Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: ODI, T20i, Test

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An underappreciated record exists in the enormous cricket stadium, where each run is crucial and each ball may alter the outcome of a match.

The number of games missed is more important than the number of runs scored or wickets taken. When a player misses a string of matches, what motivates them to come back?

What inspiring stories are behind the record for the longest time a team has gone without a game between appearances?

Join us as we delve into an under-the-radar aspect of cricket that conceals stories of unmatched intensity.

Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: ODI, T20i, Test

The most consecutive matches missed by a team between appearances is a lesser-known but equally interesting record in the complex game of cricket, where every boundaries and wicket sometimes take the focus.

Stories of tenacity, hardship, and the unbreakable will of cricketers are revealed in this record, which covers One-Day Internationals, Twenty20 Internationals, and Tests.

Come along with us as we explore this special aspect of the game and uncover tales that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: ODI, T20i, Test

PlayerSpanMatTeamFromToMissed SpanMissed
RR Emrit2007-20186West Indies31 Jan 20073 Jan 201810y 337d396
JL Denly2009-202044England20 Feb 201027 Oct 20188y 249d384
FL Reifer1997-200915West Indies7 Feb 19999 Jul 200910y 152d380
ML Udawatte2008-201819Sri Lanka4 Sep 200926 Oct 20178y 52d374
JW Wilson1993-20057New Zealand28 Mar 199317 Feb 200511y 326d368
GJ Batty2002-201620England27 Mar 200920 Oct 20167y 207d337
DC Thomas2009-202234West Indies13 Feb 201313 Dec 20218y 303d318
SD Udal1994-200615England28 May 199512 Nov 200510y 168d317
NE Bonner2011-202223West Indies27 Mar 201220 Jan 20218y 299d317
SI de Saram1999-200920Sri Lanka20 Apr 200110 Feb 20097y 296d305
ELR Stewart1993-20026South Africa25 Jan 19943 Oct 20028y 251d302
FH Edwards2003-2021131West Indies25 Nov 20123 Mar 20218y 98d294
GP Swann2000-2013178England23 Jan 20001 Oct 20077y 251d284
Usman Salahuddin2011-20183Pakistan5 May 20111 Jun 20187y 27d280
MP Bicknell1990-200311England9 Aug 199321 Aug 200310y 12d276
HMCM Bandara1998-201043Sri Lanka31 May 19982 Dec 20057y 185d273
BJ Hodge2005-201446Australia26 May 200831 Jan 20145y 250d272
DL Maddy1998-200715England20 Feb 200013 Sep 20077y 205d271
CP Schofield2000-20076England5 Jun 200013 Sep 20077y 100d269
CJL Rogers2008-201525Australia19 Jan 200810 Jul 20135y 172d255
GE Bradburn1990-200118New Zealand13 Dec 199215 Mar 20018y 92d254
JS Foster2001-200923England30 Dec 20025 Jun 20096y 157d248
TD Paine2009-202182Australia13 Apr 201117 Feb 20175y 310d246
Rony Talukdar2015-20239Bangladesh7 Jul 20159 Mar 20237y 245d245
RN Lewis1997-200934West Indies7 Feb 199918 Feb 20067y 11d242
Shahid Nazir1996-200732Pakistan19 Feb 20004 Aug 20066y 166d241
Mosharraf Hossain2008-20165Bangladesh14 Mar 20081 Oct 20168y 201d239
J Charles2011-2023102West Indies25 Nov 20165 Oct 20225y 314d238
Mohammad Amir2009-2020147Pakistan29 Aug 201015 Jan 20165y 139d237
A Mukund2011-20177India1 Aug 20114 Mar 20175y 215d237
AU Rashid2009-2023253England22 Nov 20098 May 20155y 167d236
GB Hogg1996-2014145Australia3 Nov 199622 Dec 20026y 49d232
VC Drakes1995-200446West Indies18 Mar 199513 Sep 20027y 179d231
CJ Ferguson2009-201634Australia13 Apr 201112 Nov 20165y 213d231
LR Johnson2008-201615West Indies24 Aug 200813 Sep 20146y 20d230
N Gifford1964-198517England26 Jun 197324 Mar 198511y 271d224
A Mishra2003-201768India21 Apr 200317 Oct 20085y 179d224
Younis Ahmed1969-19876Pakistan2 Nov 196918 Feb 198717y 108d223
Mohammad Talha2009-20147Pakistan5 Mar 200916 Jan 20144y 317d223
NV Ojha2010-20154India13 Jun 201028 Aug 20155y 76d223
B Fernando2015-202216Sri Lanka1 Aug 201528 May 20215y 300d221
SV Samson2015-202337India19 Jul 201510 Jan 20204y 175d220
R Rampaul2003-2021137West Indies11 Nov 201523 Oct 20215y 346d218
JD Unadkat2010-202322India18 Mar 201822 Dec 20224y 279d218
SR Harmer2015-202310South Africa27 Nov 201531 Mar 20226y 124d214
Shadab Kabir1996-20028Pakistan21 Oct 19969 Jan 20025y 80d213
DE Bernard2003-201024West Indies7 Jun 200326 Jun 20096y 19d213
LHD Dilhara2005-201311Sri Lanka12 Oct 20089 Jul 20134y 270d213
MTG Elliott1996-200422Australia30 Mar 19991 Jul 20045y 93d210
RJ Sidebottom2001-201065England10 Oct 200125 May 20075y 227d208
MD Bell1998-200825New Zealand26 Nov 20014 Jan 20086y 39d208
J Yadav2016-20228India25 Feb 20173 Dec 20214y 281d208
HG Kuhn2009-201711South Africa16 Oct 201120 Jan 20175y 96d206
SA Abbott2014-202330Australia9 Nov 20148 Nov 20194y 364d204
