Cricket Record for Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: ODI & T20i

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There is a record in the exciting world of cricket that is a story of passion, perseverance, and a little magic, as well as a demonstration of talent.

The most consecutive four-wicket-in-an-innings record is at hand, an esteemed feat that has been exhibited by a number of cricket legends.

Now, who exactly are these cricketing greats whose names are immortalized in this record? How can one pull off such a feat in the intensely competitive world of cricket on a global scale?

Come along with us as we unravel this cricket narrative, as we explore the ODI chronicles and T20i tales. It's going to be an illuminating and cricket-filled adventure.

As we shine a light on the record for the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings across all forms of the game, get ready to traverse tales of dogged pursuit and cricket wizardry.

But before we get into the meat of this cricket adventure, let me whet your appetite with some questions that we will try to address.

Cricket Record for Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: ODI & T20i

A fascinating adventure into one of cricket's greatest feats is about to begin. We'll be looking at the record for most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings across all formats.

From the grand stages of One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals, this is more than simply a record; it is a tale of dogged determination, emotion, and the enchanting game of cricket.

As we follow the story's threads, we'll travel back to the ODI heydays, when greats shown unbelievable consistency, and then jump into the T20i fast-paced world, where the most fearsome competitors have risen to become cricketing legends.

But we aren't merely looking back; we are also looking forward to the new stars who will no doubt be just as proud to have their names etched into this historic record.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of cricket as we honor a record that exemplifies passion, perseverance, and talent.

Come with me to a universe where every game is a new chapter and every record is a tale of ambition, struggle, and greatness. Alright, let's begin!

Cricket Record for Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: ODI & T20i

