Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah


About Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah’s ascent in the world of cricket has been nothing short of remarkable. He initially made a name for himself as a limited-overs sensation during his stint with the Mumbai Indians. However, it didn’t take long for him to become an integral part of India’s Test bowling lineup. His international career kicked off with a bang, as Bumrah made his ODI and T20I debuts in quick succession, showcasing his exceptional talent. In a matter of months, he established himself as a key player for the Indian team. In August 2016, Bumrah’s stellar performance led to him surpassing Dirk Nannes for the record of most T20I wickets in a calendar year. As he transitioned into the longer formats, Bumrah continued to impress. His maiden Test wicket, the prized scalp of AB de Villiers, was a testament to his abilities. Over the course of the following year, he added 47 more wickets to his tally. One of the standout moments in Bumrah’s career came during the Boxing Day Test, where he delivered a career-best performance, claiming figures of 6-33. This remarkable achievement etched his name in history as the first bowler from an Asian nation to secure five-wicket hauls in the challenging conditions of Australia, England, and South Africa all in the same year.
Profile Details
Full Name Jasprit Bumrah
Born December 06, 1993, Ahmedabad
Country India
Role Bowler
Batting Style Right Handed Bat
Bowling Style Right-arm fast
As known as JB, Jassi

Jasprit Bumrah Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Not Outs (NO) Runs (R) High Score (HS) Average (Avg.) Balls Faced (BF) Strike Rate (SR) Hundreds (H) Fifties (50x) Fours (4s) Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Balls (B) Runs (R) Wickets (W) BBM Average (Avg.) Economy (Econ.) Strike Rate (SR) 5W 10W
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Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah – One of the keyof the India National Cricket Team players, he is a central figure in the India Cricket Team.

You might already be very familiar with a handful of names like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, or Rohit Sharma, but the biography of Jasprit Bumrah is certainly also a topic that cannot be missed in cricket discussions.

If you have been immersed in the world of cricket for a long time, information about Jasprit Bumrah’s biography might be very common news, but not for those who are just starting to delve into the world of cricket.

Therefore, we are here to invite you to discuss the biography of Jasprit Bumrah and various aspects of this great player.

key takeaways


Jasprit Bumrah Biography

Jasprit Bumrah Biography

Jasprit Bumrah, a name synonymous with cricketing excellence, has a biography that reads like a chronicle of dedication and skill.

Born on December 6, 1993, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Bumrah’s journey to cricket stardom is a tale of resilience and hard work.

Currently, he is a pivotal member of the India National Cricket Team, known for his unique bowling style and speed.

In the realm of international cricket, Jasprit Bumrah’s stats speak volumes about his prowess.

He is celebrated for his exceptional bowling speed, often leaving batsmen in a quandary.

Bumrah’s fastest ball, clocking at a staggering pace, has become a highlight in cricketing discussions.

His ability to consistently deliver at such speeds has made him a formidable force in the cricket world.

However, Jasprit Bumrah’s career has not been without challenges. His journey has been marked by periods of recovery from injuries.

The Jasprit Bumrah injury updates have often been a topic of concern for fans and cricket analysts alike.

Despite these setbacks, his comebacks have been remarkable, showcasing his resilience and commitment to the sport.

Keeping up with Jasprit Bumrah news is essential for any cricket enthusiast. His performances on the field continue to set new benchmarks.

While he is yet to score a century, his contributions in crucial matches have been invaluable.

Bumrah’s record in both national and international cricket is a testament to his skill and dedication.

In summary, the biography of Jasprit Bumrah is a narrative of a cricketer who has risen through the ranks with sheer talent and determination.

His stats, bowling speed, and resilience in the face of injuries make him an inspiration.

As he continues to make headlines, Bumrah’s legacy in the world of cricket is sure to grow.

Jasprit Bumrah Stats

Jasprit Bumrah’s stats paint a vivid picture of a cricketer whose impact on the field is both profound and inspiring.

Known for his explosive bowling speed, Bumrah has consistently troubled batsmen across the globe.

His ability to deliver balls at a blistering pace is a key aspect of his game, making him one of the most feared bowlers in modern cricket.

However, an athlete’s career is often a blend of highs and lows, and Bumrah’s journey is no exception.

The Jasprit Bumrah injury phases have been significant events, temporarily halting the rhythm of this cricketing sensation.

Despite these challenges, his stats post-injury have shown remarkable resilience, as he returned to the field with the same vigor and speed, if not more.

Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling speed, a crucial element of his stats, has been a topic of awe in the cricketing community.

His ability to consistently bowl at high speeds is a testament to his fitness and skill.

This aspect of his game has not only contributed to his personal success but has also been instrumental in the victories of his teams.

In essence, Jasprit Bumrah’s stats are a reflection of his talent and perseverance.