AM Bacher1996-200532South Africa14 Nov 199930 Jan 20055y 77d203
Anwar Ali2008-201638Pakistan12 Oct 200823 Aug 20134y 315d201
A Nehra1999-2017164India30 Mar 201126 Jan 20164y 302d200
Sajid Ali1984-199713Pakistan25 Oct 19917 Apr 19975y 164d195
JN Snape2001-200711England18 Sep 200216 Sep 20074y 363d195
KS Lokuarachchi2003-201227Sri Lanka13 Oct 20071 Jun 20124y 232d195
SW Tait2005-201659Australia24 Mar 201126 Jan 20164y 308d195
Fawad Alam2007-202281Pakistan22 Apr 201513 Aug 20205y 113d195
A Dananjaya2012-202176Sri Lanka28 Jan 201330 Jun 20174y 153d194
WRS de Silva2002-20073Sri Lanka31 Jul 200211 Jul 20074y 345d193
RR Singh1989-2001137India18 Mar 19893 Nov 19967y 230d192
PA Patel2002-201865India21 Feb 201226 Nov 20164y 279d192
Sohaib Maqsood2013-202155Pakistan25 Jan 20168 Jul 20215y 164d191
RR Rossouw2014-202365South Africa12 Oct 201627 Jul 20225y 288d191
AR Kapoor1994-200021India12 Dec 199611 Dec 20003y 365d189
JA Rudolph2003-201294South Africa8 Aug 20069 Nov 20115y 93d188
MF Maharoof2004-2016139Sri Lanka20 Mar 201218 Jun 20164y 90d188
H Hameed2016-202210England29 Nov 201612 Aug 20214y 256d188
W Larkins1979-199138England1 Sep 198115 Oct 19898y 44d186
J Mubarak2002-201569Sri Lanka21 Jun 200920 Jul 20134y 29d186
Faisal Hossain2004-20107Bangladesh29 Jul 20048 Jul 20105y 344d185
TS Mills2016-202213England1 Feb 201723 Oct 20214y 264d183
CB Lambert1990-200417West Indies22 Oct 199112 Mar 19986y 141d182
Pankaj Singh2010-20143India5 Jun 201027 Jul 20144y 52d182
TJ Zoehrer1986-199432Australia9 Apr 198716 Jan 19946y 282d181
HD Rutherford2013-201928New Zealand7 Jan 20156 Sep 20194y 242d181
Zafar Gohar2015-20212Pakistan17 Nov 20153 Jan 20215y 47d181
A Nehra1999-2017164India6 Sep 200526 Jun 20093y 293d180
K Weeraratne2000-200920Sri Lanka10 May 200312 Apr 20084y 338d179
B Laughlin2009-20138Australia3 May 200926 Jan 20133y 268d179
C de Grandhomme2012-2022115New Zealand3 Mar 201217 Nov 20164y 259d178
SM Boland2016-202327Australia12 Oct 201626 Dec 20215y 75d178
GB Hogg1996-2014145Australia2 Mar 20081 Feb 20123y 336d177
EMDY Munaweera2012-201715Sri Lanka31 Mar 201317 Feb 20173y 323d175
WCA Ganegama2001-20064Sri Lanka10 Apr 200126 Jan 20064y 291d174
MT Renshaw2016-202314Australia3 Apr 20184 Jan 20234y 276d174
RWT Key2002-200921England25 Jan 20055 Jun 20094y 131d173
RJW Topley2015-202351England18 Mar 20161 Aug 20204y 136d173
NM Hauritz2002-201178Australia5 Nov 200428 Nov 20084y 23d171
DJ Callaghan1992-200029South Africa24 Feb 199512 Apr 20005y 48d170
KP Walmsley1995-20035New Zealand22 Mar 199530 Nov 20005y 253d170
PA Patel2002-201865India29 Oct 20048 Aug 20083y 284d170
L Balaji2002-201243India3 Aug 20058 Feb 20093y 189d170
Yasir Arafat2000-201227Pakistan13 Apr 200115 Dec 20054y 246d169
Mohammad Zahid1996-200316Pakistan19 Oct 199827 Nov 20024y 39d168
T Thushara2003-201054Sri Lanka29 Jun 200322 Mar 20084y 267d168
Sikander Bakht1976-198953Pakistan8 Jan 19836 Feb 19896y 29d166
LPC Silva1999-2011102Sri Lanka11 Jul 20027 Dec 20064y 149d166
SJ Rixon1977-198519Australia3 May 19787 Dec 19846y 218d165
L Balaji2002-201243India8 Feb 200911 Sep 20123y 216d165
Khalid Latif2008-201618Pakistan3 Jun 201222 Mar 20163y 293d165
Zakir Hasan2018-20238Bangladesh15 Feb 201814 Dec 20224y 302d165
Arshad Khan1993-200667Pakistan3 Dec 200024 Mar 20054y 111d164
SHT Kandamby2004-201444Sri Lanka13 Jul 20113 Dec 20143y 143d164
PI Pocock1968-198526England13 Jul 197626 Jul 19848y 13d163
JP Maher1998-200326Australia18 Jan 199824 Mar 20024y 65d163
Taufeeq Umar2001-201466Pakistan8 Aug 200612 Nov 20104y 96d163
CRD Fernando2000-2016205Sri Lanka12 Jul 201214 Feb 20163y 217d163
Mohsin Kamal1984-199428Pakistan1 Jan 19895 Oct 19945y 277d162
S Sriram2000-20048India14 Dec 200023 Dec 20044y 9d162
Khurram Manzoor2008-201626Pakistan18 Jan 20103 Sep 20133y 228d160
Mir Hamza2018-20233Pakistan19 Oct 201826 Dec 20224y 68d160
C Zhuwao2008-201816Zimbabwe18 Sep 20116 Mar 20186y 169d159
MN Nawaz1998-20024Sri Lanka26 Jan 199827 Jun 20024y 152d158
I Udana2009-202156Sri Lanka28 Jul 201210 Jan 20163y 166d157
CAK Walton2009-201830West Indies26 Sep 20091 Jan 20144y 97d156
MA Carberry2010-201413England16 Mar 20103 Sep 20133y 171d156
MK Tiwary2008-201515India3 Feb 200813 Jun 20113y 130d155
RV Uthappa2006-201559India6 Jul 200829 Oct 20113y 115d154
R Kaia2015-20214Zimbabwe31 May 201529 Apr 20215y 333d153
CE Eksteen1991-200013South Africa4 Dec 199524 Feb 20004y 82d152
Sajedul Islam2008-20134Bangladesh14 Jan 200825 Apr 20135y 101d151
TP Kamungozi2006-201516Zimbabwe13 Oct 200617 Mar 20147y 155d150
MC Henriques2009-202144Australia2 Nov 200918 Jan 20133y 77d150
S Dube2019-202319India2 Feb 202018 Aug 20233y 197d150

Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: ODI

PlayerSpanMatTeamFromToMissed SpanMissed
JW Wilson1993-20056New Zealand28 Mar 199322 Feb 200511y 331d271
FL Reifer1997-20098West Indies7 Feb 199926 Jul 200910y 169d254
ELR Stewart1993-20026South Africa25 Jan 19943 Oct 20028y 251d218
LHD Dilhara2005-20139Sri Lanka12 Nov 20059 Jul 20137y 239d218
JL Denly2009-202016England2 Oct 20093 May 20199y 213d204
SV Bahutule1997-20038India16 Jan 19986 Nov 20035y 294d196
SD Udal1994-200511England28 May 199521 Dec 200510y 207d193
JD Unadkat2013-20238India21 Nov 20131 Aug 20239y 253d192
PA Patel2003-201238India27 Jul 20047 Dec 20106y 133d191
MDK Perera2007-201813Sri Lanka29 Feb 200816 Dec 20146y 290d190
PDRL Perera1999-200719Sri Lanka31 Jan 19998 Jan 20066y 342d185
GE Bradburn1990-200111New Zealand13 Dec 199212 Apr 20018y 120d184
AM Bacher1997-200513South Africa27 Jan 199830 Jan 20057y 3d183
A Mishra2003-201636India21 Apr 200328 Sep 20096y 160d180
GP Swann2000-201379England23 Jan 20001 Oct 20077y 251d175
PM Siddle2009-201920Australia5 Nov 201012 Jan 20198y 68d169
C Zhuwao2008-20189Zimbabwe17 Oct 20086 Mar 20189y 140d166
RN Lewis1997-200928West Indies7 Feb 199918 Feb 20067y 11d163
I Udana2012-202121Sri Lanka28 Jul 201210 Mar 20196y 225d163
RV Uthappa2006-201546India6 Jul 200815 Jun 20145y 344d162
AR Kapoor1995-200017India29 Oct 199611 Dec 20004y 43d157
GB Hogg1996-2008123Australia3 Nov 199622 Dec 20026y 49d156
Sajid Ali1984-199713Pakistan25 Oct 19917 Apr 19975y 164d154
HMRKB Herath2004-201571Sri Lanka31 Aug 200422 Jun 20105y 295d154
VC Drakes1995-200434West Indies18 Mar 199513 Sep 20027y 179d153
NM Hauritz2002-201158Australia30 May 200323 Jan 20095y 238d149
RR Singh1989-2001136India18 Mar 19893 Nov 19967y 230d146
Mosharraf Hossain2008-20165Bangladesh14 Mar 20081 Oct 20168y 201d145
ML Hayden1993-2008161Australia19 Apr 199417 Feb 20005y 304d142
JS Patel2005-201743New Zealand5 Oct 200931 Dec 20167y 87d140
Mohammad Amir2009-201961Pakistan19 Jun 201025 Jan 20165y 220d138
TD Paine2009-201835Australia13 Apr 201114 Jan 20186y 276d138
DE Bernard2003-201020West Indies7 Jun 200326 Jun 20096y 19d136
Taufeeq Umar2001-201122Pakistan6 Feb 20055 May 20116y 88d135
RJ Sidebottom2001-201025England10 Oct 20014 Jul 20075y 267d133
MS Kasprowicz1995-200543Australia7 Feb 19999 Nov 20034y 275d132
CB Lambert1990-200412West Indies22 Oct 199129 Mar 19986y 158d131
Faisal Hossain2004-20106Bangladesh29 Jul 20048 Jul 20105y 344d131
Arshad Khan1993-200658Pakistan11 Oct 20002 Apr 20054y 173d130
Yasir Arafat2000-200911Pakistan13 Apr 200115 Dec 20054y 246d130
WCA Ganegama2001-20064Sri Lanka10 Apr 200126 Jan 20064y 291d129
NT Broom2009-201739New Zealand9 Mar 201026 Dec 20166y 292d129
Mohammad Zahid1996-200211Pakistan20 Sep 199827 Nov 20024y 68d128
DT Christian2012-202120Australia24 Jan 201426 Jul 20217y 183d128
LPC Silva1999-201175Sri Lanka11 Jul 200228 Dec 20064y 170d125
K Weeraratne2000-200815Sri Lanka10 May 200312 Apr 20084y 338d125
GW Flower1992-2010221Zimbabwe14 Mar 200415 Oct 20106y 215d124
LR Johnson2008-20156West Indies24 Aug 200816 Jan 20156y 145d124
J Mubarak2002-201340Sri Lanka20 Jan 200920 Jul 20134y 181d123
DJ Callaghan1992-200029South Africa24 Feb 199512 Apr 20005y 48d121
AU Rashid2009-2023135England22 Nov 20098 May 20155y 167d121
TJ Zoehrer1986-199422Australia9 Apr 198716 Jan 19946y 282d118
L Balaji2002-200930India3 Aug 20058 Feb 20093y 189d118
SA Abbott2014-202318Australia7 Oct 20142 Dec 20206y 56d118
Sikander Bakht1977-198927Pakistan17 Dec 19826 Feb 19896y 51d117
A Nehra2001-2011120India6 Sep 200526 Jun 20093y 293d117
A Dananjaya2012-202139Sri Lanka12 Nov 201230 Jun 20174y 230d117
S Sriram2000-20048India14 Dec 200023 Dec 20044y 9d116
J Blackwood2015-20223West Indies7 Nov 201517 Aug 20226y 283d115
MN Nawaz1998-20023Sri Lanka26 Jan 199827 Jun 20024y 152d114
CS Martin2001-200820New Zealand22 Feb 200110 Dec 20054y 291d114
TP Kamungozi2006-201514Zimbabwe13 Oct 200622 Jul 20147y 282d114
ND McKenzie2000-200964South Africa12 Oct 200316 Jan 20095y 96d113
JP Maher1998-200326Australia18 Jan 199824 Mar 20024y 65d112
Mohammad Sami2001-201587Pakistan20 May 20077 Jun 20125y 18d111
W Larkins1979-199125England22 Jan 198015 Oct 19899y 266d110
Harvinder Singh1997-200116India22 Apr 199830 Jun 20013y 69d110
SHT Kandamby2004-201439Sri Lanka14 Oct 200430 Nov 20084y 47d109
T Panyangara2004-201665Zimbabwe27 Feb 20054 Mar 20116y 5d109
DK Liyanage1992-200116Sri Lanka6 Nov 199730 Oct 20013y 358d108
Fazl-e-Akbar1998-20012Pakistan11 Jan 199817 Jun 20013y 157d108
A Bhandari2000-20042India3 Jun 20003 Feb 20043y 245d108
Harbhajan Singh1998-2015236India11 Jun 201110 Jul 20154y 29d107
HAPW Jayawardene2003-20076Sri Lanka7 Apr 200318 May 20074y 41d106
J Charles2012-202358West Indies25 Nov 20164 Jun 20236y 191d106
TT Samaraweera1998-201153Sri Lanka12 Nov 200530 Jul 20093y 260d104
MF Maharoof2004-2016109Sri Lanka20 Mar 201218 Jun 20164y 90d104
MK Tiwary2008-201512India3 Feb 200813 Jun 20113y 130d103
RJ Bright1974-198611Australia4 Jun 198126 Mar 19864y 295d102
SJ Rixon1978-19856Australia12 Apr 197813 Jan 19856y 276d101
HP Tillakaratne1986-2003200Sri Lanka14 May 19991 Dec 20023y 201d100
SHT Kandamby2004-201439Sri Lanka13 Jul 20113 Dec 20143y 143d100

Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: T20i

PlayerSpanMatTeamFromToMissed SpanMissed
DC Thomas2009-202212West Indies13 Feb 201313 Dec 20218y 303d102
Rony Talukdar2015-20238Bangladesh7 Jul 20159 Mar 20237y 245d100
MJ Henry2014-202313New Zealand3 Jan 20178 Apr 20236y 95d93
J Charles2011-202344West Indies27 Sep 20165 Oct 20226y 8d89
FH Edwards2007-202126West Indies29 Sep 20123 Mar 20218y 155d85
Zakir Hasan2018-20234Bangladesh15 Feb 20184 Oct 20235y 231d82
JL Denly2009-202013England20 Feb 201027 Oct 20188y 249d79
Anamul Haque2012-202220Bangladesh15 Nov 20152 Jul 20226y 229d79
Afsar Zazai2013-20238Afghanistan11 Oct 201314 Jun 20228y 246d76
LE Plunkett2006-201922England15 Jun 200626 Nov 20159y 164d74
ML Udawatte2008-20178Sri Lanka4 Sep 200926 Oct 20178y 52d73
SV Samson2015-202324India19 Jul 201510 Jan 20204y 175d73
R Rampaul2007-202127West Indies11 Nov 201523 Oct 20215y 346d73
Sohaib Maqsood2013-202126Pakistan17 Jan 201616 Jul 20215y 180d73
MF Maharoof2006-20168Sri Lanka13 Oct 20085 Jul 20167y 266d72
S Dube2019-202318India2 Feb 202018 Aug 20233y 197d70
Sohail Khan2008-20175Pakistan18 Sep 201112 Sep 20175y 359d66
UT Yadav2012-20229India7 Aug 201229 Jun 20185y 326d65
Hashmatullah Shahidi2013-20226Afghanistan30 Sep 201317 Mar 20217y 168d65
R Ashwin2010-202265India9 Jul 20173 Nov 20214y 117d65
UT Yadav2012-20229India24 Feb 201920 Sep 20223y 208d65
TE Kane2015-20239Ireland12 Jul 201912 Jan 20233y 184d65
B Fernando2015-202212Sri Lanka1 Aug 201524 Jun 20215y 327d63
RR Rossouw2014-202329South Africa25 Mar 201627 Jul 20226y 124d62
RJW Topley2015-202222England18 Mar 201623 Jan 20225y 311d61
Mohammad Amir2009-202050Pakistan6 Jul 201015 Jan 20165y 193d57
KD Karthik2006-202260India11 May 20109 Jul 20177y 59d56
Abdullah Shafique2020-20236Pakistan20 Dec 202024 Mar 20232y 94d56
J Sebanja2021-20238Uganda5 Apr 202120 Aug 20232y 137d55
Anwar Ali2008-201616Pakistan12 Oct 200823 Aug 20134y 315d54
Anas Khan2014-20238Hong Kong24 Nov 201419 Sep 20238y 299d54
Sharjeel Khan2013-202121Pakistan27 Sep 201612 Apr 20214y 197d54
Noor Ali Zadran2010-202323Afghanistan5 Jun 20174 Oct 20236y 121d54
Arshad Iqbal2021-20233Pakistan23 Apr 20213 Oct 20232y 163d54
CR Woakes2011-202329England30 Nov 201523 Jun 20215y 205d52
Mohammed Siraj2017-20228India14 Mar 201817 Nov 20213y 248d52
OF Smith2018-202327West Indies3 Apr 201813 Dec 20213y 254d52
TM Head2016-202320Australia8 Jul 20185 Apr 20223y 271d52
KA Jamieson2020-202313New Zealand5 Mar 202117 Aug 20232y 165d52
BJ Hodge2007-201415Australia1 Feb 200831 Jan 20145y 364d51
AU Rashid2009-202399England15 Nov 200923 Jun 20155y 220d51
HG Kuhn2009-20177South Africa16 Oct 201120 Jan 20175y 96d51
HD Rutherford2013-20198New Zealand21 Nov 20136 Sep 20195y 289d51
AK Perera2013-20196Sri Lanka14 Feb 201419 Mar 20195y 33d51
WD Parnell2009-202356South Africa21 Jun 20179 Jun 20224y 353d51
Abul Hasan2012-20185Bangladesh25 Sep 20123 Jun 20185y 251d50
TD Paine2009-201712Australia14 Jan 201117 Feb 20176y 34d49
Javed Ahmadi2012-20173Afghanistan24 Mar 20125 Jun 20175y 73d49
Khalid Latif2008-201613Pakistan3 Jun 201222 Mar 20163y 293d49
BMAJ Mendis2011-201822Sri Lanka2 Aug 201315 Feb 20184y 197d49
CAK Rajitha2016-202318Sri Lanka27 Oct 201929 Oct 20223y 2d49
Washington Sundar2017-202340India20 Mar 202120 Nov 20221y 245d49
WU Tharanga2006-201826Sri Lanka7 Aug 201225 Jan 20174y 171d48
CT Mumba2020-20235Zimbabwe11 Mar 202025 Oct 20233y 228d48
TWM Latham2012-202326New Zealand1 Nov 20171 Sep 20213y 304d47
Mehidy Hasan Miraz2017-202325Bangladesh22 Dec 20181 Sep 20223y 253d47
AD Hales2011-202275England10 Mar 201920 Sep 20223y 194d46
MC Henriques2009-202124Australia15 Feb 200910 Oct 20134y 237d45
TS Mills2016-202213England1 Feb 201723 Oct 20214y 264d45
BM Duckett2019-202311England5 May 201920 Sep 20223y 138d45
Faheem Ashraf2017-202348Pakistan25 Apr 202124 Mar 20231y 333d45
GD Elliott2009-201717New Zealand15 Feb 200912 Feb 20133y 363d44
C de Grandhomme2012-202141New Zealand19 Feb 20123 Jan 20174y 319d44
A Dananjaya2012-202131Sri Lanka28 Jan 20136 Sep 20174y 221d44
SA Abbott2014-202312Australia9 Nov 20148 Nov 20194y 364d44
AR McBrine2014-202232Ireland12 Mar 20174 Sep 20214y 176d44
KD Karthik2006-202260India27 Feb 20199 Jun 20223y 102d44
Mohammed Shami2014-202223India9 Jul 201711 Dec 20192y 155d43
LA Dawson2016-202211England18 Feb 201822 Jan 20223y 338d43
AR Patel2015-202345India24 Feb 201812 Mar 20213y 16d43
Sabbir Rahman2014-202248Bangladesh21 Sep 20191 Sep 20222y 345d43
C Zhuwao2008-20187Zimbabwe18 Sep 20114 Jul 20186y 289d42
DT Christian2010-202123Australia7 Oct 20179 Jul 20213y 275d42
JE Taylor2006-201830West Indies20 May 20109 Nov 20155y 173d41
Iftikhar Ahmed2016-202349Pakistan4 Mar 20165 Oct 20193y 215d41
TLW Cooper2012-202233Netherlands13 Mar 201611 Jul 20226y 120d41