Player4wiBowlInnsTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
CTB Turner85/411Australiav EnglandSydney25 Feb 1887Test # 26
4/523Australiav EnglandSydney25 Feb 1887Test # 26
5/441Australiav EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888Test # 27
7/433Australiav EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888Test # 27
5/272Australiav EnglandLord's16 Jul 1888Test # 28
5/364Australiav EnglandLord's16 Jul 1888Test # 28
6/1122Australiav EnglandThe Oval13 Aug 1888Test # 29
5/861Australiav EnglandManchester30 Aug 1888Test # 30
M Muralidaran84/532Sri Lankav ZimbabweColombo (SSC)27 Dec 2001Test # 1581
4/353Sri Lankav ZimbabweColombo (SSC)27 Dec 2001Test # 1581
9/511Sri Lankav ZimbabweKandy4 Jan 2002Test # 1583
4/643Sri Lankav ZimbabweKandy4 Jan 2002Test # 1583
5/672Sri Lankav ZimbabweGalle12 Jan 2002Test # 1585
4/244Sri Lankav ZimbabweGalle12 Jan 2002Test # 1585
4/551Sri Lankav PakistanLahore6 Mar 2002Test # 1592
4/723Sri Lankav PakistanLahore6 Mar 2002Test # 1592
J Briggs64/693Englandv AustraliaSydney29 Jan 1892Test # 36
6/492Englandv AustraliaAdelaide24 Mar 1892Test # 38
6/873Englandv AustraliaAdelaide24 Mar 1892Test # 38
5/342Englandv AustraliaThe Oval14 Aug 1893Test # 40
5/1143Englandv AustraliaThe Oval14 Aug 1893Test # 40
4/811Englandv AustraliaManchester24 Aug 1893Test # 41
M Muralidaran64/451Sri Lankav PakistanRawalpindi26 Feb 2000Test # 1485
4/1273Sri Lankav PakistanRawalpindi26 Feb 2000Test # 1485
4/772Sri Lankav PakistanPeshawar5 Mar 2000Test # 1487
6/714Sri Lankav PakistanPeshawar5 Mar 2000Test # 1487
4/891Sri Lankav PakistanKarachi12 Mar 2000Test # 1489
4/1073Sri Lankav PakistanKarachi12 Mar 2000Test # 1489
BAW Mendis66/132Sri Lankav IndiaKarachi6 Jul 2008ODI # 2735
4/722Sri Lankav IndiaColombo (SSC)23 Jul 2008Test # 1882
4/603Sri Lankav IndiaColombo (SSC)23 Jul 2008Test # 1882
6/1171Sri Lankav IndiaGalle31 Jul 2008Test # 1884
4/923Sri Lankav IndiaGalle31 Jul 2008Test # 1884
5/561Sri Lankav IndiaColombo (PSS)8 Aug 2008Test # 1886
JJ Ferris54/271Australiav EnglandSydney28 Jan 1887Test # 25
5/763Australiav EnglandSydney28 Jan 1887Test # 25
5/711Australiav EnglandSydney25 Feb 1887Test # 26
4/693Australiav EnglandSydney25 Feb 1887Test # 26
4/601Australiav EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888Test # 27
T Richardson56/1043Englandv AustraliaMelbourne1 Mar 1895Test # 46
6/391Englandv AustraliaLord's22 Jun 1896Test # 50
5/1343Englandv AustraliaLord's22 Jun 1896Test # 50
7/1681Englandv AustraliaManchester16 Jul 1896Test # 51
6/764Englandv AustraliaManchester16 Jul 1896Test # 51
H Trumble54/494Australiav EnglandSheffield3 Jul 1902Test # 72
4/752Australiav EnglandManchester24 Jul 1902Test # 73
6/534Australiav EnglandManchester24 Jul 1902Test # 73
8/652Australiav EnglandThe Oval11 Aug 1902Test # 74
4/1084Australiav EnglandThe Oval11 Aug 1902Test # 74
SF Barnes56/522Englandv South AfricaLeeds8 Jul 1912Test # 124
4/634Englandv South AfricaLeeds8 Jul 1912Test # 124
5/281Englandv South AfricaThe Oval12 Aug 1912Test # 128
8/293Englandv South AfricaThe Oval12 Aug 1912Test # 128
5/302Englandv AustraliaThe Oval19 Aug 1912Test # 129
AV Bedser55/273Englandv IndiaManchester17 Jul 1952Test # 353
5/412Englandv IndiaThe Oval14 Aug 1952Test # 354
7/551Englandv AustraliaNottingham11 Jun 1953Test # 372
7/443Englandv AustraliaNottingham11 Jun 1953Test # 372
5/1051Englandv AustraliaLord's25 Jun 1953Test # 373
JC Laker55/582Englandv AustraliaLeeds12 Jul 1956Test # 427
6/553Englandv AustraliaLeeds12 Jul 1956Test # 427
9/372Englandv AustraliaManchester26 Jul 1956Test # 428
10/533Englandv AustraliaManchester26 Jul 1956Test # 428
4/802Englandv AustraliaThe Oval23 Aug 1956Test # 429
R Benaud54/952Australiav South AfricaCape Town31 Dec 1957Test # 445
5/493Australiav South AfricaCape Town31 Dec 1957Test # 445
5/1142Australiav South AfricaDurban24 Jan 1958Test # 447
4/702Australiav South AfricaJohannesburg7 Feb 1958Test # 449
5/843Australiav South AfricaJohannesburg7 Feb 1958Test # 449
R Benaud55/831Australiav EnglandSydney9 Jan 1959Test # 464
4/943Australiav EnglandSydney9 Jan 1959Test # 464
5/912Australiav EnglandAdelaide30 Jan 1959Test # 466
4/823Australiav EnglandAdelaide30 Jan 1959Test # 466
4/431Australiav EnglandMelbourne13 Feb 1959Test # 468
FS Trueman56/1001Englandv West IndiesLord's20 Jun 1963Test # 544
5/523Englandv West IndiesLord's20 Jun 1963Test # 544
5/752Englandv West IndiesBirmingham4 Jul 1963Test # 545
7/444Englandv West IndiesBirmingham4 Jul 1963Test # 545
4/1171Englandv West IndiesLeeds25 Jul 1963Test # 546
GF Lawson55/1083Australiav EnglandPerth12 Nov 1982Test # 938
6/471Australiav EnglandBrisbane26 Nov 1982Test # 939
5/873Australiav EnglandBrisbane26 Nov 1982Test # 939
4/562Australiav EnglandAdelaide10 Dec 1982Test # 940
5/663Australiav EnglandAdelaide10 Dec 1982Test # 940
Waqar Younis57/912Pakistanv ZimbabweKarachi1 Dec 1993Test # 1237
6/444Pakistanv ZimbabweKarachi1 Dec 1993Test # 1237
5/882Pakistanv ZimbabweRawalpindi9 Dec 1993Test # 1240
4/504Pakistanv ZimbabweRawalpindi9 Dec 1993Test # 1240
5/1002Pakistanv ZimbabweLahore16 Dec 1993Test # 1241
CEL Ambrose54/581West Indiesv EnglandGeorgetown17 Mar 1994Test # 1254
4/373West Indiesv EnglandGeorgetown17 Mar 1994Test # 1254
5/602West Indiesv EnglandPort of Spain25 Mar 1994Test # 1257
6/244West Indiesv EnglandPort of Spain25 Mar 1994Test # 1257
4/861West Indiesv EnglandBridgetown8 Apr 1994Test # 1258
SK Warne54/703Australiav West IndiesKingston29 Apr 1995Test # 1297
7/232Australiav PakistanBrisbane9 Nov 1995Test # 1311
4/543Australiav PakistanBrisbane9 Nov 1995Test # 1311
4/551Australiav PakistanSydney30 Nov 1995Test # 1314
4/663Australiav PakistanSydney30 Nov 1995Test # 1314
SK Warne57/942Australiav PakistanColombo (PSS)3 Oct 2002Test # 1615
4/944Australiav PakistanColombo (PSS)3 Oct 2002Test # 1615
4/111Australiav PakistanSharjah11 Oct 2002Test # 1617
4/133Australiav PakistanSharjah11 Oct 2002Test # 1617
5/742Australiav PakistanSharjah19 Oct 2002Test # 1620
M Muralidaran56/591Sri Lankav AustraliaGalle8 Mar 2004Test # 1685
5/1533Sri Lankav AustraliaGalle8 Mar 2004Test # 1685
4/481Sri Lankav AustraliaKandy16 Mar 2004Test # 1688
5/1733Sri Lankav AustraliaKandy16 Mar 2004Test # 1688
5/1231Sri Lankav AustraliaColombo (SSC)24 Mar 2004Test # 1691
M Ntini56/1002South Africav AustraliaJohannesburg31 Mar 2006Test # 1795
4/784South Africav AustraliaJohannesburg31 Mar 2006Test # 1795
5/942South Africav New ZealandCenturion15 Apr 2006Test # 1798
5/514South Africav New ZealandCenturion15 Apr 2006Test # 1798
4/1621South Africav New ZealandCape Town27 Apr 2006Test # 1800
S Shillingford56/493West Indiesv ZimbabweBridgetown12 Mar 2013Test # 2079
5/591West Indiesv ZimbabweRoseau20 Mar 2013Test # 2083
5/343West Indiesv ZimbabweRoseau20 Mar 2013Test # 2083
6/1672West Indiesv IndiaEden Gardens6 Nov 2013Test # 2101
5/1792West Indiesv IndiaWankhede14 Nov 2013Test # 2102
AR Patel55/604Indiav EnglandChennai13 Feb 2021Test # 2411
6/381Indiav EnglandAhmedabad24 Feb 2021Test # 2412
5/323Indiav EnglandAhmedabad24 Feb 2021Test # 2412
4/681Indiav EnglandAhmedabad4 Mar 2021Test # 2414
5/483Indiav EnglandAhmedabad4 Mar 2021Test # 2414

