Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

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Within the vast arena of cricket, where each bowled ball conveys a story of dedication, talent, and unwavering determination, a handful have emerged as embodiments of perseverance and expertise.

A bowler's career record for balls thrown is a huge testament to his or her journey through time, a journey filled with brilliant moments, strategic decisions, and an unrelenting drive for greatness.

Who, though, are these cricketing giants whose names will live on in Test, One-Day International, and Twenty20 format lore?

Whose tales of unwavering determination and passionate devotion are behind the highest number of balls bowled in a career?

We are on the verge of revealing a treasure trove of cricketing history in this intricate tapestry, and we want you to come along on our exploration.

Each wicket tells a tale, each delivery conceals a mystery, and each record describes a heroic struggle.

Let us go further, pulling the curtain back to reveal a stage where history is made, one ball at a time, and legends are born.

Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

We are about to embark on a time travel adventure when we delve into the records of the highest number of balls bowled in a career, a feat that says a lot about the determination and zeal of the cricket greats.

Here we get deep into the sport of cricket, feeling the pulse of One-Day Internationals, the thrill of Twenty20 Internationals, and the endurance of Tests.

The stamp of legendary athletes whose amazing combination of talent and stamina has left an indelible mark on each format, which is like a unique canvas.

Come and explore the tales that are spun from balls bowled with a pounding heart, a burning desire, and a testimony to the unwavering spirit of cricket.

In this epic trip through cricket's history, one illustrious delivery at a time, let us honour the legends who have made it to the top by revealing the record for most balls delivered in a career.

Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

7722M Muralidaran (Asia/ICC/SL)1992-2011495631323080313479/5116/22022.862.9246.8
378A Kumble (Asia/IND)1990-2008403553462876795610/7414/14930.093.1157.8
3810SK Warne (AUS/ICC)1992-2007339513472553610018/7112/12825.512.9851.2
343JM Anderson (ENG)2002-202339649223266479777/4211/7127.273.2450.3
223DL Vettori (ICC/NZ)1997-201544243661228637057/8712/14932.423.1461.9
363GD McGrath (AUS/ICC)1993-200737642266206569498/2410/2721.762.9344.5
285Harbhajan Singh (Asia/IND)1998-201636741671231437118/8415/21732.543.3358.6
213SCJ Broad (ENG)2006-202334440980235748478/1511/12127.833.4548.3
233CA Walsh (WI)1984-200133740841196067467/3713/5526.282.8854.7
315Wasim Akram (PAK)1984-200346040813215919167/11911/11023.573.1744.5
211SM Pollock (Afr/ICC/SA)1995-200842340308196738297/8710/14723.732.9248.6
162WPUJC Vaas (Asia/SL)1994-200943939345216437618/1914/19128.443.3051.7
242N Kapil Dev (IND)1978-199435638942198126879/8311/14628.833.0556.6
234NM Lyon (AUS)2011-202315333078167615268/5013/15431.863.0462.8
348R Ashwin (IND)2010-202327532868184217177/5913/14025.693.3645.8
201TG Southee (NZ)2008-202336932175215767357/3310/10829.354.0243.7
263CEL Ambrose (WI)1988-200027431456139306308/4511/8422.112.6549.9
70JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA)1995-201451931258185485776/549/9232.143.5654.1
252Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2006-202343029885194676907/3610/12428.213.9043.3
224M Ntini (ICC/SA)1998-201128429713180996627/3713/13227.333.6544.8
359HMRKB Herath (SL)1999-201818129600148925259/12714/18428.363.0156.3
121Z Khan (Asia/IND)2000-201430929234189966107/8710/14931.143.8947.9
355Waqar Younis (PAK)1989-200334928922187077897/3613/13523.703.8836.6
190B Lee (AUS)1999-201232228261191457185/229/17126.664.0639.3
419Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-199020128100130185899/5215/12322.102.7747.7
274IT Botham (ENG)1976-199221828086150175288/3413/10628.443.2053.1
142RA Jadeja (IND)2009-202332827341160095467/4210/11029.323.5150.0
182LR Gibbs (WI)1958-1976822727190483118/3811/15729.091.9987.6
131J Srinath (IND)1991-200329627039160435518/8613/13229.113.5549.0
246Imran Khan (PAK)1971-199226326919131025448/5814/11624.082.9249.4
295DW Steyn (Afr/SA)2004-202026525879163396997/5111/6023.373.7837.0
161TA Boult (NZ)2011-202324724854155106027/3410/8025.763.7441.2
224MD Marshall (WI)1978-199221724759121095337/2211/8922.712.9346.4
153MG Johnson (AUS)2005-201525624146157265908/6112/12726.653.9040.9
223AA Donald (SA)1991-200323624080132706028/7112/13922.043.3040.0
152CJ McDermott (AUS)1984-199620924047133504948/9711/15727.023.3348.6
232MA Starc (AUS)2010-202326123796162866426/2811/9425.364.1037.0
60ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL)1989-201158623433156934406/299/7435.664.0153.2
40CL Hooper (WI)1987-200332923367125933075/267/17841.013.2376.1
100M Morkel (Afr/SA/World)2006-201824723210145025446/239/11026.653.7442.6
111I Sharma (IND)2007-202119923171140414347/7410/10832.353.6353.3
176DL Underwood (ENG)1966-19821122314084083298/5113/7125.552.1870.3
100Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/PAK)1996-201852423032177375417/127/1232.784.6242.5
80HH Streak (Afr/ZIM)1993-200525423027132084556/739/7229.023.4450.6
193Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)1995-200421822840124814968/16410/15525.163.2746.0
30RJ Shastri (IND)1981-199223022364108352805/158/17938.692.9079.8
175Abdul Qadir (PAK)1977-199317122226111963689/5613/10130.423.0260.3
247DK Lillee (AUS)1971-198413322060106384587/8311/12323.222.8948.1
141BS Bedi (IND)1966-1979772195479772737/9810/19429.212.1880.4
60GS Sobers (WI)1954-1974942166280302366/738/8034.022.2291.7
160RGD Willis (ENG)1971-198415420952101584058/439/9225.082.9051.7
50A Flintoff (ENG/ICC)1998-200922720725116924005/198/15629.233.3851.8
110D Gough (ENG/ICC)1994-200621920332127614676/429/9227.323.7643.5
113Mushtaq Ahmed (PAK)1989-200319620075114613467/5610/10633.123.4258.0
183GP Swann (ENG)2000-201317819968113894106/6510/13227.773.4248.7
141CL Cairns (ICC/NZ)1989-200627919914130564207/2710/10031.083.9347.4
51MM Ali (ENG)2014-202328419459141113586/5310/11239.414.3554.3
110JN Gillespie (AUS)1996-200616919402104304027/379/8025.943.2248.2
161R Benaud (AUS)1952-1964631910867042487/7211/10527.032.1077.0
141KAJ Roach (WI)2008-202318519042115314006/2710/14628.823.6347.6
124Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2008-201521219022107014477/5511/11123.933.3742.5
60JE Emburey (ENG)1978-19951251881679922237/787/10535.832.5484.3
130JR Hazlewood (AUS)2010-202318918716109364286/529/11525.553.5043.7
152Danish Kaneria (PAK)2000-2010791855197652767/7712/9435.383.1567.2
100J Garner (WI)1977-19871561849981854056/569/10820.202.6545.6
40Abdul Razzaq (Asia/PAK)1996-201334318288126533896/357/15532.524.1547.0
111JO Holder (WI)2013-202325718245120423736/4211/10332.283.9648.9
142MA Holding (WI)1975-19871621815389323918/9214/14922.842.9546.4
10Mashrafe Mortaza (Asia/BAN)2001-202031018051136593906/266/2635.024.5446.2

Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: ODI

1510-M Muralidaran (Asia/ICC/SL)1993-2011350341188113135.1198123265347/3023.083.9335.22
176-Wasim Akram (PAK)1984-2003356351181863031.0237118125025/1523.523.8936.22
49-Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/PAK)1996-2015398372176702945.076136323957/1234.514.6244.73
94-WPUJC Vaas (Asia/SL)1994-2008322320157752629.1279110144008/1927.534.1839.43
125-SM Pollock (Afr/ICC/SA)1996-2008303297157122618.431396313936/3524.503.6739.97
84-ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL)1989-2011445368148742479.045118713236/2936.754.7846.04
82-A Kumble (Asia/IND)1990-2007271265144962416.0109104123376/1230.894.3043.01
82-DL Vettori (ICC/NZ)1997-2015295277140602343.29996743055/731.714.1246.09
97-GD McGrath (AUS/ICC)1993-2007250248129702161.427983913817/1522.023.8834.04
1413-Waqar Younis (PAK)1989-2003262258126982116.214399194167/3623.844.6830.52
104-Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2006-2023247241125752095.510193603175/2929.524.4639.66
23-Harbhajan Singh (Asia/IND)1998-2015236227124792079.58389732695/3133.354.3146.39
73-J Srinath (IND)1991-2003229227119351989.113788473155/2328.084.4437.88
31-N Kapil Dev (IND)1978-1994225221112021867.023569452535/4327.453.7144.27
149-B Lee (AUS)2000-2012221217111851864.114188773805/2223.364.7629.43
83-Abdul Razzaq (Asia/PAK)1996-2011265254109411823.310785642696/3531.834.6940.67
118-SL Malinga (SL)2004-2019226220109361822.410397603386/3828.875.3532.35
71-Mashrafe Mortaza (Asia/BAN)2001-2020220220109221820.212388932706/2632.934.8840.45
61-CA Walsh (WI)1985-2000205204108221803.418569182275/130.473.8347.67
22-JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA)1996-2014328283107501791.47986802735/3031.794.8439.37
21-CZ Harris (NZ)1990-2004250232106671777.58276132035/4237.504.2852.54
121-SK Warne (AUS/ICC)1993-2005194191106421773.411075412935/3325.734.2536.32
71-Z Khan (Asia/IND)2000-2012200197100971682.511783012825/4229.434.9335.80
72-RA Jadeja (IND)2009-202319718997501625.05679362205/3336.074.8844.31
112-JM Anderson (ENG)2002-201519419195841597.212578612695/2329.224.9235.62
3--CL Hooper (WI)1987-200322720395731595.35369581934/3436.054.3649.60
102-AB Agarkar (IND)1998-200719118894841580.410080212886/4227.855.0732.93
71-HH Streak (Afr/ZIM)1993-200518918594681578.011471292395/3229.824.5139.61
64-CEL Ambrose (WI)1988-200017617593531558.519254292255/1724.123.4841.56
3--SR Waugh (AUS)1986-200232520788831480.35667611954/3334.674.5645.55
116-Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)1995-200316916587701461.46662752885/2021.784.2930.45
84-M Ntini (ICC/SA)1998-200917317186871447.512365592666/2224.654.5332.65
21-P Utseya (ZIM)2004-201516416085711428.36562391335/3646.904.3664.44
112-AA Donald (SA)1991-200316416285611426.510159262726/2321.784.1531.47
102-D Gough (ENG/ICC)1994-200615915684701411.412062092355/4426.424.3936.04
41-KMDN Kulasekara (SL)2003-201718418182631377.110667511995/2233.924.9041.52
81-KD Mills (NZ)2001-201517016982301371.412764852405/2527.024.7234.29
31-CL Cairns (ICC/NZ)1991-200621518681681361.28065942015/4232.804.8440.63
31-BKV Prasad (IND)1994-200116116081291354.57963321965/2732.304.6741.47
53-TG Southee (NZ)2008-202316115980751345.58074482217/3333.705.5336.53
42-SR Tendulkar (IND)1989-201246327080541342.22468501545/3244.485.1052.29
24-Aaqib Javed (PAK)1988-199816315980121335.29857211827/3731.434.2844.02
54-Abdur Razzak (BAN)2004-201415315279651327.37060652075/2929.294.5638.47
1--Shoaib Malik (PAK)1999-201928721779581326.23861921584/1939.184.6650.36
64-Shoaib Akhtar (Asia/ICC/PAK)1998-201116316277641294.09961692476/1624.974.7631.43
1--Mohammad Hafeez (PAK)2003-201921817777331288.54854001394/4138.844.1855.63
31-Mushtaq Ahmed (PAK)1989-200314414275431257.15153611615/3633.294.2646.85
93-MG Johnson (AUS)2005-201515315074891248.17460382396/3125.264.8331.33
41-CJ McDermott (AUS)1985-199613813874611243.310150182035/4424.714.0336.75
31-Imran Khan (PAK)1974-19921751537461-12448441826/1426.613.8940.99
31-CH Gayle (ICC/WI)1999-201930119974241237.23859261675/4635.484.7844.45
16-L Klusener (SA)1996-200417116473361222.44657511926/4929.954.7038.20
4--Mohammad Nabi (AFG)2009-202315615173141219.04752291624/3032.274.2845.14
6--MD Marshall (WI)1980-199213613471751195.512242331574/1826.963.5345.70
1--HDPK Dharmasena (SL)1994-200414113470091168.14049981384/3736.214.2750.78
32-JDP Oram (NZ)2001-201216015469111151.59350471735/2629.174.3839.94
82-AU Rashid (ENG)2009-202313512967891131.31263771995/2732.045.6334.11
21-RJ Shastri (IND)1981-199215013666131102.15646501295/1536.044.2151.26
61-DJ Bravo (WI)2004-201416415065111085.13858741996/4329.515.4132.71
31-CRD Fernando (Asia/SL)2001-201214714165071084.35356481876/2730.205.2034.79
3--SR Watson (AUS)2002-201519016364661077.43553421684/3631.794.9538.48
31-Mohammad Rafique (Asia/BAN)1995-200712512464141069.06347391255/4737.914.4351.31
52-JO Holder (WI)2013-202313813464021067.06458781595/2736.965.5040.26
1--GR Larsen (NZ)1990-199912111963681061.29040001134/2435.393.7656.35
42-M Prabhakar (IND)1984-199613012763601060.07645341575/3328.874.2740.50
1--R Ashwin (IND)2010-202311611463031050.33751801564/2533.204.9340.40
3--IT Botham (ENG)1976-19921161156271-10941391454/3128.543.9643.24
43-DW Steyn (Afr/SA)2005-201912512462561042.47150871966/3925.954.8731.91
23-Azhar Mahmood (PAK)1996-200714313962421040.25848131236/1839.134.6250.74
129-MA Starc (AUS)2010-202312112162401040.05054202366/2822.965.2126.44
15-Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-19901151126182-18534071585/2521.563.3039.12
106-TA Boult (NZ)2012-202311411361801030.07651462117/3424.384.9929.28
41-UDU Chandana (SL)1994-200714713661421023.42048181515/6131.904.7040.67
41-SB Styris (NZ)1999-201118816161141019.03948391376/2535.324.7444.62
91-SCJ Broad (ENG)2006-201612112161091018.15653641785/2330.135.2634.32
31-EJ Chatfield (NZ)1979-198911411260651010.515536181405/3425.843.5743.32
42-Umar Gul (PAK)2003-201613012860641010.46852531796/4229.345.1933.87
62-Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2008-201511311260001000.05041821845/2422.724.1832.60

Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: T20i

52-Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2006-20231171152535422.3328691405/2020.496.7918.10
12-TG Southee (NZ)2008-20231141122492415.2534021445/1823.628.1917.30
3--Shahid Afridi (ICC/PAK)2006-201899972168361.242396984/1124.446.6322.12
3--IS Sodhi (NZ)2014-2023102992119353.1-28221264/2822.397.9916.81
2--AU Rashid (ENG)2009-202399952072345.242574984/226.267.4521.14
3--Mohammad Nabi (AFG)2010-20231091031990331.452427874/1027.897.3122.87
3--Shadab Khan (PAK)2017-202392881951325.1323011044/822.127.0718.75
42-Rashid Khan (AFG/ICC)2015-202382821874312.2119251305/314.806.1614.41
2--MJ Santner (NZ)2015-202390891868311.2222061004/1122.067.0818.68
3--CJ Jordan (ENG)2014-202388871828304.422658964/627.688.7219.04
31-Mustafizur Rahman (BAN)2015-202385841816302.4622941035/2222.277.5717.63
12-SL Malinga (SL)2006-202084831799299.5122251075/620.797.4216.81
32-B Kumar (IND)2012-202287861791298.3102079905/423.106.9619.90
21-YS Chahal (IND)2016-202380791764294.022409966/2525.098.1918.37
-1-A Zampa (AUS)2016-202374731589264.511856825/1922.637.0019.37
1--GH Dockrell (IRE)2010-2023125881562260.211869824/2022.797.1719.04
3--DJ Bravo (WI)2006-202191771505250.5-2036784/1926.108.1119.29
3--MR Adair (IRE)2019-202371711499249.521920984/1319.597.6815.29
3--SO Ngoche (KENYA)2010-202373711468244.441546884/1417.566.3116.68
2--R Ashwin (IND)2010-202265651452242.031672724/823.226.9020.16
3--HH Pandya (IND)2016-202392811433238.511950734/1626.718.1619.63
4--Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2009-201564631430238.221516854/1917.836.3616.82
3--Bilal Khan (OMA)2015-202364631381230.171489924/1916.186.4615.01
21-T Shamsi (SA)2017-202363631360226.411676765/2422.057.3917.89
11-Imad Wasim (PAK)2015-202366651356226.041416655/1421.786.2620.86
3--Haris Rauf (PAK)2020-202362601344224.011802834/1821.718.0416.19
5--H Ssenyondo (UGA)2019-202368641342223.461214744/416.405.4218.13
---JJ Bumrah (IND)2016-202362611331221.5101455743/1119.666.5517.98
2--JB Little (IRE)2016-202360591316219.221678684/2324.677.6519.35
1--MA Starc (AUS)2012-202258581314219.021673734/2022.917.6318.00
2--SM Sharif (SCOT)2012-202363621285214.111730724/2424.028.0717.84
1--Mohammad Hafeez (PAK)2006-2021119791261210.131388614/1022.756.6020.67
2--TA Boult (NZ)2013-202255551257209.321647744/1322.257.8616.98
2--PWH de Silva (SL)2019-202358561252208.411438914/915.806.8913.75
2--Zahoor Khan (UAE)2017-202357571239206.311406724/1619.526.8017.20
---RA Jadeja (IND)2009-202264621237206.141453513/1528.497.0424.25
2--KMDN Kulasekara (SL)2008-201758581231205.161530664/3123.187.4518.65
11-MRJ Watt (SCOT)2015-202358561218203.041407695/2720.396.9317.65
---Sohail Tanvir (PAK)2007-201757571214202.231454543/1226.927.1822.48
---K Rabada (SA)2014-202356561207201.111733583/2029.878.6120.81
---TL Chatara (ZIM)2010-202356561204200.431450623/723.387.2219.41
42-Umar Gul (PAK)2007-201660601203200.321443855/616.977.1914.15
1--Aizaz Khan (HKG)2014-202360601185197.341485724/2620.627.5116.45
3--K Irakoze (RWN)2021-202367651176196.051280654/2019.696.5318.09
21-S Lamichhane (ICC/NEP)2018-202352521175195.551233985/912.586.2911.98
1--SCJ Broad (ENG)2006-201456551173195.321491654/2422.937.6218.04
2--PA van Meekeren (NED)2013-202258561165194.121358644/1121.216.9918.20
21-JO Holder (WI)2014-202355521150191.421577575/2727.668.2220.17
1--S Badree (WI/World)2012-201852521146191.041180564/1521.076.1720.46
