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Kara Sutherland


About Kara Sutherland

Kara Sutherland, initially recognized as a highly promising youth cricketer, is progressively carving her path at the higher levels of the sport. She made her presence felt in the cricketing world during the 2010-11 season with a standout performance against Tasmania in a T20 match, where she earned the well-deserved Player of the Match title. Sutherland is evolving into a valuable allrounder, skillfully combining her sharp left-arm pace bowling with substantial contributions in the middle and lower order. Her growth is underscored by an increasing consistency in her performances. Originally hailing from Ballina on the State’s North Coast, Sutherland belongs to a talented sporting family. Her cousin, Mitchell Aubusson, achieved NRL premiership glory with the Sydney Roosters in 2013. With her eyes set on breaking into the Australian team, Sutherland made the strategic move to the Queensland Fire for the 2015-16 season, seeking enhanced opportunities to further her cricketing journey.
Profile Details
Full Name Kara Sutherland
Born September 26, 1991, Ballina, New South Wales
Country Australia
Role Bowler
Batting Style Left Handed Bat
Bowling Style Left-arm medium

Kara Sutherland Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Not Outs (NO) Runs (R) High Score (HS) Average (Avg.) Balls Faced (BF) Strike Rate (SR) Hundreds (H) Fifties (50x) Fours (4s) Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Balls (B) Runs (R) Wickets (W) BBM Average (Avg.) Economy (Econ.) Strike Rate (SR) 5W 10W
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Kara Sutherland

Kara Sutherland - Kara Sutherland - 160

Kara Sutherland, born on the vibrant 26th of September 1991, brings life and energy to the pitch from her quaint hometown of Ballina, New South Wales.

At 32 years young, she stands as a formidable force in cricket, wielding her bat with a unique left-handed flair that captivates audiences.

Not just a master with the bat, Kara also shines brightly on the field with her left-arm fast-medium bowling, a skill that adds depth to her role as a bowler.

Her prowess on the field is a testament to her dedication and passion for the game, making her a standout athlete and a key player to watch.

With each match, Kara Sutherland redefines excellence, demonstrating the power of versatility and precision in cricket.

Key Takeaways

  • Early Beginnings: Starting her cricket journey at nine, Kara Sutherland showed early signs of her cricketing talent and determination.
  • State-Level Success: Her debut for the New South Wales Breakers in 2010 was met with immediate success, highlighting her potential.
  • Scholarship Honors: Despite facing fewer on-field successes in her second season, Kara was recognized with the Bradman Scholarship and the Ben Lexcen Scholarship.
  • Overcoming Injuries: Kara demonstrated remarkable resilience overcoming plantar fasciitis and a broken thumb, proving her dedication to the sport.
  • Expanding Horizons: Her move to the Queensland Fire and participation in the WBBL with the Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat marked significant milestones in her career.
  • Family of Athletes: Kara's connection to NRL champion Mitchell Aubusson emphasizes a family legacy of sporting excellence.
  • Community Contribution: Beyond cricket, Kara's involvement in game and market development showcases her commitment to nurturing future talent.

The Journey of Kara Sutherland

Kara Sutherland

Hailing from Grafton, New South Wales, Kara Sutherland burst onto the cricket scene at the tender age of nine. Despite her school’s lack of a girls’ cricket team, she didn’t let that hinder her passion.

Eventually, Kara became a key player in the NSW Youth squads. Her debut for the New South Wales Breakers in October 2010 was nothing short of spectacular, earning her the Player of the Match award.

Throughout the 2010–11 season, she was instrumental in the Breakers’ Twenty20 success and contributed significantly to their WNCL 50-over campaign.

Overcoming Challenges: Scholarships and Injuries

Kara’s second season might have seen fewer on-field successes, but off the field, she shone brightly.

The Bradman Foundation honored her with the Bradman Scholarship, and the University of New South Wales awarded her the Ben Lexcen Scholarship.

She also represented the Shooting Stars on their tour of New Zealand. However, the pre-season training for the 2012–13 season brought a significant challenge: Plantar fasciitis.

Initially affecting one foot before spreading to both, this condition tested her resilience.

Despite this setback, Kara fought her way back into the Breakers lineup, overcoming a broken thumb to dominate in the Twenty20 competition and secure a spot on another Shooting Stars tour to Sri Lanka.

Expanding Horizons: New Teams and Achievements

Kara Sutherland

In the 2014–15 season, Kara’s talents took her to the Kent county side in England, where she achieved her best bowling figures of the year.

Seeking greater opportunities, she moved to the Queensland Fire at the start of the 2015–16 season, with an eye on breaking into the Southern Stars.

She also joined the Sydney Sixers for the inaugural WBBL season, drawn by the city’s allure and the team’s potential.

Despite a knee ligament injury in June 2016, she adapted her game to focus more on batting during her recovery.

This adaptability paid off, as she made significant contributions to Queensland Fire in the 2016–17 WNCL, including playing in the final, and then signed with Brisbane Heat for the WBBL02 season.

Beyond Cricket: A Family of Athletes and Community Contributions

Kara Sutherland

Off the field, Kara shares a connection with NRL champion Mitchell Aubusson, her cousin, adding to her family’s sporting legacy.

When not dazzling cricket fans, she contributes to Queensland Cricket’s Game and Market Development team and has even shown her skills on the soccer field.

Kara Sutherland’s journey from a young enthusiast without a team to a prominent figure in Australian cricket embodies determination, versatility, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Kara Sutherland’s Cricket Journey: From New South Wales to the Heat of Brisbane

Kara Sutherland

Kara Sutherland kicked off her illustrious cricket career with the New South Wales Breakers, showcasing her skills from 2010 to 2015.

As she honed her craft, her journey took a new turn when she joined the Queensland Fire in 2015, marking a new chapter in her professional saga.

During the 2015-16 season, she dazzled fans by playing for the Sydney Sixers, adding another feather to her cap. Not stopping there, 2016 saw her donning the Brisbane Heat jersey, proudly wearing squad number 26.

This move underscored her growing prowess on the field, as she continued to make waves in the cricketing community.

Each team change represented not just a geographical shift but a significant leap in her career, as Kara Sutherland became a name synonymous with cricketing excellence and determination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At what age did Kara Sutherland start her cricket career, and how did she overcome the absence of a girls' cricket team in her school?

Kara Sutherland began her cricket journey at the tender age of nine. Despite her school’s lack of a girls’ cricket team, her undeterred passion and determination led her to play alongside boys, setting the foundation for her future successes in cricket.

What challenges did Kara face during the 2012–13 season, and how did she overcome them?

The 2012–13 season brought Kara the challenge of plantar fasciitis, initially in one foot before spreading to both. Additionally, she suffered a broken thumb. Despite these setbacks, Kara’s resilience shone through as she fought her way back into the Breakers lineup and secured a spot on the Shooting Stars tour to Sri Lanka.

How has Kara Sutherland contributed to her community off the cricket field?

Off the field, Kara contributes to the Queensland Cricket’s Game and Market Development team, leveraging her experience and passion for the sport to inspire and develop future talents. Her community involvement extends beyond cricket, as she also displays her athletic skills on the soccer field.

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