Mohammad Irfan2012-201922Pakistan22 Mar 20163 Nov 20193y 226d41
M Faraz Akram2020-20234Zimbabwe20 Mar 202124 Oct 20232y 218d41
Azam Khan2021-20235Pakistan28 Jul 202124 Mar 20231y 239d41
GB Hogg2006-201415Australia9 Jan 20071 Feb 20125y 23d40
PG Fulton2006-201212New Zealand15 Feb 200921 Dec 20123y 310d40
LV van Beek2014-202223Netherlands9 Mar 201618 Oct 20215y 223d40
A Mehmood2016-20233Hong Kong12 Mar 201622 Sep 20237y 194d40
RN ten Doeschate2008-202124Netherlands13 Feb 201029 Jul 20188y 166d39
Sarfaraz Ahmed2010-202161Pakistan20 Feb 201023 Aug 20133y 184d39
SJ Benn2008-201624West Indies20 May 201011 Jan 20154y 236d39
JR Hazlewood2013-202241Australia27 Mar 20168 Sep 20204y 165d39
JC Archer2019-202315England20 Mar 20219 Mar 20231y 354d39
CE McConchie2021-20239New Zealand10 Sep 202115 Apr 20231y 217d39
RD Gaikwad2021-202314India26 Jun 202218 Aug 20231y 53d39
Zulqarnain Haider2007-20103Pakistan2 Feb 200726 Oct 20103y 266d38
B Laughlin2009-20133Australia29 Mar 200926 Jan 20133y 303d38
NT Broom2009-201711New Zealand13 Nov 200921 Nov 20134y 8d38
EMDY Munaweera2012-201713Sri Lanka31 Mar 201317 Feb 20173y 323d38
D Bishoo2011-20197West Indies9 Nov 20158 Mar 20193y 119d38
Hamid Hassan2010-202125Afghanistan27 Mar 201631 Oct 20215y 218d38
TA Blundell2017-20217New Zealand3 Feb 20181 Sep 20213y 210d38
WA Young2021-202314New Zealand10 Sep 202114 Apr 20231y 216d38
Mohammad Yousuf2006-20103Pakistan28 Aug 20065 Sep 20104y 8d37
SW Tait2007-201621Australia14 Jan 201126 Jan 20165y 12d37
D Bishoo2011-20197West Indies25 Sep 20119 Nov 20154y 45d37
CRD Fernando2006-201618Sri Lanka25 Nov 201114 Feb 20164y 81d37
Shafiul Islam2010-202020Bangladesh12 May 201326 Oct 20174y 167d37
Usman Shinwari2013-201916Pakistan13 Dec 201313 Sep 20173y 274d37
DJ Bravo2006-202191West Indies27 Sep 201615 Jan 20203y 110d37
IR Bell2006-20148England14 Jan 201120 May 20143y 126d36
Wahab Riaz2008-202036Pakistan21 Apr 20115 Oct 20143y 167d36
AR Nurse2011-201913West Indies4 Jun 20119 Jan 20153y 219d36
JW Hastings2010-20169Australia8 Aug 201129 Jan 20164y 174d36
DM Bravo2010-202226West Indies6 Jul 20144 Nov 20184y 121d36
Umar Amin2013-201814Pakistan5 Oct 201429 Oct 20173y 24d36
LS Livingstone2017-202333England25 Jun 201723 Jun 20213y 363d36
JDF Vandersay2015-202214Sri Lanka24 Mar 201915 Feb 20222y 328d36
D Marks2019-20236Malta30 Mar 20194 May 20234y 35d36
MN van Wyk2007-20158South Africa9 Jan 20119 Jan 20154y 0d35
CR Brathwaite2011-201941West Indies11 Oct 201114 Jan 20153y 95d35
CR Suryawanshi2019-20235Singapore28 Jul 201928 Sep 20234y 62d35
KMA Paul2018-202223West Indies29 Nov 20203 Jul 20221y 216d35
TWM Latham2012-202326New Zealand10 Sep 20212 Apr 20231y 204d35
Mohammed Shami2014-202223India8 Nov 202123 Oct 20220y 349d35
AC Voges2007-20137Australia30 Aug 200926 Jan 20133y 149d34
Haris Sohail2013-201914Pakistan24 Apr 201522 Jan 20182y 273d34
LM Jongwe2015-202349Zimbabwe22 Jan 201621 Apr 20215y 89d34
Nurul Hasan2016-202246Bangladesh8 Jan 201722 Jul 20214y 195d34
SSB Magala2021-20236South Africa16 Apr 202125 Mar 20231y 343d34
JP Behrendorff2017-202310Australia16 Jul 20211 Sep 20232y 47d34
Sohail Khan2008-20175Pakistan10 Oct 200816 Sep 20112y 341d33
DR Flynn2008-20125New Zealand28 Dec 20081 Jul 20123y 186d33
TD Astle2016-20215New Zealand17 Jan 20166 Sep 20193y 232d33
Umar Akmal2009-201984Pakistan27 Sep 20165 Oct 20193y 8d33
RA Jadeja2009-202264India9 Jul 20173 Aug 20192y 25d33
MC Henriques2009-202124Australia10 Oct 20174 Dec 20203y 55d33
Mudassar Muhammad2019-202310Germany16 Jun 20199 Jun 20233y 358d33
SD Hope2017-202321West Indies17 Nov 201913 Dec 20212y 26d33
Hasan Mahmud2020-202317Bangladesh11 Mar 202031 Jul 20222y 142d33
KNA Bandara2021-20236Sri Lanka25 Jul 202123 Oct 20221y 90d33
I Udana2009-202135Sri Lanka3 Jun 201210 Jan 20163y 221d32
Sharafuddin Ashraf2015-202316Afghanistan21 Jul 20155 Feb 20182y 199d32
Sayed Shirzad2015-20194Afghanistan10 Jan 201624 Feb 20193y 45d32
Mohammad Rizwan2015-202385Pakistan7 Sep 20161 Feb 20192y 147d32
MS Wade2011-202275Australia9 Sep 201621 Feb 20203y 165d32
AY Patel2018-20217New Zealand2 Nov 20181 Sep 20212y 303d32
AE Paraam2019-202310Singapore28 Jul 20193 May 20233y 279d32
MO Bacarese2019-20234Gibraltar27 Oct 20195 Oct 20233y 343d32
TS Kamunhukamwe2020-202310Zimbabwe4 Sep 202127 Oct 20232y 53d32
Imad Wasim2015-202366Pakistan11 Nov 202124 Mar 20231y 133d32
Mohammad Sami2010-201613Pakistan3 Jun 201222 May 20152y 353d31
KM Jarvis2011-201922Zimbabwe2 Mar 20135 Feb 20184y 340d31
I Danladi2019-202312Nigeria22 May 20194 Oct 20234y 135d31
A Ndlovu2019-202310Zimbabwe20 Sep 201911 Jun 20222y 264d31
LN Rajbanshi2018-202314Nepal9 Dec 201921 Oct 20233y 316d31
D Sheeli2019-20237Kuwait24 Feb 202031 Oct 20233y 249d31
MR Marsh2011-202349Australia3 Feb 201231 Aug 20153y 209d30