1--Shaheen Shah Afridi (PAK)2018-202352521143190.321455644/2222.737.6317.85
1--Mashrafe Mortaza (BAN)2006-201754531139189.511527424/1936.358.0427.11
1--Ehsan Khan (HKG)2016-202351511134189.021148684/2416.886.0716.67
1--PM Seelaar (NED)2008-202177641132188.441290584/1922.246.8319.51
2--NL McCullum (NZ)2007-201663591123187.1-1278584/1622.036.8219.36
---SC Williams (ZIM)2006-202374671122187.0-1295463/1528.156.9224.39
1--PVD Chameera (SL)2015-202252521118186.2-1507524/1728.988.0821.50
31-Karan KC (NEP)2015-202355551107184.351412795/2117.877.6514.01
1--Rohan Mustafa (UAE)2014-202358561106184.231283614/1821.036.9618.13
1--SP Narine (WI)2012-201951491102183.411105524/1221.256.0121.19
---NLTC Perera (ICC/SL/World)2010-202184671102183.411717513/2433.669.3421.60
---PJ Cummins (AUS)2011-202250501098183.031350553/1524.547.3719.96
2--Taskin Ahmed (BAN)2014-202354521096182.431411524/1627.137.7221.07
11-WD Parnell (SA)2009-202356551094182.241513595/3025.648.2918.54
2--CA Young (IRE)2015-202356541088181.211442604/1324.037.9518.13
1--Mohammad Amir (PAK)2009-202050501079179.551263594/1321.407.0218.28
-1-Ahmed Raza (UAE)2014-202255541068178.021178375/1931.836.6128.86
---WB Rankin (ENG/IRE)2009-202050491068178.021219553/1622.166.8419.41
---Sompal Kami (NEP)2014-202355551060176.441218523/2023.426.8920.38
---Z Bimenyimana (RWN)2021-202361591058176.241297553/723.587.3519.23
---F Nsubuga (UGA)2019-202352511055175.515842523/916.194.7820.28
2--Sikandar Raza (ZIM)2013-202377661053175.321238524/823.807.0520.25
---Mohammad Nawaz (PAK)2016-202357541030171.411258473/526.767.3221.91
---AD Mathews (SL)2009-202178611029171.341200383/1631.576.9927.07
2--DW Steyn (SA)2007-202047471015169.131175644/918.356.9415.85
1--Hasan Ali (PAK)2016-202250491015169.151414604/1823.568.3516.91
1--BM Scholtz (NAM)2019-202349491012168.4-968544/1217.925.7318.74
11-Waseem Abbas (MLT)2019-202346461008168.021263595/3721.407.5117.08
1--RE van der Merwe (NED/SA)2009-20225250997166.111070564/3519.106.4317.80
-2-AC Agar (AUS)2016-20224747994165.411073486/3022.356.4720.70
3--M Akayezu (RWN)2021-20236454982163.431293634/920.527.9015.58
21-A Bohara (NEP)2019-20234847978163.021134646/1117.716.9515.28
12-DM Nakrani (UGA)2019-20234946972162.05924636/714.665.7015.42
1--Junaid Siddique (UAE)2019-20234444968161.221195544/1222.127.4017.92
---Simi Singh (IRE)2018-20225353965160.5-1225443/927.847.6121.93
11-Mujeeb Ur Rahman (AFG)2018-20234343954159.0-999565/2017.836.2817.03
---Pavandeep Singh (MAL)2019-20234444954159.03939543/1217.385.9017.66
2--M Morkel (SA/World)2007-20174444952158.431191474/1725.347.5020.25
1--SR Watson (AUS)2006-20165849930155.021187484/1524.727.6519.37
2--BJ McCarthy (IRE)2017-20234444929154.521343444/3030.528.6721.11
1--E Sebareme (RWN)2021-20235752922153.44889574/615.595.7816.17
4--JR Hazlewood (AUS)2013-20224141922153.441181584/1220.367.6815.89
11-D Wiese (NAM/SA)2013-20234545921153.311091495/2322.267.1018.79
21-Ghulam Ahmadi (GER)2021-20234141918153.010898495/2318.325.8618.73
---R Ngarava (ZIM)2019-20234343918153.081088523/1120.927.1117.65
1--SS Cottrell (WI)2014-20234544918153.041244524/2823.928.1317.65
1--KJ O'Brien (IRE)2008-202111052917152.5-1149584/4519.817.5115.81
11-DJG Sammy (WI/World)2007-20176859916152.4-1116445/2625.367.3120.81
21-N Vanua (PNG)2015-20235146916152.431084605/1718.067.1015.26
11-AF Milne (NZ)2010-20234443911151.531218475/2625.918.0219.38
---AR Patel (IND)2015-20234947907151.111132443/925.727.4820.61

Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: Test

456722M Muralidaran (ICC/SL)1992-2010133230440397339.51794181808009/5122.722.4755.04
31358A Kumble (IND)1990-2008132236408506808.215761835561910/7429.652.6965.99
483710SK Warne (AUS)1992-2007145273407056784.11761179957088/7125.412.6557.49
32323JM Anderson (ENG)2003-2023183341392176536.11700182346907/4226.422.7856.83
28203SCJ Broad (ENG)2007-2023167309336985616.21304167196048/1527.682.9755.79
22234NM Lyon (AUS)2011-2023122228314225237.01013153794968/5031.002.9363.35
32223CA Walsh (WI)1984-2001132242300195003.11144126885197/3724.442.5357.84
28293GD McGrath (AUS)1993-2007124243292484874.41470121865638/2421.642.4951.95
19203DL Vettori (ICC/NZ)1997-2014113187288144802.21197124413627/8734.362.5979.59
16255Harbhajan Singh (IND)1998-2015103190285804763.2871135374178/8432.462.8468.53
17232N Kapil Dev (IND)1978-1994131227277404623.21060128674349/8329.642.7863.91
11182LR Gibbs (WI)1958-19767914827115-131389893098/3829.091.9887.75
20349HMRKB Herath (SL)1999-201893170259934332.1814121574339/12728.072.8060.03
24348R Ashwin (IND)2011-202394178251134185.3871115694897/5923.652.7651.35
23161SM Pollock (SA)1995-2008108202243534058.5122297334217/8723.112.3957.84
20122WPUJC Vaas (SL)1994-2009111194234383906.2895105013557/7129.582.6866.02
20255Wasim Akram (PAK)1985-2002104181226273771.187197794147/11923.622.5954.65
21223CEL Ambrose (WI)1988-200098179221033683.5100185014058/4520.992.3054.57
25369Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-19908615021918-80996114319/5222.292.6350.85
13176DL Underwood (ENG)1966-19828615121862-123976742978/5125.832.1073.60
17274IT Botham (ENG)1977-199210216821815-788108783838/3428.402.9956.95
19151TG Southee (NZ)2008-202395180217833630.3837108023727/6429.032.9758.55
86-GS Sobers (WI)1954-19749315921599-97479992356/7334.032.2291.91
13141BS Bedi (IND)1966-19796711821364-109676372667/9828.712.1480.31
19184M Ntini (SA)1998-2009101190208343472.2759112423907/3728.823.2353.42
75-JH Kallis (ICC/SA)1995-2013166272202323372.084895352926/5432.652.8269.28
17236Imran Khan (PAK)1971-19928814219458-72782583628/5822.812.5453.75
10111I Sharma (IND)2007-2021105188191603193.2640100783117/7432.403.1561.60
16161R Benaud (AUS)1952-19646311619108-80567042487/7227.032.1077.04
15111Z Khan (IND)2000-201492165187853130.5624102473117/8732.943.2760.40
27265DW Steyn (SA)2004-201993171186083101.2660100774397/5122.953.2442.38
23237DK Lillee (AUS)1971-19847013218467-65284933557/8323.922.7552.01
8152Danish Kaneria (PAK)2000-201061112176972949.351790822617/7734.793.0767.80
7163GD McKenzie (AUS)1961-19716011317681-54773282468/7129.782.4871.87
19224MD Marshall (WI)1978-199181151175842930.461478763767/2220.942.6846.76
18101TA Boult (NZ)2011-202278149174172902.565687173176/3027.493.0054.94
1216-RGD Willis (ENG)1971-19849016517357-55481903258/4325.202.8353.40
12155Abdul Qadir (PAK)1977-19906711117126-60877422369/5632.802.7172.56
17142CJ McDermott (AUS)1984-199671124165862764.257983322918/9728.633.0156.99
1710-B Lee (AUS)1999-200876150165312755.154795543105/3030.813.4653.32
188-M Morkel (SA)2006-201886160164982749.460585503096/2327.663.1053.39
12122RA Jadeja (IND)2012-202367128163542725.468266202757/4224.072.4259.46
18142MA Starc (AUS)2011-202382156162422707.052191933336/5027.603.3948.77
28225Waqar Younis (PAK)1989-200387154162242704.051687883737/7623.563.2543.49
991JB Statham (ENG)1951-19657012916056-59562612527/3924.842.3363.71
16123MG Johnson (AUS)2007-201573140160012666.551488913138/6128.403.3351.12
12162BS Chandrasekhar (IND)1964-1979589715963-58471992428/7929.742.7065.96
11155AV Bedser (ENG)1946-1955519215918-57458762367/4424.892.2167.44
112-RJ Shastri (IND)1981-199280125157512625.165761851515/7540.962.35104.31