His journey through injury and recovery, coupled with his remarkable bowling speed, underscores his status as one of the premier fast bowlers in international cricket today.

Stat Category Details
International Career 2016 – 2023
Matches Played (ODI) 30
Innings Bowled (ODI) 58
Overs (ODI) 1044.4
Maidens (ODI) 25
Runs Conceded (ODI) 4281
Wickets (ODI) 151
Best Bowling In Innings (ODI) 6/27
Best Bowling In Match (ODI) 9/86
Average (ODI) 21.99
Economy Rate (ODI) 2.69
Strike Rate (ODI) 48.9
5 Wickets in Innings (ODI) 8
10 Wickets in Match (ODI) 0
Matches Played (Test) 24
Innings Bowled (Test) 49
Overs (Test) 923.0
Maidens (Test) 22
Runs Conceded (Test) 2510
Wickets (Test) 114
Best Bowling In Innings (Test) 6/27
Best Bowling In Match (Test) 9/86
Average (Test) 21.96
Economy Rate (Test) 2.71
Strike Rate (Test) 48.5
5 Wickets in Innings (Test) 7
10 Wickets in Match (Test) 0

Bumrah Century


Bumrah, predominantly celebrated for his bowling prowess, has an intriguing aspect to his cricketing journey when it comes to batting – the quest for a Jasprit Bumrah century.

While primarily known for his fast bowling, the notion of Bumrah scoring centuries is a topic of interest and speculation among cricket enthusiasts.

His role in the team, focused on bowling, means that opportunities for batting achievements like centuries are limited.

However, the idea of a Jasprit Bumrah century remains a fascinating ‘what if’ scenario in the cricket world.

Though Jasprit Bumrah centuries are not what he is renowned for, his contributions to the team in crucial situations have been noteworthy.

His batting, often overshadowed by his exceptional bowling, carries a potential that sparks curiosity among fans and experts alike.

The prospect of him reaching a century, while unlikely given his usual batting position, adds an intriguing layer to his already impressive cricketing profile.

In essence, while Jasprit Bumrah is celebrated for his bowling, the concept of him scoring a century, though not a common occurrence, adds to the enigma of this talented cricketer.

His all-around capabilities, even if not frequently showcased with the bat, contribute significantly to the dynamic nature of the sport.

Bumrah Record


Jasprit Bumrah’s record in international cricket is a testament to his exceptional skill and relentless dedication to the sport.

Since his debut, Bumrah has established himself as one of the most formidable fast bowlers in the world.

His record is marked by numerous milestones that reflect his ability to consistently deliver match-winning performances.

Known for his unique action and ability to bowl yorkers at will, Bumrah’s record in both Test and limited-overs cricket is impressive.

In Test cricket, Jasprit Bumrah’s record is highlighted by his rapid ascent to becoming one of the fastest Indian bowlers to reach significant wicket milestones.

His impact in the shorter formats is equally remarkable, with a record that includes consistently low economy rates and high wicket tallies in crucial matches.

Bumrah’s record in T20 internationals and One Day Internationals showcases his versatility and adaptability across different formats.

Moreover, Jasprit Bumrah’s record in the Indian Premier League (IPL) complements his international achievements.

His performances in the IPL have not only earned him accolades but also cemented his reputation as a bowler who can thrive under pressure.

His ability to execute perfect deliveries in the death overs is a crucial aspect of his record, making him a go-to bowler in high-stakes situations.

In summary, Jasprit Bumrah’s record is a blend of remarkable achievements and consistent performances.

His journey in cricket continues to inspire many, and his record stands as a benchmark for aspiring fast bowlers worldwide.

As he progresses in his career, the cricketing community eagerly anticipates more record-breaking performances from this outstanding bowler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Jasprit Bumrah and what is his role in the India National Cricket Team?

Jasprit Bumrah is a central figure in the India National Cricket Team, known for his unique bowling style and speed.

Born on December 6, 1993, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, he has become a pivotal member of the team and is celebrated for his exceptional bowling speed.

What are some notable achievements and stats of Jasprit Bumrah in his cricket career?

Jasprit Bumrah’s cricket career is marked by impressive stats and achievements.

He is known for his explosive bowling speed, with a record that includes high wicket tallies and low economy rates in both Test and limited-overs cricket.

His fastest ball has been a highlight, and despite injury setbacks, he has shown remarkable resilience and consistency in his performances.

Has Jasprit Bumrah ever scored a century in his cricket career?

While Jasprit Bumrah is predominantly celebrated for his bowling prowess, the notion of him scoring a century is a topic of interest among cricket enthusiasts.

His role in the team is primarily focused on bowling, which means opportunities for batting achievements like centuries are limited.

As of the article’s publication, he has not scored a century, but the prospect remains an intriguing ‘what if’ scenario in the cricket world.

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