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Matt Henry

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In January 2014, Matt Henry’s breakthrough moment arrived when he received a call to join the New Zealand squad for the one-day international series against India. His debut for the Black Caps was initially prompted by an injury to his teammate, Hamish Bennett. As a right-arm fast-medium bowler, Henry seized the opportunity with both hands, delivering a remarkable performance of 4-38. His performance marked the third-best debut figures by a New Zealand player.Henry’s second appearance in the ODI format took place against South Africa in Hamilton in October 2014, where he managed to secure figures of 2-40. While he narrowly missed a spot in the 2015 World Cup squad initially, Henry’s chance came during the tournament due to an injury to Adam Milne. Although he has yet to make his Test debut, his inclusion in the squad to tour England was a testament to his impressive domestic form in the 2014-15 season.
Profile Details
Full NameMatt Henry
BornDecember 14, 1991, Christchurch, Canterbury
CountryNew Zealand
Batting StyleRight Handed Bat
Bowling StyleRight-arm fast-medium

Matt Henry Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Not Outs (NO)Runs (R)High Score (HS)Average (Avg.)Balls Faced (BF)Strike Rate (SR)Hundreds (H)Fifties (50x)Fours (4s)Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Balls (B)Runs (R)Wickets (W)BBMAverage (Avg.)Economy (Econ.)Strike Rate (SR)5W10W
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Matt Henry

matt henry

Matt Henry has not only established himself as a pivotal player in the international cricket scene but also as a true representation of what the sport stands for.

His career trajectory is a compelling tale of resilience and exceptional skill, highlighted by his outstanding performances and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

At his current age, Henry’s prowess in pace bowling, characterized by a lethal combination of speed and precision, consistently challenges and outperforms some of the most seasoned players in cricket.

His ability to expertly swing the ball in both directions is a testament to his versatility and technical expertise.

Beyond the numbers, Matt Henry contribution to cricket transcends traditional metrics. His time playing in the IPL, notably with teams like CSK, has further cemented his reputation.

Observing Henry on the field is to witness a display of cricketing brilliance, a fact that draws admiration from both long-time followers and those new to the sport.

His bowling speed, a crucial aspect of his gameplay, adds an exciting dimension to his team’s strategy, making Matt Henry an invaluable asset to his current team and a player to watch in the years to come.

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About Matt Henry Cricketer

matt henry

Born on December 14, 1991, in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, Matt Henry has become a cricket sensation, showcasing his prowess both in domestic and international circuits.

His early inclination towards cricket set the stage for a remarkable career, rapidly earning him recognition in the cricket community.

In the realm of cricket, Matt Henry is celebrated for his role as a right-arm fast-medium bowler.

His bowling style, distinguished by its impressive speed and unwavering accuracy, positions him as a daunting adversary on the cricket field.

Over the years, Matt Henry stats have consistently reflected his growth and dominance as one of New Zealand’s most reliable bowlers.

Henry’s cricketing odyssey commenced in Canterbury, his birthplace, where his stellar performances at the domestic level caught the eyes of national selectors.

This led to his pivotal inclusion in the New Zealand national team, where he has been instrumental in numerous victories.

Despite challenges, including injuries, Matt Henry age has never hindered his performance; rather, it underscores his evolving mastery in the sport.

A defining moment in his career was being part of the triumphant New Zealand team in the 2019–2021 ICC World Test Championship, a milestone that not only elevated his career but also etched his name in New Zealand cricket history.

Expanding his horizons, Matt Henry has also made significant strides in various international cricket leagues, notably the IPL.

His tenure with teams like CSK in the IPL has not only spotlighted his global appeal but also enriched his cricketing experience.

Matt Henry journey is not just about professional highs. He has navigated through personal challenges, including injuries, with resilience.

The support from Matt Henry wife has been a cornerstone in his personal life, reflecting the strength behind his professional achievements.

Currently, as a key player in his team, Matt Henry continues to impress with his exceptional bowling speed and strategic acumen.

His career trajectory is a testament to his dedication, skill, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Matt Henry remains a figure to watch in cricket, admired for his skillful gameplay and embodying the spirit of the sport.

As he advances in his career, his contributions to cricket make him a role model and a respected figure among enthusiasts and aspiring players worldwide.

Matt Henry Debut

Matt Henry

The initiation of Matt Henry into the New Zealand national cricket team on January 31, 2014, against India in an ODI match, was not merely an ordinary debut; it was a pivotal moment that heralded a fresh epoch in New Zealand’s cricket history.

