Kock showcased a masterclass in wicket-keeping. In 80 matches, he made an astounding 92 dismissals, with 76 catches and 16 stumpings.

His record of 4 dismissals in a single innings and an average of 1.164 dismissals per innings places him at the pinnacle of the most dismissals in career for T20Is.

2. MS Dhoni (IND) – The Indian Stalwart

MS Dhoni, a name synonymous with cricketing excellence, graced the T20I arena from 2006 to 2019. In 98 matches, he secured 91 dismissals, comprising 57 catches and 34 stumpings.

With a record 5 catches in one innings, Dhoni’s average stands at 0.938 dismissals per innings, making him a close second in the race for the most dismissals in career.

3. JC Buttler (ENG) – England’s Agile Ace

Jos Buttler, representing England from 2011 to 2023, has been a force to reckon with. In 109 matches, he’s achieved 69 dismissals, with 58 catches and 11 stumpings.

His best performance in an innings is 3 catches, and he boasts an average of 0.75 dismissals per innings.

4. D Ramdin (WI) – The Caribbean Maestro

Dinesh Ramdin, the West Indies‘ wicket-keeping gem, played from 2006 to 2019. In his T20I career spanning 71 matches, he made 63 dismissals, including 43 catches and 20 stumpings.

With a best of 4 dismissals in an innings, Ramdin’s average is an impressive 0.887 dismissals per innings.

5. Mushfiqur Rahim (BAN) – Bangladesh’s Reliable Guardian

Mushfiqur Rahim, the backbone of Bangladesh’s wicket-keeping from 2006 to 2022, participated in 102 matches.

He has 62 dismissals to his name, with 32 catches and 30 stumpings. His best performance is 3 dismissals in an innings, and he holds an average of 0.756 dismissals per innings.

Cricket’s Elite Guardians: Most Dismissals in Career – Test Matches

The longest format of cricket, the test match, requires stamina. Patience is required here. A wicket-keeper’s job is more of a marathon than a sprint.

They have to stay alert and watchful for a full week. In this style, setting the record for the most terminations in a career is a remarkable feat. It’s evidence of the player’s perseverance, resolve, and skill.

1. MV Boucher (ICC/SA)

Spanning from 1997 to 2012, Mark Boucher’s illustrious career saw him play 147 matches. With 555 dismissals under his belt, comprising 532 catches and 23 stumpings, he boasts an impressive 1.975 dismissals per innings. His best performance in an innings stands at 6 catches.

2. AC Gilchrist (AUS)

Adam Gilchrist, an Australian legend, graced the cricket field from 1999 to 2008. In 96 matches, he secured 416 dismissals, with 379 catches and 37 stumpings.

His dismissal rate per innings is an astounding 2.178, and his best in an innings is 5 catches.

3. IA Healy (AUS)

Ian Healy, another gem from Australia, played from 1988 to 1999. In 119 matches, he made 395 dismissals, consisting of 366 catches and 29 stumpings.

Healy’s dismissals per innings stand at 1.763, with his best performance being 6 catches in an innings.

4. RW Marsh (AUS)

Rod Marsh, playing between 1970 and 1984, is yet another Australian wicket-keeping marvel. In 96 matches, he achieved 355 dismissals, with 343 catches and 12 stumpings. Marsh’s dismissal rate per innings is 1.95, and his top performance is 6 catches.

5. MS Dhoni (IND)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s iconic captain and wicket-keeper, played Test cricket from 2005 to 2014. In 90 matches, he recorded 294 dismissals, comprising 256 catches and 38 stumpings.

With a rate of 1.771 dismissals per innings, his best in an innings is 6 catches.

Guardians of the Stumps: Celebrating Cricket’s Record for Most Dismissals in Career

Many things add to cricket’s allure, despite the fact that it is commonly perceived as a game of magnificent uncertainty.

The wicketkeepers’ record for most dismissals in a lifetime serves as a constant reminder of their crucial function, even though batters and bowlers tend to steal the show.

Thanks to their speed, accuracy, and ability to understand the game, these wicketkeepers will go down in cricket lore as legends.

The records may be challenged as the game evolves, but the legacy of these heroes will always be a source of inspiration for young cricketers.

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