11203AA Donald (SA)1992-200272129155192586.366173443308/7122.252.8347.02
56-JE Emburey (ENG)1978-19956410315391-74156461477/7838.402.20104.70
14173GP Swann (ENG)2008-201360109153492558.149376422556/6529.962.9860.19
19173FS Trueman (ENG)1952-19656712715178-52266253078/3121.572.6149.43
97-FJ Titmus (ENG)1955-1975539015118-77749311537/7932.221.9598.81
8101J Srinath (IND)1991-200267121151042517.259971962368/8630.492.8564.00
113-A Flintoff (ENG/ICC)1998-200979137149512491.550774102265/5832.782.9766.15
731S Venkataraghavan (IND)1965-1983579614877-69656341568/7236.112.2795.36
10192Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2007-202366111147752462.347072382337/3631.062.9363.41
1082MH Mankad (IND)1946-1959447014686-77752361628/5232.322.1390.65
7217CV Grimmett (AUS)1925-1936376714513-73652312167/4024.212.1667.18
17102EAS Prasanna (IND)1962-1978498614353-60257421898/7630.382.4075.94
15163Yasir Shah (PAK)2014-20224889142552375.535976572448/4131.383.2258.42
88-JN Gillespie (AUS)1996-200671137142342372.263067702597/3726.132.8554.95
14111KAJ Roach (WI)2009-202379143142292371.352073622656/4827.783.1053.69
12133Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)1995-20044986140702345.054162062088/16429.832.6467.64
10101CS Martin (NZ)2000-201371126140262337.448678782336/2633.813.3760.19
1441Sarfraz Nawaz (PAK)1969-1984559513951-48657981779/8632.752.4978.81
6101S Ramadhin (WI)1950-1961437613939-81345791587/4928.981.9788.22
1371MJ Hoggard (ENG)2000-200867122139092318.149375642487/6130.503.2656.08
88-PM Siddle (AUS)2008-201967126139072317.561567772216/5430.662.9262.92
14-CL Hooper (WI)1987-2002102145137942299.053156351145/2649.422.45121.00
812-RR Lindwall (AUS)1946-19606111313650-41952512287/3823.032.3059.86
139-N Wagner (NZ)2012-202363120135812263.346670952587/3927.503.1352.63
5142HJ Tayfield (SA)1949-1960376113568-60244051709/11325.911.9479.81
167-HH Streak (ZIM)1993-200565102135592259.559560792166/7328.142.6962.77
9131AR Caddick (ENG)1993-200362105135582259.450169992347/4629.913.0957.94
1181SJ Harmison (ENG/ICC)2002-200963115133752229.143171922267/1231.823.2259.18
810-JR Hazlewood (AUS)2014-202363118133272221.155862422386/6726.222.8155.99
187-J Garner (WI)1977-198758111131692194.557654332596/5620.972.4750.84
1193GAR Lock (ENG)1952-1968498813147-81944511747/3525.582.0375.55
1382Iqbal Qasim (PAK)1976-1988508613019-64948071717/4928.112.2176.13
782AL Valentine (WI)1950-1962366312953-78942151398/10430.321.9593.18
11132MA Holding (WI)1975-19876011312680-45958982498/9223.682.7950.92
1351MM Ali (ENG)2014-202368119126102101.429376122046/5337.313.6261.81
6103Mushtaq Ahmed (PAK)1990-20035289125322088.440561001857/5632.972.9267.74
771MW Tate (ENG)1924-1935396812523-58140551556/4226.161.9480.79
4122MS Panesar (ENG)2006-20135085124752079.146857971676/3734.712.7874.70
74-RAS Lakmal (SL)2010-202270122124432073.543962321715/4736.443.0072.76
1471MG Hughes (AUS)1985-19945397122852047.349960172128/8728.382.9357.94
115-AF Giles (ENG)1998-20065488121802030.039758061435/5740.602.8685.17
92-PH Edmonds (ENG)1975-1987518412028-61342731257/6634.182.1396.22
1393JC Laker (ENG)1948-1959468612027-674410119310/5321.242.0462.31
1281JA Snow (ENG)1965-1976499312021-41553872027/4026.662.6859.50
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Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

Cricket Record for Most Balls Bowled in Career: ODI, T20i, Test

The most balls bowled in a career honor stands as a monumental witness to the cricketer’s tremendous endurance, polished skill, and unwavering dedication in the prestigious domain of cricket.

More than just a landmark, this record is a beloved emblem in one-day internationals, Twenty20 internationals, and test formats, representing outstanding accomplishment and dogged pursuit of greatness.