Cricket Record for Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: ODI

Player4wiBowlInnsTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
ND Hirwani34/432Indiav New ZealandSharjah27 Mar 1988ODI # 513
4/462Indiav New ZealandSharjah1 Apr 1988ODI # 517
4/502Indiav West IndiesSharjah16 Oct 1988ODI # 523
Waqar Younis34/422Pakistanv IndiaSharjah27 Apr 1990ODI # 625
6/262Pakistanv Sri LankaSharjah29 Apr 1990ODI # 627
5/201Pakistanv New ZealandSharjah1 May 1990ODI # 629
Waqar Younis35/111Pakistanv New ZealandPeshawar4 Nov 1990ODI # 637
5/162Pakistanv New ZealandSialkot6 Nov 1990ODI # 638
5/522Pakistanv West IndiesKarachi9 Nov 1990ODI # 639
Waqar Younis34/321Pakistanv New ZealandGqeberha13 Dec 1994ODI # 961
4/521Pakistanv South AfricaDurban17 Dec 1994ODI # 964
4/331Pakistanv New ZealandEast London19 Dec 1994ODI # 966
SK Warne35/331Australiav West IndiesSydney8 Dec 1996ODI # 1149
4/521Australiav PakistanAdelaide15 Dec 1996ODI # 1152
4/372Australiav PakistanSydney1 Jan 1997ODI # 1155
VC Drakes34/262West Indiesv BangladeshChattogram29 Nov 2002ODI # 1904
4/182West Indiesv BangladeshDhaka2 Dec 2002ODI # 1909
4/332West Indiesv BangladeshDhaka3 Dec 2002ODI # 1910
Khurram Chohan34/261Canadav KenyaKing City (NW)19 Aug 2009ODI # 2875
4/391Canadav AfghanistanSharjah16 Feb 2010ODI # 2957
4/431Canadav AfghanistanSharjah18 Feb 2010ODI # 2959
Abdur Razzak34/411Bangladeshv ZimbabweMirpur1 Dec 2010ODI # 3071
5/301Bangladeshv ZimbabweMirpur3 Dec 2010ODI # 3073
4/142Bangladeshv ZimbabweMirpur6 Dec 2010ODI # 3075
Shahid Afridi35/162Pakistanv KenyaHambantota23 Feb 2011ODI # 3105
4/342Pakistanv Sri LankaColombo (RPS)26 Feb 2011ODI # 3109
5/232Pakistanv CanadaColombo (RPS)3 Mar 2011ODI # 3116
MJ Henry34/491New Zealandv Sri LankaChristchurch26 Dec 2015ODI # 3714
4/331New Zealandv Sri LankaChristchurch28 Dec 2015ODI # 3715
5/402New Zealandv Sri LankaMount Maunganui5 Jan 2016ODI # 3721
Mohammed Shami34/402Indiav AfghanistanSouthampton22 Jun 2019ODI # 4169
4/162Indiav West IndiesManchester27 Jun 2019ODI # 4175
5/691Indiav EnglandBirmingham30 Jun 2019ODI # 4179
Shaheen Shah Afridi34/471Pakistanv AfghanistanLeeds29 Jun 2019ODI # 4177
6/352Pakistanv BangladeshLord's5 Jul 2019ODI # 4186
5/492Pakistanv ZimbabweRawalpindi30 Oct 2020ODI # 4262
S Lamichhane36/161Nepalv U.S.A.Kirtipur12 Feb 2020ODI # 4245
4/351Nepalv P.N.G.Al Amerat7 Sep 2021ODI # 4317
6/112Nepalv P.N.G.Al Amerat10 Sep 2021ODI # 4322
PWH de Silva36/242Sri Lankav U.A.E.Bulawayo19 Jun 2023ODI # 4587
5/131Sri Lankav OmanBulawayo23 Jun 2023ODI # 4595
5/792Sri Lankav IrelandBulawayo25 Jun 2023ODI # 4599
M Theekshana34/251Sri Lankav ZimbabweBulawayo2 Jul 2023ODI # 4609
4/341Sri Lankav West IndiesHarare7 Jul 2023ODI # 4618
4/312Sri Lankav NetherlandsHarare9 Jul 2023ODI # 4620
A Zampa34/471Australiav Sri LankaLucknow16 Oct 2023ODI # 4671
4/532Australiav PakistanBengaluru20 Oct 2023ODI # 4675
4/82Australiav NetherlandsDelhi25 Oct 2023ODI # 4681
Mohammed Shami35/541Indiav New ZealandDharamsala22 Oct 2023ODI # 4678
4/222Indiav EnglandLucknow29 Oct 2023ODI # 4686
5/182Indiav Sri LankaWankhede2 Nov 2023ODI # 4690
GJ Gilmour26/141Australiav EnglandLeeds18 Jun 1975ODI # 31
5/481Australiav West IndiesLord's21 Jun 1975ODI # 33
AME Roberts24/321West Indiesv EnglandScarborough26 Aug 1976ODI # 37
4/272West Indiesv EnglandLord's28 Aug 1976ODI # 38
DK Lillee24/561Australiav EnglandSydney11 Dec 1979ODI # 79
4/282Australiav West IndiesSydney21 Dec 1979ODI # 80
ALF de Mel25/391Sri Lankav PakistanLeeds16 Jun 1983ODI # 211
5/321Sri Lankav New ZealandDerby18 Jun 1983ODI # 214
Imran Khan24/371Pakistanv West IndiesLahore16 Oct 1987ODI # 459
4/371Pakistanv EnglandKarachi20 Oct 1987ODI # 463