Henry emerged as a crucial component of their squad, dazzling everyone with a debut that radiated with immense talent and promise, earmarking him as a future mainstay of the team.

During this inaugural match, Henry’s skills were on full display. He excelled as a right-arm fast-medium bowler, a craft he had meticulously refined over the years.

His bowling, characterized by both rapid speed and remarkable accuracy, posed a formidable challenge to India’s batsmen.

Notably, his ability to swing the ball combined with his impressive bowling speed distinguished him from his peers, a fact underscored by Matt Henry’s stats.

Debut Date and OpponentJanuary 31, 2014, against India in an ODI match
Significance of DebutMarked as a pivotal moment in New Zealand’s cricket history; earmarked as a future mainstay
Bowling StyleRight-arm fast-medium bowler with rapid speed and remarkable accuracy
Debut PerformanceDemonstrated exceptional bowling skills, notable for swing and speed
Team IntegrationShowcased seamless assimilation into the team with professionalism and expertise
Career ProgressionEvolved from domestic talent to a vital player in the national team and in leagues like the IPL
Challenges OvercomeFaced and overcame challenges, including injuries
Current RoleContinues to represent New Zealand with distinction, contributing significantly to the team
LegacyHis journey from debut to present is a testament to his talent and commitment to cricket

However, Henry’s debut transcended his individual brilliance. It was about his seamless assimilation into the team, demonstrating a professionalism and expertise that seemed beyond his years at the international level.

This debut was a clear reflection of his dedication and hard work, setting a precedent for what has become an illustrious career.

Since that landmark debut, Matt Henry has evolved tremendously, both in skill and stature, becoming a vital cog in New Zealand’s cricket machinery.

Despite facing challenges, including injuries, his journey from a promising domestic talent to a pivotal player in the national team, and his stints in leagues like the IPL, including with teams like CSK, have been inspirational.

Representing his current team with distinction, Matt Henry journey from that significant debut to becoming a renowned figure in international cricket is a testament to his enduring talent and commitment to the sport.


matt henry

Matt Henry has amassed a remarkable collection of ‘Player of the Match’ titles, underscoring his crucial role in clinching victories.

His prowess in swinging the ball at formidable speeds, a highlight of Matt Henry bowling speed, has frequently thrown competitors off balance.

This skill has brought him significant recognition in both ODIs and Test matches, where his performances have been nothing short of extraordinary.

The consistency and vital role he plays for the New Zealand cricket team are further illuminated by his ‘Player of the Series’ awards.

Award/Recognition TypeDetails
Player of the Match TitlesNumerous awards, highlighting his role in clinching victories
Bowling Skill RecognitionRecognized for his ability to swing the ball at formidable speeds in ODIs and Test matches
Player of the Series AwardsAwards emphasizing his consistency and vital role in the New Zealand cricket team
Indian Premier League (IPL) AccoladesReceived individual accolades for his fast-medium bowling with Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
Recognition for Team ContributionCelebrated for his dedication to the sport and team spirit, both professionally and personally
Overcoming ChallengesAcknowledged for his resilience in facing challenges, including injuries
Career Trajectory and InspirationHis career, marked by impressive stats, continues to inspire and represent commitment in cricket

In the realm of the Indian Premier League (IPL), particularly with Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Matt Henry impact has been profound.

His tenure with CSK, a significant part of his career, has seen him receive individual accolades for his fast-medium bowling prowess, contributing greatly to the team’s achievements.

Matt Henry IPL journey reflects his adaptability and skill in a highly competitive environment.

Away from the cricket pitch, Matt Henry, whose personal life including his relationship with his wife is as admirable as his professional career, is celebrated for his dedication to the sport and commendable team spirit.

This dedication has not gone unnoticed, garnering respect and admiration from peers and cricketing authorities alike.

Despite facing challenges, including a Matt Henry injury, his career trajectory, marked by Matt Henry stats, continues to inspire.

At his current age, Matt Henry represents not just his current team but also an ideal of perseverance and commitment in cricket.

As the cricket world observes, there’s a keen anticipation for more accolades to enhance his already distinguished career.



Embarking on a distinguished cricketing path, Matt Henry ascent to fame began with his impactful debut in January 2014 for New Zealand’s national team in an ODI against India.

This marked the onset of a cricket career that would see him become a vital asset across various formats.

Renowned for his right-arm fast-medium bowling, Henry has consistently delivered top-notch performances, making him a mainstay in the New Zealand squad.

Delving into Matt Henry stats reveals his remarkable versatility and skill. In the Test format, he has played 21 matches, claiming 72 wickets, a testament to his prowess in cricket’s most enduring format.