As we are about to embark on this incredible trip, let us pause to honor the cricket greats who have come before us and written their names in the annals of history.

Not only have these people displayed remarkable skill, but they have also personified an unwavering spirit and a fiery devotion that is reminiscent of a poetic drama in cricket history.

So, come with me on an adventure of gratitude, a tour through the ages and across fields all over the globe, where each ball bowled is a colorful thread in the rich tapestry that tells the stories of the highest number of balls bowled in a career.

This incredible feat will serve as a prism through which to see the game of cricket, and the trip ahead is sure to be enlightening and motivating in equal measure.

Celebrating the Top 5 in Most Balls Bowled in Career: ODI

In the pulsating heart of the cricket universe, where One Day Internationals (ODIs) hold a court of vibrant hues and electrifying moments, the record for the most balls bowled in a career emerges as a narrative of unyielding spirit and relentless pursuit.

It is a chronicle that reverberates with tales of indefatigable bowlers who have sculpted epochs with their unwavering resolve, delivering ball after ball, crafting masterpieces in the grand gallery of cricket history.

These ODI icons haven’t just bowled; they’ve traveled where every over is a vivid picture embellished with strokes of genius, adding a dynamic tint to the rich tapestry that chronicles cricket’s saga in golden threads.

As a storyteller, the record for most balls bowled in a career in this format tells epic tales of fights fought with grit and resolve, match after thrilling encounter.

The bowlers who have achieved the unthinkable have displayed a harmonic blend of skill and stamina, a dance of accuracy and force, choreographed in the 22-yard stage that has created history with every ball bowled.

Let us take a moment to honor the top 5 titans who have bowled the most balls in their illustrious ODI careers, carving out legacies that will resonate through the annals of cricket history for generations to come.

M Muralidaran: The Maestro of Spin

M Muralidaran, a name synonymous with cricketing greatness, spearheads the list with a staggering 18,811 balls bowled in his career spanning from 1993 to 2011.


Representing Asia, ICC, and Sri Lanka, the maestro delivered 3135.1 overs, leaving batsmen spellbound with his magical spins.

With a remarkable economy rate of 3.93 and an average of 23.08, Muralidaran’s career is a rich tapestry of cricketing brilliance, adorned with 534 wickets, the highest in the list, showcasing his mastery in the ODI format.

Wasim Akram: The Sultan of Swing

Wasim Akram, the Sultan of Swing, graced the cricketing world with his presence from 1984 to 2003, bowling 18,186 balls in his illustrious career.

Representing Pakistan, Akram’s career is a saga of relentless pursuit of excellence, delivering 3031 overs with a commendable economy rate of 3.89.

With 502 wickets to his name, Akram has showcased a cricketing journey that is both inspiring and awe-inspiring, leaving a legacy that speaks of skill, strategy, and an undying passion for the sport.

Shahid Afridi: The Dynamic Powerhouse

Stepping into the limelight next is Shahid Afridi, a dynamic powerhouse who has bowled 17,670 balls in a career that spanned from 1996 to 2015.

Representing Asia, ICC, and Pakistan, Afridi has been a force to reckon with, delivering 2945 overs with an economy rate of 4.62.

With 395 wickets and a striking rate of 44.73, Afridi’s career is a narrative of spectacular moments, a testimony to the spirit of cricket that lives in every delivery, every over, and every match.

WPUJC Vaas: The Silent Warrior

WPUJC Vaas, the silent warrior from Sri Lanka, has bowled 15,775 balls in his career, spanning from 1994 to 2008.

With an economy rate of 4.18 and an average of 27.53, Vaas has been a pillar of strength and skill in the Sri Lankan cricket team.

His career, adorned with 400 wickets, speaks volumes about his dedication and the art of cricket, where every ball bowled adds a new chapter to the rich tapestry of the sport.

SM Pollock: The Beacon of Excellence

Last but certainly not least, we have SM Pollock, a beacon of excellence who represented Africa, ICC, and South Africa from 1996 to 2008.

Pollock has bowled 15,712 balls in his career, delivering 2618.4 overs with an impressive economy rate of 3.67, the best in the list.

With 393 wickets to his name, Pollock’s career is a chronicle of battles fought and won, a true testament to the bowler’s skill, stamina, and strategic acumen.

Masters of the Cricket Sphere: Top 5 in T20i’s Most Balls Bowled in Career

A record for the most balls bowled in a career in the lightning-fast realm of Twenty20 international cricket is like a marathon record in the hands of a sprinter.

Bowlers demonstrate their quickness, strategy, and ability to think one step ahead of their opponents in this arena.

Every delivery in this record represents a masterstroke in the greater scheme of the game, making it more than merely a record for the number of balls bowled.

The current record holders are masters of their craft, casting spells that captivate listeners all around the world.

They have made the T20i format what it is today—a magnificent show of ability and strategy—throughout their whole careers.

Here’s a look back at the careers of the top five players to reach this milestone, celebrating the magic they created with every delivery.

Shakib Al Hasan: The Beacon of Bangladesh Cricket

Shakib Al Hasan, a name synonymous with Bangladesh cricket, has showcased an extraordinary journey from 2006 to 2023.

In a span of 117 matches and 115 innings, he has bowled 2535 balls, translating to 422.3 overs with an economy rate of 6.79.

His career, adorned with 140 wickets and a best bowling inning (BBI) of 5/20, speaks volumes about his skill and precision.

With an average of 20.49 and a strike rate of 18.10, Shakib has indeed carved a niche for himself in the record of most balls bowled in career, setting a high benchmark for aspiring cricketers.