CEL Ambrose24/392West Indiesv PakistanKingston12 Mar 1988ODI # 506
4/351West Indiesv PakistanSt John's15 Mar 1988ODI # 507
IR Bishop24/331West Indiesv IndiaPort of Spain11 Mar 1989ODI # 560
4/461West Indiesv IndiaSt John's18 Mar 1989ODI # 562
M Prabhakar24/252Indiav PakistanSharjah18 Oct 1991ODI # 680
4/302Indiav West IndiesSharjah19 Oct 1991ODI # 681
Wasim Akram24/241Pakistanv Sri LankaSharjah2 Feb 1993ODI # 797
4/242Pakistanv Sri LankaSharjah4 Feb 1993ODI # 799
SK Warne24/251Australiav New ZealandAdelaide12 Dec 1993ODI # 861
4/192Australiav New ZealandMelbourne16 Dec 1993ODI # 863
AJ Hollioake24/232Englandv PakistanBirmingham31 Aug 1996ODI # 1109
4/452Englandv PakistanNottingham1 Sep 1996ODI # 1111
M Muralidaran24/181Sri Lankav KenyaNairobi (Gym)28 Sep 1996ODI # 1120
4/351Sri Lankav South AfricaNairobi (Club)1 Oct 1996ODI # 1122
Aaqib Javed25/352Pakistanv Sri LankaGwalior12 May 1997ODI # 1205
5/612Pakistanv IndiaChennai21 May 1997ODI # 1209
ST Jayasuriya25/581Sri Lankav West IndiesPort of Spain6 Jun 1997ODI # 1215
4/492Sri Lankav PakistanColombo (RPS)14 Jul 1997ODI # 1216
Saqlain Mushtaq25/382Pakistanv BangladeshColombo (RPS)16 Jul 1997ODI # 1217
5/451Pakistanv IndiaToronto13 Sep 1997ODI # 1227
Saqlain Mushtaq24/261Pakistanv EnglandSharjah15 Dec 1997ODI # 1263
4/411Pakistanv IndiaDhaka11 Jan 1998ODI # 1273
SK Warne24/292Australiav South AfricaBirmingham17 Jun 1999ODI # 1483
4/331Australiav PakistanLord's20 Jun 1999ODI # 1484
Azhar Mahmood26/182Pakistanv West IndiesSharjah19 Oct 1999ODI # 1517
5/282Pakistanv Sri LankaSharjah22 Oct 1999ODI # 1519
Waqar Younis27/361Pakistanv EnglandLeeds17 Jun 2001ODI # 1724
6/592Pakistanv AustraliaNottingham19 Jun 2001ODI # 1725
SE Bond24/371New Zealandv South AfricaBrisbane19 Jan 2002ODI # 1787
5/252New Zealandv AustraliaAdelaide26 Jan 2002ODI # 1796
B Lee24/451Australiav South AfricaPotchefstroom27 Mar 2002ODI # 1821
4/632Australiav South AfricaBloemfontein30 Mar 2002ODI # 1822
DT Hondo24/621Zimbabwev IndiaColombo (RPS)14 Sep 2002ODI # 1876
4/451Zimbabwev EnglandColombo (RPS)18 Sep 2002ODI # 1880
SM Pollock24/241South Africav BangladeshKimberley9 Oct 2002ODI # 1892
4/181South Africav Sri LankaJohannesburg27 Nov 2002ODI # 1903
WPUJC Vaas24/381Sri Lankav ZimbabweBulawayo22 Apr 2004ODI # 2120
4/111Sri Lankav ZimbabweHarare25 Apr 2004ODI # 2122
M Muralidaran24/321Sri Lankav ZimbabweBulawayo22 Apr 2004ODI # 2120
5/232Sri Lankav ZimbabweHarare29 Apr 2004ODI # 2124
MS Kasprowicz25/472Australiav PakistanLord's4 Sep 2004ODI # 2166
4/141Australiav U.S.A.Southampton13 Sep 2004ODI # 2172
Manjural Islam Rana24/342Bangladeshv ZimbabweChattogram26 Jan 2005ODI # 2211
4/362Bangladeshv ZimbabweDhaka29 Jan 2005ODI # 2214
GD McGrath25/272Australiav PakistanSydney6 Feb 2005ODI # 2222
4/162Australiav New ZealandWellington19 Feb 2005ODI # 2227
SR Tendulkar24/542Indiav BangladeshDhaka27 Dec 2004ODI # 2202
5/502Indiav PakistanKochi2 Apr 2005ODI # 2235
SJ Harmison24/391Englandv BangladeshThe Oval16 Jun 2005ODI # 2249
5/331Englandv AustraliaBristol19 Jun 2005ODI # 2251
SE Bond26/192New Zealandv IndiaBulawayo26 Aug 2005ODI # 2273
4/172New Zealandv ZimbabweHarare31 Aug 2005ODI # 2276
WPUJC Vaas25/391Sri Lankav New ZealandWellington6 Jan 2006ODI # 2311
4/482Sri Lankav New ZealandNapier8 Jan 2006ODI # 2312
B Lee25/382Australiav IndiaKuala Lumpur22 Sep 2006ODI # 2421
4/242Australiav West IndiesKuala Lumpur24 Sep 2006ODI # 2422
SE Bond24/461New Zealandv EnglandBrisbane6 Feb 2007ODI # 2510
5/231New Zealandv AustraliaWellington16 Feb 2007ODI # 2524
M Muralidaran24/191Sri Lankav IrelandSt George's18 Apr 2007ODI # 2575
4/312Sri Lankav New ZealandKingston24 Apr 2007ODI # 2579
CRD Fernando24/362Asia XIv Africa XIChennai9 Jun 2007ODI # 2588