JK Mukhiya2014-202210Nepal15 Jul 201512 Feb 20226y 212d30
GSNFG Jayasuriya2015-202018Sri Lanka28 Mar 20161 Sep 20193y 157d30
Anshuman Rath2015-202330Hong Kong18 Jan 20178 Mar 20236y 49d30
Wahab Riaz2008-202036Pakistan2 Apr 20177 Oct 20192y 188d30
AF Milne2010-202344New Zealand2 Nov 201830 Mar 20212y 148d30
DAJ Bracewell2011-202120New Zealand11 Jan 20191 Sep 20212y 233d30
HM Nicholls2016-202110New Zealand11 Jan 20191 Sep 20212y 233d30
BA Stokes2011-202243England20 Mar 20219 Oct 20221y 203d30
AJ Turner2017-202319Australia9 Aug 20213 Sep 20232y 25d30
Saif Hassan2021-20235Bangladesh20 Nov 20214 Oct 20231y 318d30
Avesh Khan2022-202316India31 Aug 20223 Oct 20231y 33d30
DR Tuffey2005-20103New Zealand17 Feb 20053 Feb 20104y 351d29
Abdur Rehman2007-20138Pakistan4 Sep 20078 May 20102y 246d29
WU Tharanga2006-201826Sri Lanka20 Sep 200725 Nov 20114y 66d29
A Nehra2009-201727India9 Jan 201126 Jan 20165y 17d29
M de Lange2012-20156South Africa22 Feb 20129 Nov 20142y 260d29
Awais Zia2012-20145Pakistan27 Feb 20125 Oct 20142y 220d29
NM Lyon2016-20182Australia29 Jan 201628 Oct 20182y 272d29
Mohammad Nawaz2016-202357Pakistan4 Jul 201811 Feb 20212y 222d29
Zeeshan Abbas2019-20224Bahrain24 Jan 201921 Dec 20223y 331d29
DM Bravo2010-202226West Indies10 Mar 201916 Jul 20212y 128d29
S Jora2019-202318Nepal10 Oct 201927 Sep 20233y 352d29
JM Vince2015-202217England10 Nov 201922 Jan 20222y 73d29
LB Williams2021-20239South Africa24 Jul 202130 Aug 20232y 37d29
B Tuyizere2021-202313Rwanda22 Oct 202115 Jun 20231y 236d29
Fiaz Ahmed2019-202312Bahrain28 Oct 202116 Sep 20231y 323d29
NA Rock2021-202319Ireland23 Dec 202115 Jan 20231y 23d29
B White2021-202320Ireland23 Dec 202115 Jan 20231y 23d29
BW Hilfenhaus2007-20127Australia7 May 20095 Sep 20123y 121d28
BJ Watling2009-20145New Zealand13 Nov 200930 Oct 20122y 352d28
SPD Smith2010-202263Australia16 Oct 20115 Oct 20142y 354d28
RLB Rambukwella2013-20162Sri Lanka21 Nov 20135 Jul 20162y 227d28
CAK Walton2014-201819West Indies15 Jan 201427 Sep 20162y 256d28
Kamran Akmal2006-201758Pakistan1 Apr 201426 Mar 20172y 359d28
BE Hendricks2014-202119South Africa4 Apr 201426 Oct 20173y 205d28
SPD Smith2010-202263Australia27 Mar 201627 Oct 20193y 214d28
KR Mayers2020-202329West Indies30 Nov 202029 Jan 20221y 60d28
Imran Ali Butt2019-202321Bahrain28 Oct 202115 Sep 20231y 322d28
MDKJ Perera2013-202363Sri Lanka4 Nov 20212 Apr 20231y 149d28
RB Patel2021-202332Uganda17 Jul 202220 Aug 20231y 34d28
DC Thomas2009-202212West Indies2 Aug 200910 Dec 20123y 130d27
Imrul Kayes2010-201714Bangladesh29 Nov 201115 Nov 20153y 351d27
CK Kapugedera2006-201743Sri Lanka3 Jun 201230 Jul 20153y 57d27
Aamer Yamin2015-20182Pakistan30 Nov 201528 Jan 20182y 59d27
Al-Amin Hossain2013-202031Bangladesh26 Mar 20163 Nov 20193y 222d27
JDF Vandersay2015-202214Sri Lanka28 Mar 201619 Mar 20192y 356d27
SS Iyer2017-202249India24 Dec 201718 Sep 20191y 268d27
SN Thakur2018-202225India18 Mar 20185 Jan 20201y 293d27
BJ McCarthy2017-202344Ireland17 Jun 201815 Jan 20201y 212d27
MJ Swepson2018-20228Australia27 Jun 20184 Dec 20202y 160d27
SA Abbott2014-202312Australia8 Dec 20205 Apr 20221y 118d27
R Ravindra2021-202318New Zealand17 Nov 20212 Apr 20231y 136d27
Wahab Riaz2008-202036Pakistan20 Apr 20085 Sep 20102y 138d26
DG Brownlie2010-20145New Zealand1 Jul 20125 Dec 20142y 157d26
CT Mutombodzi2013-202015Zimbabwe11 May 201318 Jun 20163y 38d26
GT Main2015-202312Scotland12 Mar 201617 Sep 20215y 189d26
JDS Neesham2012-202369New Zealand8 Jan 20173 Nov 20192y 299d26
LMP Simmons2007-202168West Indies5 Jun 201717 Nov 20192y 165d26
C Floyd2019-20224Netherlands19 Sep 20194 Aug 20222y 319d26
Mohammad Shahzad2010-202373Afghanistan7 Nov 20214 Oct 20231y 331d26
D Cleaver2022-20239New Zealand5 Aug 202217 Aug 20231y 12d26
MN van Wyk2007-20158South Africa16 Dec 20079 Jan 20113y 24d25
Imran Nazir2007-201225Pakistan20 Feb 20105 Sep 20122y 198d25
RK Kleinveldt2008-20136South Africa2 May 201021 Dec 20122y 233d25
M Vijay2010-20159India9 Jan 201117 Jul 20154y 189d25
Abdur Rehman2007-20138Pakistan21 Apr 201113 Nov 20132y 206d25
A Mishra2010-201710India6 Apr 201428 Aug 20162y 144d25
RW Chakabva2008-202249Zimbabwe15 Nov 201514 Sep 20193y 303d25
BTJ Wheal2016-202217Scotland20 Jan 20179 Oct 20214y 262d25
PHKD Mendis2018-20215Sri Lanka24 Mar 201914 Sep 20212y 174d25
N Davin2019-202321Namibia2 Nov 201924 Oct 20233y 356d25
BA Sambo2019-20235Mozambique6 Nov 201928 May 20233y 203d25
Ansh Tandon2020-20239United Arab Emirates25 Feb 202017 Aug 20233y 173d25
Aminul Islam2019-202110Bangladesh9 Mar 202019 Nov 20211y 255d25
TL Seifert2018-202350New Zealand21 Nov 20212 Apr 20231y 132d25
WIA Fernando2019-202333Sri Lanka13 Feb 20227 Jan 20230y 328d25
Mohammed Siraj2017-20228India27 Feb 20224 Oct 20220y 219d25
Qais Ahmad2020-20235Afghanistan3 Mar 20224 Oct 20231y 215d25

Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: Test

PlayerSpanMatTeamFromToMissed SpanMissed
GJ Batty2003-20169England5 Jun 200520 Oct 201611y 137d142
JD Unadkat2010-20234India20 Dec 201022 Dec 202212y 2d118
MP Bicknell1993-20034England9 Aug 199321 Aug 200310y 12d114
FL Reifer1997-20096West Indies18 Jan 19999 Jul 200910y 172d109
Younis Ahmed1969-19874Pakistan2 Nov 196921 Feb 198717y 111d104
D Shackleton1950-19637England7 Nov 195120 Jun 196311y 225d103
HL Jackson1949-19612England26 Jul 19496 Jul 196111y 345d96
Fawad Alam2009-202219Pakistan28 Nov 200913 Aug 202010y 259d88
KD Karthik2004-201826India21 Jan 201014 Jun 20188y 144d87
PI Pocock1968-198525England13 Jul 197626 Jul 19848y 13d86
W Larkins1980-199113England1 Sep 198124 Feb 19908y 176d85
LE Plunkett2005-201413England11 Jun 200712 Jun 20147y 1d85
PA Patel2002-201825India11 Aug 200826 Nov 20168y 107d83
RN Lewis1997-20085West Indies29 Dec 199817 Mar 20067y 78d81
KV Andrew1954-19632England1 Dec 19546 Jun 19638y 187d79
GB Hogg1996-20087Australia13 Oct 199610 Apr 20036y 179d78
RJ Sidebottom2001-201022England20 May 200125 May 20076y 5d78
TD Paine2010-202135Australia13 Oct 201023 Nov 20177y 41d78
DB Close1949-197622England28 Aug 19673 Jun 19768y 280d75
BM Duckett2016-202315England21 Nov 20161 Dec 20226y 10d75
RB Simpson1957-197862Australia31 Jan 19682 Dec 19779y 305d71
GE Bradburn1990-20017New Zealand9 Dec 199215 Mar 20018y 96d71
WGA Parkhouse1950-19597England28 Mar 19512 Jul 19598y 96d69
HMCM Bandara1998-20068Sri Lanka31 May 19982 Dec 20057y 185d69
DR Martyn1992-200667Australia6 Jan 199411 Mar 20006y 65d68
SJ Rixon1977-198513Australia3 May 19787 Dec 19846y 218d66
RW Taylor1971-198457England1 Mar 197114 Dec 19776y 288d65
Shahid Nazir1996-200715Pakistan8 Mar 19994 Aug 20067y 149d65
PJ Cummins2011-202355Australia21 Nov 201116 Mar 20175y 115d64
J Mubarak2002-201513Sri Lanka13 Dec 20073 Jul 20157y 202d63
FJ Titmus1955-197553England14 Feb 196813 Dec 19746y 302d62
DK Liyanage1992-20019Sri Lanka22 Jan 199429 Aug 20017y 219d62
DE Bernard2003-20093West Indies23 Apr 20039 Jul 20096y 77d62
CJL Rogers2008-201525Australia19 Jan 200810 Jul 20135y 172d62
G Gunn1907-193015England1 Mar 191211 Jan 193017y 316d60
D Wilson1964-19716England20 Feb 196425 Feb 19717y 5d60
N Gifford1964-197315England6 Jul 196417 Jun 19716y 346d60
FJ Titmus1955-197553England12 Jul 19555 Jul 19626y 358d59
MTG Elliott1996-200421Australia30 Mar 19991 Jul 20045y 93d59
MR Whitney1981-199212Australia1 Sep 198126 Dec 19876y 116d58
MW Priest1990-19983New Zealand12 Jun 199026 Feb 19987y 259d58
CWJ Athey1980-198823England15 Apr 198119 Jun 19865y 65d57
A Mukund2011-20177India1 Aug 20114 Mar 20175y 215d56
H Hameed2016-202210England29 Nov 201612 Aug 20214y 256d56
RL Powell1999-20042West Indies20 Dec 199910 Apr 20044y 112d55
JC Tredwell2010-20152England24 Mar 201013 Apr 20155y 20d55
SR Harmer2015-202310South Africa27 Nov 201531 Mar 20226y 124d55
JSE Price1964-197215England27 Jan 196517 Jun 19716y 141d54
Manzoor Elahi1984-19956Pakistan17 Mar 19877 Feb 19957y 327d54
WU Tharanga2005-201731Sri Lanka22 Dec 200716 Jul 20146y 206d54
AMJ Hilditch1979-198518Australia7 Nov 197922 Dec 19845y 45d53
K Taylor1959-19643England20 Jun 19592 Jul 19645y 12d51
CB Lambert1991-19985West Indies12 Aug 199112 Mar 19986y 212d51
CMW Read1999-200715England9 Aug 199921 Oct 20034y 73d51
V Permaul2012-20229West Indies14 Jun 201529 Nov 20216y 168d51
DAJ Bracewell2011-202328New Zealand30 Aug 201617 Mar 20236y 199d51
A Ward1969-19765England8 Jun 197122 Jul 19765y 44d50
PM Such1993-199911England5 Jul 199411 Dec 19984y 159d50
CS Baugh2003-201221West Indies21 Aug 200415 Nov 20106y 86d50
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Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: ODI, T20i, Test

Cricket Record for Most Consecutive Matches Missed for a Team Between Appearances: ODI, T20i, Test

When we talk about the most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances, it’s essential to understand its significance.

This record is not only a reflection of the absence of a player; rather, it is a demonstration of the player’s determination to come back.

When you can’t make it to a match, it might be a challenge, whether it’s because of an injury, personal obligations, or your form.