TG Southee: New Zealand’s Bowling Maestro

TG Southee has been a pillar of New Zealand’s cricket, showcasing his prowess from 2008 to 2023. With 2492 balls bowled in 112 innings across 114 matches, Southee has demonstrated remarkable endurance.

His journey, marked with a best bowling match (BBM) of 5/18 and an economy rate of 8.19, narrates a tale of skill and determination.

Southee’s career strike rate stands at a formidable 17.30, a testimony to his aggressive bowling style and his mastery in the T20i format.

Shahid Afridi: The Iconic All-Rounder from Pakistan

Shahid Afridi, a name that resonates with cricket enthusiasts globally, has been a force to reckon with in the T20i landscape.

Between 2006 and 2018, Afridi bowled 2168 balls in 97 innings, a journey marked with a BBI of 4/11 and an impressive economy rate of 6.63.

Afridi’s career, adorned with 98 wickets and an average of 24.44, has been a beacon of inspiration, showcasing a blend of skill and passion that has defined his place in the record for the most balls bowled in career.

IS Sodhi: The New Zealand’s Spin Wizard

IS Sodhi, another gem from New Zealand, has been weaving magic with his spin bowling since 2014. In a career spanning 102 matches and 99 innings, Sodhi has bowled 2119 balls, achieving a BBI of 4/28.

With an economy rate of 7.99 and a strike rate of 16.81, Sodhi has been a crucial player in New Zealand’s cricket narrative, showcasing a journey of skill, determination, and a deep understanding of the T20i format.

AU Rashid: England’s Spin Maestro

AU Rashid, a stalwart in England’s cricket history, has been a force in the T20i format from 2009 to 2023. Bowling 2072 balls in 95 innings across 99 matches, Rashid has achieved a BBI of 4/2.

With an economy rate of 7.45 and a strike rate of 21.14, Rashid’s career has been a journey of relentless pursuit of excellence, a testament to his place in the elite list of players with the most balls bowled in career.

Celebrating the Top 5 in Most Balls Bowled in Career in Test Cricket

If you want to know what true cricket is all about, go no further than the record for most balls bowled in a Test career.

A true test of the bowler’s skill, stamina, and strategic intelligence, this endeavor spans countless overs, days, and sessions.

These contests between bat and ball, which defined careers and etched names into history, are documented here for posterity.

The record-holding bowlers are the true fighters of cricket, displaying a hero-like and humbling level of endurance.

Each of their numerous throws is a testament to their bravery, ability, and dedication to the sport, and together they form a compelling narrative that is their career.

M Muralidaran (ICC/SL)

Muttiah Muralidaran, a name synonymous with Sri Lankan cricket, reigned supreme from 1992 to 2010, a span that saw him delivering a staggering 44,039 balls in 230 innings.

His career, adorned with 800 wickets, a testament to his mastery, showcases an economy rate of 2.47 and a strike rate of 55.04.

With 67 five-wicket hauls and 22 ten-wicket hauls, Muralidaran’s career is a rich tapestry of records, a vivid portrayal of a bowler who has given his all, one ball at a time.

A Kumble (IND)

Anil Kumble, a pillar of Indian cricket, graced the field from 1990 to 2008, a period during which he bowled 40,850 balls in 236 innings.

Kumble’s journey is one of relentless pursuit, marked by 619 wickets, an economy rate of 2.69, and a strike rate of 65.99.

His career, punctuated with 35 five-wicket hauls and 8 ten-wicket hauls, stands as a beacon of dedication and skill, a narrative of a bowler who has etched his name in the annals of cricket history with every ball bowled.

SK Warne (AUS)

Shane Warne, the Australian legend, weaved his magic from 1992 to 2007, bowling 40,705 balls in a remarkable 273 innings.

Warne’s career is a symphony of skill and strategy, characterized by 708 wickets, an economy rate of 2.65, and a strike rate of 57.49.

With 37 five-wicket hauls and 10 ten-wicket hauls, Warne’s journey is a masterclass in leg-spin bowling, a testament to the art of cricket where every delivery is a potential masterstroke.

JM Anderson (ENG)

James Anderson, a name that has become synonymous with English cricket, has showcased his skill and stamina from 2003 to 2023, bowling 39,217 balls in 341 innings.

Anderson’s career, a saga of determination, is adorned with 690 wickets, an economy rate of 2.78, and a strike rate of 56.83.

With 32 instances of five-wicket hauls and 3 of ten-wicket hauls, Anderson’s journey is a chronicle of battles fought and won, a story of a bowler who has defined eras with his skill and strategy.

SCJ Broad (ENG)

Stuart Broad, another luminary of English cricket, has been a force to reckon with from 2007 to 2023, delivering 33,698 balls in 309 innings.

Broad’s career, marked by 604 wickets, showcases an economy rate of 2.97 and a strike rate of 55.79.

With 20 five-wicket hauls and 3 ten-wicket hauls, Broad’s journey is a narrative of strategic brilliance, a testimony to the spirit of cricket that lives in every delivery, every over, and every match.

Final Thoughts on the Legends and Their Impact

As we wrap up our countdown of the players with the most balls bowled in a career across all formats, we can’t help but be in awe of the superstars that have adorned this record.

These are the people who have dedicated their lives to their sport, leaving behind enduring legacies.

The career record for most balls bowled is a story of human perseverance and the cricketing spirit that permeates every over, every delivery, and every game.

This album is a tribute to cricket’s many positive aspects, urging listeners to recognize the elegance and refinement found in the game.

Let us honor these legends, whose lives serve as a guidepost for young cricket players everywhere thanks to their examples of hard work and talent.

As we make our own ways in the cricketing world, this record should serve as inspiration to aim high and go for the stars.

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