4/242Sri Lankav BangladeshColombo (PSS)20 Jul 2007ODI # 2605
ST Jayasuriya24/311Sri Lankav BangladeshColombo (RPS)23 Jul 2007ODI # 2606
4/142Sri Lankav BangladeshColombo (RPS)25 Jul 2007ODI # 2607
JE Taylor25/481West Indiesv ZimbabweBulawayo7 Dec 2007ODI # 2654
4/341West Indiesv South AfricaCape Town25 Jan 2008ODI # 2664
P Kumar24/462Indiav AustraliaBrisbane4 Mar 2008ODI # 2689
4/532Indiav PakistanMirpur10 Jun 2008ODI # 2705
BAW Mendis25/222Sri Lankav U.A.E.Lahore26 Jun 2008ODI # 2718
4/472Sri Lankav PakistanKarachi29 Jun 2008ODI # 2723
Iftikhar Anjum24/592Pakistanv West IndiesAbu Dhabi16 Nov 2008ODI # 2776
4/421Pakistanv Sri LankaKarachi20 Jan 2009ODI # 2798
E Schiferli24/231Netherlandsv KenyaPotchefstroom19 Apr 2009ODI # 2844
4/442Netherlandsv CanadaAmstelveen11 Jul 2009ODI # 2859
SCJ Broad24/392Englandv New ZealandJohannesburg29 Sep 2009ODI # 2902
4/711Englandv South AfricaCape Town27 Nov 2009ODI # 2930
RJ Harris25/432Australiav PakistanAdelaide26 Jan 2010ODI # 2946
5/192Australiav PakistanPerth29 Jan 2010ODI # 2947
A Nehra24/402Indiav Sri LankaDambulla24 Jun 2010ODI # 3001
4/471Indiav New ZealandDambulla10 Aug 2010ODI # 3030
Umar Gul26/422Pakistanv EnglandThe Oval17 Sep 2010ODI # 3045
4/322Pakistanv EnglandLord's20 Sep 2010ODI # 3046
LL Tsotsobe24/312South Africav IndiaDurban12 Jan 2011ODI # 3079
4/221South Africav IndiaJohannesburg15 Jan 2011ODI # 3080
HK Bennett24/462New Zealandv PakistanAuckland5 Feb 2011ODI # 3097
4/161New Zealandv KenyaChennai20 Feb 2011ODI # 3101
MG Johnson24/192Australiav ZimbabweAhmedabad21 Feb 2011ODI # 3103
4/331Australiav New ZealandNagpur25 Feb 2011ODI # 3107
SJ Benn24/181West Indiesv BangladeshMirpur4 Mar 2011ODI # 3118
4/532West Indiesv IrelandMohali11 Mar 2011ODI # 3126
B Lee24/461Australiav CanadaBengaluru16 Mar 2011ODI # 3134
4/282Australiav PakistanColombo (RPS)19 Mar 2011ODI # 3139
BV Vitori25/301Zimbabwev BangladeshHarare12 Aug 2011ODI # 3176
5/201Zimbabwev BangladeshHarare14 Aug 2011ODI # 3177
CJ McKay25/331Australiav Sri LankaBrisbane7 Nov 2010ODI # 3068
4/202Australiav IndiaMelbourne5 Feb 2012ODI # 3231
ST Finn24/342Englandv PakistanAbu Dhabi13 Feb 2012ODI # 3238
4/342Englandv PakistanAbu Dhabi15 Feb 2012ODI # 3240
NLTC Perera26/442Sri Lankav PakistanPallekele9 Jun 2012ODI # 3273
4/422Sri Lankav PakistanColombo (RPS)16 Jun 2012ODI # 3275
MA Starc24/472Australiav AfghanistanSharjah25 Aug 2012ODI # 3297
5/421Australiav PakistanSharjah28 Aug 2012ODI # 3299
MA Starc25/201Australiav West IndiesPerth1 Feb 2013ODI # 3330
5/322Australiav West IndiesPerth3 Feb 2013ODI # 3331
MJ McClenaghan24/431New Zealandv Sri LankaCardiff9 Jun 2013ODI # 3366
4/651New Zealandv AustraliaBirmingham12 Jun 2013ODI # 3369
JDS Neesham24/421New Zealandv BangladeshMirpur29 Oct 2013ODI # 3423
4/531New Zealandv BangladeshMirpur31 Oct 2013ODI # 3426
RA Jadeja24/301Indiav AfghanistanMirpur5 Mar 2014ODI # 3483
4/282Indiav EnglandCardiff27 Aug 2014ODI # 3517
Mohammed Shami24/661Indiav West IndiesKochi8 Oct 2014ODI # 3531
4/362Indiav West IndiesDelhi11 Oct 2014ODI # 3533
Arafat Sunny24/292Bangladeshv ZimbabweChattogram23 Nov 2014ODI # 3552
4/272Bangladeshv ZimbabweMirpur26 Nov 2014ODI # 3553
MA Starc24/421Australiav EnglandSydney16 Jan 2015ODI # 3578
6/431Australiav IndiaMelbourne18 Jan 2015ODI # 3582
UT Yadav24/312Indiav BangladeshMelbourne19 Mar 2015ODI # 3641
4/721Indiav AustraliaSydney26 Mar 2015ODI # 3645
Mustafizur Rahman25/502Bangladeshv IndiaMirpur18 Jun 2015ODI # 3658
6/431Bangladeshv IndiaMirpur21 Jun 2015ODI # 3660
CR Woakes24/332Englandv PakistanAbu Dhabi13 Nov 2015ODI # 3708
4/401Englandv PakistanSharjah17 Nov 2015ODI # 3710