His ODI career is even more striking, with an impressive tally of 141 wickets in 82 matches, underscoring his mastery in white-ball cricket.

Career AspectDetails
DebutJanuary 2014, ODI against India, marking the start of his international career
Bowling StyleRight-arm fast-medium bowler, known for his speed and precision
Test Cricket PerformancePlayed 21 matches, claiming 72 wickets, showcasing prowess in cricket’s enduring format
ODI Cricket PerformanceImpressive record with 141 wickets in 82 matches, demonstrating mastery in white-ball cricket
T20 International Record15 wickets in 14 games, highlighting his competence in the shortest format
First-Class Cricket AchievementsExtraordinary tally of 437 wickets in 96 matches, underlining his enduring excellence
Best Test FiguresAchieved best Test figures of 7-23 in February 2022, exemplifying skill and ability under pressure
IPL InvolvementPlayed for teams like Chennai Super Kings (CSK), enhancing his experience on an international stage
Cricketing JourneyFrom Canterbury to the New Zealand national team, a story of hard work, dedication, and skill
Current RoleA key player for New Zealand, admired for his on-field expertise and embodying the spirit of cricket

In T20 Internationals, he has a commendable record of 15 wickets in 14 games.

Beyond these, his First-Class cricket achievements are extraordinary, with 437 wickets in 96 matches, highlighting his enduring excellence in the sport.

A highlight of Henry’s career came in February 2022, when he achieved his best Test figures of 7-23 in just 15 overs.

This performance not only showcased his exceptional skill but also his capacity to excel under pressure.

Henry’s cricketing journey extends beyond national duties. His involvement in global cricket leagues, particularly the Indian Premier League (IPL), has been significant.

Playing for teams like Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL, Henry has displayed his cricketing flair on an international platform, gaining invaluable experience and broadening his skill set.

Known for his remarkable bowling speed and precision, Henry poses a formidable challenge to batsmen worldwide.

His ability to swing the ball, coupled with his high-speed deliveries, distinguishes him from his peers.

Matt Henry cricketing trajectory, from his early days in Canterbury to representing New Zealand on the international stage, is a narrative of relentless hard work, dedication, and exceptional skill.

His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers. Currently a key player in his team, Henry’s ongoing contributions to cricket make him a figure to watch, admired for his on-field expertise and embodying the true spirit of the sport.

Personal Life


Matt Henry, renowned for his dynamic right-arm fast-medium bowling, skillfully juggles his demanding cricket career with a rich personal life.

A pivotal element of his life is his marriage to Holly Carran, a well-known Newshub reporter.

This relationship stands as a shining example of how Henry, at his current age, expertly balances the rigors of professional sports with personal joy and fulfillment.

The story of Matt Henry and his wife, from their romance to their celebrated wedding, has captivated the hearts of fans and admirers alike.

Off the field, Henry is celebrated for his strong family values and deep connection to his New Zealand heritage.

His grounded demeanor and approachable personality extend beyond the cricketing arena, making him a cherished figure not only among cricket fans but also within his personal community.

The personal life of Matt Henry, enriched with deep relationships and a down-to-earth lifestyle, perfectly complements his professional cricketing feats.

This harmonious blend of success in his career and contentment in his personal life at his age makes Matt Henry an admirable and relatable personality in the sports world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key highlights of Matt Henry's cricket career?

Matt Henry made his debut for the New Zealand national cricket team on January 31, 2014, against India in an ODI match.

He is known for his right-arm fast-medium bowling style, characterized by rapid speed and remarkable accuracy.

Henry has played 21 Test matches with 72 wickets, and 82 ODIs with 141 wickets. His best Test figures are 7-23, achieved in February 2022.

He has also made significant contributions in the IPL, particularly with Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

How has Matt Henry balanced his cricket career and personal life?

Matt Henry is married to Holly Carran, a Newshub reporter. Their relationship exemplifies Henry’s ability to balance the demands of a professional sports career with personal happiness.

Off the field, he is known for his strong family values and connection to his New Zealand heritage, maintaining a grounded and approachable personality.

What makes Matt Henry a unique and respected figure in cricket?

Matt Henry’s ability to swing the ball at high speeds and his consistent performance in various cricket formats make him a formidable player.

His journey from a domestic talent to a key player in the national team, overcoming challenges like injuries, is inspirational.

Henry’s dedication to the sport, combined with his personal values and team spirit, has earned him respect and admiration in the cricketing world.

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