However, some athletes manage to make a comeback and demonstrate that they still have what it takes.

Cricket’s Unique Feats: Top 5 Players with Most Consecutive Matches Missed in ODIs

In One Day Internationals, the record for the most consecutive matches missed holds a unique charm. ODIs, characterized by their limited overs, present a tightrope of challenges.

The margin for error is minimal. So, when a cricketer steps away from a series of ODIs and then makes a grand re-entry, it’s more than just a comeback.

It’s a testament to their unwavering dedication. The narrative of most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances in ODIs is a compelling tale of passion and commitment.

While many celebrate continuous appearances, this record highlights the players who, despite long absences, made their way back to the team, showcasing their unwavering commitment to the sport.

1. JW Wilson: The Longest Hiatus

JW Wilson, representing New Zealand, holds the record for the most consecutive matches missed in ODIs.

Between 28 March 1993 and 22 February 2005, Wilson missed a staggering 271 matches over a span of 11 years and 331 days.

Yet, his return to the team after such a prolonged absence is a testament to his dedication and love for the game.

2. FL Reifer: The Caribbean Comeback

Next on the list is FL Reifer from the West Indies. With a missed span from 7 February 1999 to 26 July 2009, Reifer was absent from the ODI scene for 10 years and 169 days, missing 254 matches.

His return to the team after a decade showcases the indomitable spirit of Caribbean cricket.

3. ELR Stewart: The South African Stalwart

ELR Stewart of South Africa missed 218 matches between 25 January 1994 and 3 October 2002.

His absence, spanning 8 years and 251 days, is the third-longest in the list of most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances.

Stewart’s eventual return underlines the resilience inherent in South African cricketers.

4. LHD Dilhara: The Sri Lankan Saga

LHD Dilhara, hailing from Sri Lanka, shares the third spot with Stewart, having missed 218 matches as well.

However, his missed span was from 12 November 2005 to 9 July 2013, totaling 7 years and 239 days. Dilhara’s journey back to the team is a reflection of Sri Lanka’s never-give-up attitude.

5. JL Denly: England’s Enduring Spirit

Last but not least, JL Denly from England missed 204 matches between 2 October 2009 and 3 May 2019, a span of 9 years and 213 days.

Denly’s return to the English side after nearly a decade is a shining example of perseverance and determination.

Cricket’s Unique Feat: Most Consecutive Matches Missed in T20I

As we pivot to the world of T20 internationals, the game’s tempo shifts dramatically. Everything is accelerated – the runs, the overs, and the emotions.

In this whirlwind format, the record for most consecutive matches missed takes on a different hue. The sheer speed of T20i keeps players perpetually on edge.

Thus, when a player sidesteps a series of these electrifying matches and then storms back onto the field, it’s not just news; it’s a saga of resilience.

The most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances here paints a portrait of grit and tenacity.

1. DC Thomas: The Long Hiatus

DC Thomas, representing the West Indies, holds the record for the most consecutive matches missed in T20Is.

Between 13th February 2013 and 13th December 2021, Thomas missed a staggering 102 matches over a span of 8 years and 303 days.

Despite this long hiatus, his return to the game was eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike.

2. Rony Talukdar: The Bangladeshi Comeback

Close on Thomas’s heels is Rony Talukdar from Bangladesh. He missed 100 matches for his team between 7th July 2015 and 9th March 2023, a span of 7 years and 245 days.

Talukdar’s absence was felt, but his eventual return was a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport.

3. MJ Henry: The Kiwi Break

MJ Henry of New Zealand is third on this list. From 3rd January 2017 to 8th April 2023, Henry was absent from the T20I scene for 6 years and 95 days, missing 93 matches.

His return was a significant moment, highlighting the most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances.

4. J Charles: The Caribbean Gap

Another player from the West Indies, J Charles, missed 89 matches between 27th September 2016 and 5th October 2022.

This 6-year and 8-day gap was a notable period of absence, but Charles’s comeback added another chapter to his cricketing journey.

5. FH Edwards: The Windies’ Resilient Star

Rounding off the top five is FH Edwards, also from the West Indies. Between 29th September 2012 and 3rd March 2021, Edwards missed 85 matches over 8 years and 155 days.

His return was a significant moment for fans who had been eagerly awaiting his comeback.

Cricket Record for Most Matches as Captain: ODI, T20i, Test

Cricket, a realm where strategy and skill dance in a delicate ballet, often places the weight of ... Read More

Cricket’s Unique Feat: Most Consecutive Matches Missed in Test Appearances

Venturing into the realm of Test cricket, we encounter a format that’s both timeless and demanding. Here, patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s a prerequisite.

The record for most consecutive matches missed in Test cricket isn’t just about numbers; it’s a narrative of persistence.

When players take a hiatus from a sequence of Test matches and then re-emerge, they don’t merely display their prowess.

They epitomize perseverance. The story of most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances in Tests is a chronicle of enduring spirit.

1. GJ Batty: The Long Hiatus

GJ Batty, representing England, has the distinction of missing 142 matches between 5th June 2005 and 20th October 2016.

Spanning 11 years and 137 days, Batty’s hiatus from Test cricket is a testament to his determination to return to the international arena.

2. JD Unadkat: India’s Persistent Pacer

JD Unadkat, donning the Indian jersey, missed 118 matches from 20th December 2010 to 22nd December 2022.

With a gap of 12 years and 2 days, Unadkat’s journey reflects the challenges and triumphs of making a comeback in the competitive world of cricket.

3. MP Bicknell: England’s Resilient Returnee

Another Englishman on the list, MP Bicknell, had a break of 10 years and 12 days, missing 114 matches between 9th August 1993 and 21st August 2003.

His record underscores the spirit of persistence, showcasing the most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances.

4. FL Reifer: West Indies’ Beacon of Perseverance

FL Reifer of the West Indies took a break from Test cricket for 10 years and 172 days, missing out on 109 matches.

From 18th January 1999 to 9th July 2009, Reifer’s absence and eventual return highlight the undying passion for the sport.

5. Younis Ahmed: Pakistan’s Tale of Tenacity

Younis Ahmed’s record is particularly noteworthy. Representing Pakistan, he missed 104 matches over an astonishing 17 years and 111 days, from 2nd November 1969 to 21st February 1987.

His journey speaks volumes about the challenges faced and the indomitable spirit to return.

In Retrospect: Celebrating the Spirit of Comebacks

Reflecting on the tapestry of cricket records, the most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances stands out, not as a gap, but as a beacon of hope.

It underscores the idea that while pauses might occur, the journey never truly ends. Players, with their indomitable spirit, remind us that every setback is a setup for a grand comeback.

This record is a tribute not just to the matches that were missed but to the undying essence of the sport.

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