CH Morris24/312South Africav Sri LankaCenturion10 Feb 2017ODI # 3834
4/621South Africav New ZealandHamilton19 Feb 2017ODI # 3836
Rashid Khan24/482Afghanistanv IrelandGreater Noida15 Mar 2017ODI # 3850
6/432Afghanistanv IrelandGreater Noida17 Mar 2017ODI # 3851
LE Plunkett24/591Englandv BangladeshThe Oval1 Jun 2017ODI # 3875
4/552Englandv New ZealandCardiff6 Jun 2017ODI # 3880
Rashid Khan24/291Afghanistanv IrelandGreater Noida24 Mar 2017ODI # 3854
7/182Afghanistanv West IndiesGros Islet9 Jun 2017ODI # 3884
A Dananjaya24/472Sri Lankav ZimbabweHambantota10 Jul 2017ODI # 3904
6/542Sri Lankav IndiaPallekele24 Aug 2017ODI # 3906
JJ Bumrah24/431Indiav Sri LankaPallekele24 Aug 2017ODI # 3906
5/271Indiav Sri LankaPallekele27 Aug 2017ODI # 3907
YS Chahal25/221Indiav South AfricaCenturion4 Feb 2018ODI # 3970
4/462Indiav South AfricaCape Town7 Feb 2018ODI # 3971
TJ Murtagh24/311Irelandv AfghanistanBelfast27 Aug 2018ODI # 4032
4/301Irelandv AfghanistanBelfast29 Aug 2018ODI # 4033
Shaheen Shah Afridi24/461Pakistanv New ZealandAbu Dhabi7 Nov 2018ODI # 4066
4/381Pakistanv New ZealandAbu Dhabi9 Nov 2018ODI # 4068
Kuldeep Yadav24/391Indiav New ZealandNapier23 Jan 2019ODI # 4082
4/452Indiav New ZealandMount Maunganui26 Jan 2019ODI # 4085
N Vanua24/242P.N.G.v Hong KongHarare17 Mar 2018ODI # 4000
4/371P.N.G.v U.S.A.Windhoek27 Apr 2019ODI # 4126
CR Woakes24/671Englandv PakistanBristol14 May 2019ODI # 4135
5/542Englandv PakistanLeeds19 May 2019ODI # 4140
O Thomas25/211West Indiesv EnglandGros Islet2 Mar 2019ODI # 4103
4/271West Indiesv PakistanNottingham31 May 2019ODI # 4144
N Pradeep24/342Sri Lankav ScotlandEdinburgh21 May 2019ODI # 4142
4/312Sri Lankav AfghanistanCardiff4 Jun 2019ODI # 4149
MA Starc24/432Australiav EnglandLord's25 Jun 2019ODI # 4173
5/262Australiav New ZealandLord's29 Jun 2019ODI # 4178
Mustafizur Rahman25/591Bangladeshv IndiaBirmingham2 Jul 2019ODI # 4182
5/751Bangladeshv PakistanLord's5 Jul 2019ODI # 4186
Hamza Tahir24/371Scotlandv P.N.G.Aberdeen17 Aug 2019ODI # 4201
5/382Scotlandv OmanAberdeen18 Aug 2019ODI # 4202
Usman Shinwari24/491Pakistanv AustraliaDubai (DSC)31 Mar 2019ODI # 4120
5/512Pakistanv Sri LankaKarachi30 Sep 2019ODI # 4211
AS Joseph24/321West Indiesv IrelandBridgetown7 Jan 2020ODI # 4226
4/321West Indiesv IrelandBridgetown9 Jan 2020ODI # 4229
Karan KC24/471Nepalv OmanKirtipur5 Feb 2020ODI # 4236
4/152Nepalv U.S.A.Kirtipur8 Feb 2020ODI # 4240
AR McBrine24/361Irelandv West IndiesKingston13 Jan 2022ODI # 4340
4/281Irelandv West IndiesKingston16 Jan 2022ODI # 4342
Bilal Khan25/312Omanv U.A.E.ICCA Dubai5 Mar 2022ODI # 4360
4/421Omanv NamibiaICCA Dubai6 Mar 2022ODI # 4361
Basil Hameed24/191U.A.E.v P.N.G.Sharjah15 Mar 2022ODI # 4367
4/152U.A.E.v NepalDubai (DSC)18 Mar 2022ODI # 4369
GT Main24/262Scotlandv P.N.G.Dubai (DSC)9 Apr 2022ODI # 4384
5/522Scotlandv P.N.G.Dubai (DSC)13 Apr 2022ODI # 4387
TA Boult24/402New Zealandv AustraliaCairns6 Sep 2022ODI # 4461
4/381New Zealandv AustraliaCairns8 Sep 2022ODI # 4462
A Zampa24/452Australiav EnglandSydney19 Nov 2022ODI # 4477
4/312Australiav EnglandMelbourne22 Nov 2022ODI # 4480
Naseem Shah25/332Pakistanv NetherlandsRotterdam21 Aug 2022ODI # 4455
5/571Pakistanv New ZealandKarachi9 Jan 2023ODI # 4500
Mohammed Siraj24/322Indiav Sri LankaThiruvananthapuram15 Jan 2023ODI # 4505
4/462Indiav New ZealandHyderabad18 Jan 2023ODI # 4507
CN Greaves25/532Scotlandv OmanBulawayo25 Jun 2023ODI # 4600
4/321Scotlandv Sri LankaBulawayo27 Jun 2023ODI # 4603
Kuldeep Yadav25/252Indiav PakistanColombo (RPS)10 Sep 2023ODI # 4639
4/432Indiav Sri LankaColombo (RPS)12 Sep 2023ODI # 4641
BFW de Leede25/521Netherlandsv ScotlandBulawayo6 Jul 2023ODI # 4616
4/621Netherlandsv PakistanHyderabad6 Oct 2023ODI # 4659

Cricket Record for Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: T20i

Player4wiBowlInnsTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
BAW Mendis24/151Sri Lankav ZimbabweKing City (NW)10 Oct 2008T20I # 69
4/172Sri Lankav CanadaKing City (NW)12 Oct 2008T20I # 74
Umar Gul24/371Pakistanv IndiaAhmedabad28 Dec 2012T20I # 298
5/62Pakistanv South AfricaCenturion3 Mar 2013T20I # 306
Mudassar Bukhari24/281Netherlandsv IrelandDublin (Malahide)25 Jul 2015T20I # 447
4/72Netherlandsv U.A.E.ICCA Dubai3 Feb 2016T20I # 490
YS Chahal24/232Indiav Sri LankaCuttack20 Dec 2017T20I # 633
4/522Indiav Sri LankaIndore22 Dec 2017T20I # 634
Rashid Khan24/252Afghanistanv IrelandDehradun23 Feb 2019T20I # 746
5/272Afghanistanv IrelandDehradun24 Feb 2019T20I # 747
C Viljoen24/152Namibiav UgandaKampala21 May 2019T20I # 779
5/91Namibiav BotswanaKampala22 May 2019T20I # 783
N Nipiko24/291Vanuatuv P.N.G.Apia (No 2)13 Jul 2019T20I # 826
4/212Vanuatuv MalaysiaKuala Lumpur29 Sep 2019T20I # 896
Karan KC24/361Nepalv Hong KongAl Amerat6 Oct 2019T20I # 918
4/171Nepalv NetherlandsAl Amerat7 Oct 2019T20I # 920
Bilal Khan24/191Omanv NamibiaDubai (DSC)29 Oct 2019T20I # 987
4/232Omanv Hong KongDubai (DSC)30 Oct 2019T20I # 990
MNM Aslam24/51Kuwaitv IranAl Amerat25 Feb 2020T20I # 1061
4/232Kuwaitv BahrainAl Amerat26 Feb 2020T20I # 1063
Haroon Arshad24/121Hong Kongv MalaysiaKuala Lumpur23 Feb 2020T20I # 1051
5/162Hong Kongv NepalBangkok1 Mar 2020T20I # 1069
R Bakum25/262Ghanav LesothoRwanda17 Oct 2021T20I # 1308
4/291Ghanav UgandaRwanda21 Oct 2021T20I # 1332
AU Rashid24/351Englandv PakistanManchester20 Jul 2021T20I # 1195
4/21Englandv West IndiesDubai (DSC)23 Oct 2021T20I # 1354
R Nehonde24/71Botswanav CameroonRwanda5 Nov 2021T20I # 1393
4/272Botswanav MozambiqueRwanda6 Nov 2021T20I # 1397
Shahil Momin24/192Austriav HungaryLower Austria4 Jun 2022T20I # 1548
4/221Austriav HungaryLower Austria4 Jun 2022T20I # 1549
Khalid Ahmadi24/382Belgiumv MaltaGent11 Jun 2022T20I # 1562
4/52Belgiumv MaltaWaterloo12 Jun 2022T20I # 1566
D Maisuria25/182Botswanav GhanaBenoni18 Sep 2022T20I # 1782
4/192Botswanav MozambiqueBenoni19 Sep 2022T20I # 1785
Haris Rauf24/182Pakistanv New ZealandLahore14 Apr 2023T20I # 2045
4/272Pakistanv New ZealandLahore15 Apr 2023T20I # 2046
H Ssenyondo24/71Ugandav RwandaNairobi (Gym)15 Jun 2023T20I # 2100
4/41Ugandav BotswanaNairobi (Gym)17 Jun 2023T20I # 2102
MV Pavlovic24/132Serbiav TurkeySofia23 Jun 2023T20I # 2109
4/291Serbiav BulgariaSofia23 Jun 2023T20I # 2111
Rizwan Butt24/241Bahrainv Saudi ArabiaDoha18 Sep 2023T20I # 2240
4/262Bahrainv OmanDoha19 Sep 2023T20I # 2243
Hisham Shaikh24/122Saudi Arabiav MaldivesDoha28 Sep 2023T20I # 2260
4/141Saudi Arabiav QatarDoha29 Sep 2023T20I # 2264
Nasrulla Rana26/122Hong Kongv P.N.G.Kuala Lumpur24 Sep 2023T20I # 2254
4/71Hong Kongv CambodiaHangzhou29 Sep 2023T20I # 2261
Mohameed Taiwo24/131Nigeriav Sierra LeoneLagos8 Oct 2023T20I # 2305
4/162Nigeriav GhanaLagos10 Oct 2023T20I # 2307
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Cricket Record for Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: ODI & T20i

Cricket Record for Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: ODI & T20i

The most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record is about to be revealed, and with it, one of cricket’s most esteemed records.

This honor, which is given in both One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals, is about more than simply talent; it’s a story of dogged determination, passion, and a pinch of cricket magic.

We shall honor the heroes whose names will live on in cricket lore as we delve into the One-Day International and Twenty20i annals.

Also, we’ll be looking forward to the next generation of athletes that are preparing to break this record.

Fasten your seatbelts, for the journey we are about to go on is a tribute to the cricket world’s vibrant energy, skill, and tenacity. Very well, how about we dive right in?

The Heroes Behind the Record of Most Consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the heroes who have achieved the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record.

These are the players who have shown incredible skill and determination, game after game, making a mark in the cricket annals.

It’s a record that demands respect and admiration. It’s not just about skill; it’s about heart, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record holders are the true champions of the cricket world, the ones who have risen to the occasion, time and time again.

Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings: The ODI Chronicles

In the ODI landscape, the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record is a testament to a player’s enduring skill and mastery over the cricket ball.

It’s a record that has seen some of the finest players etching their names in the golden books of cricket history.

Imagine the pressure, the focus it takes to secure a spot in the list of most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings in ODI.

It’s not just about a good day on the field; it’s about repeating that performance, match after match, showcasing a level of consistency that is nothing short of remarkable.

Let’s take a closer look at the careers of the top five players who have made their mark by taking four wickets in an inning on the trot in all formats of the game.

ND Hirwani: The Spin Wizard

ND Hirwani burst onto the scene with a bang, showcasing his talent and securing a place in the list of players with the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record.

Representing India, Hirwani displayed a masterful control over the ball, with remarkable performances against New Zealand and West Indies in Sharjah in 1988.

His bowling figures speak volumes about his skill, with scores like 4/43, 4/46, and 4/50 in consecutive innings, proving his mettle in the international arena.

Waqar Younis: The Master of Swing

Waqar Younis, a name synonymous with deadly swing bowling, has not one but three entries in the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record.

His first streak started in Sharjah in 1990, where he dominated against teams like India, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand.

Later that year, he continued his reign of terror against New Zealand and West Indies, with figures such as 5/11 and 5/16 showcasing his bowling prowess.

His third streak came in 1994, where he demonstrated his skill against teams like New Zealand and South Africa, with remarkable figures in Gqeberha, Durban, and East London.

SK Warne: The Leg-Spin Maestro

SK Warne, a legend in the cricket world, also finds a spot in the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record.

Representing Australia, Warne displayed his leg-spin magic against formidable teams like West Indies and Pakistan in the late ’90s.

His performances in Sydney, Adelaide, and again in Sydney are etched in cricket history, with bowling figures like 5/33, 4/52, and 4/37, showcasing the art of leg-spin bowling at its finest.

T20i Tales of Most consecutive Four-Wickets-in-an-Innings

Switching gears to the T20i format, where the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record takes a different hue.

Here, the rapid pace of the game makes this record even more admirable. It’s a fast-paced world, and achieving this record is about being on top of your game, every single time.

Imagine being the bowler holding the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings title in T20i. It’s a badge of honor, a symbol of skill and determination.

It’s about being the best, not just once, but match after match, proving that you have what it takes to stand tall in the fast-paced T20i arena.

BAW Mendis: The Sri Lankan Maestro

BAW Mendis kickstarted his journey to the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record with a stellar performance against Zimbabwe at King City (NW) on October 10, 2008, where he showcased his bowling prowess with a score of 4/15.

Not stopping there, Mendis continued his triumphant run two days later against Canada, securing a score of 4/17, proving his mettle and setting a benchmark in the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings category in T20i.

Umar Gul: Pakistan’s Bowling Gem

Umar Gul, a name synonymous with skill and precision, embarked on his journey to the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record on December 28, 2012, against India in Ahmedabad.

Gul showcased a remarkable performance with a score of 4/37. His journey didn’t stop there, as he furthered his record with a magnificent 5/6 against South Africa in Centurion on March 3, 2013, showcasing his mastery in the T20i format.

Mudassar Bukhari: The Dutch Powerhouse

Mudassar Bukhari, a pillar of strength for the Netherlands team, entered the elite list of most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings in T20i with a remarkable performance against Ireland in Dublin on July 25, 2015, scoring 4/28.

Bukhari continued his stellar performance against U.A.E. in ICCA Dubai on February 3, 2016, with a score of 4/7, showcasing his skill and determination in the T20i format.

YS Chahal: India’s Spin Wizard

YS Chahal, a name that resonates with skill and finesse in the Indian cricket landscape, marked his entry into the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record books with a 4/23 against Sri Lanka in Cuttack on December 20, 2017.

Chahal continued to weave his magic with a 4/52 score in Indore against the same opposition just two days later, showcasing his consistency and skill in the T20i arena.

Rashid Khan: Afghanistan’s Bowling Sensation

Rashid Khan, the young prodigy from Afghanistan, has been a revelation in the cricket world.

He embarked on his journey to the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record with a 4/25 against Ireland in Dehradun on February 23, 2019.

Not resting on his laurels, Khan delivered yet another stellar performance the very next day with a score of 5/27 against the same team, showcasing his talent and securing his place in the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record in T20i.

Wrapping Up

Looking ahead, the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record is there for the taking for the upcoming talents in the cricket world.

It’s a record that inspires young players to give their best, to strive for consistency and to make a name for themselves in the cricket world.

It’s a record that speaks to the future, a beacon of aspiration for young talents eager to make their mark.

The most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record is not just a record; it’s a journey, a pathway to greatness, a testament to what can be achieved with skill, determination, and a heart full of passion.

So there you have it, folks, a deep dive into the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record in the cricket world.

It’s a record that stands tall, a record that speaks of skill, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

As we wrap up, remember that the most consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings record is not just a number.

It’s a story of heroes, of battles won, of dreams achieved, and of the beautiful game of cricket that we all love so much.

It’s a record that inspires, that drives players to give their best, and to etch their names in the golden books of cricket history.

Let’s keep our eyes peeled for the next champion who will take this record to new heights, in the vibrant world of cricket.

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