Hansima Karunaratne

Hansima Karunaratne


About Hansima Karunaratne

Karunaratne’s journey to the spotlight began with a remarkable performance, as she posted an unbeaten 52 for Western Province against North Central Province in the final of the Sri Lankan domestic T20 competition in 2016. Her impressive skills earned her debut opportunities in ODI and T20I formats against India in February 2016. Additionally, she received the honor of representing Sri Lanka in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020.
Profile Details
Full Name Hansima Karunaratne
Born October 04, 1993, Nivitigala
Country Sri Lanka
Role Bowler
Batting Style Right Handed Bat
Bowling Style Right-arm medium

Hansima Karunaratne Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Not Outs (NO) Runs (R) High Score (HS) Average (Avg.) Balls Faced (BF) Strike Rate (SR) Hundreds (H) Fifties (50x) Fours (4s) Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Balls (B) Runs (R) Wickets (W) BBM Average (Avg.) Economy (Econ.) Strike Rate (SR) 5W 10W
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Hansima Karunaratne

Hansima Karunaratne

Born on a vibrant October 4th in 1993, Hiyarage Ishani Hansima Karunaratne or as known as Hansima Karunaratne, hails from the picturesque town of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka.

With a cricket bat in her right hand and a knack for medium pace bowling, she carves her destiny on the cricket field.

Key Takeaways

  • Early Life: Born on 4 October 1993 in Nivitigala, Sri Lanka, Hansima Karunaratne has been passionate about cricket from a young age.
  • International Debut: She made her ODI and T20I debuts against India in February 2016, quickly making a name for herself in international cricket.
  • Playing Style: Karunaratne is known for her right-handed batting and right-arm medium pace bowling, adding depth to the team's lineup.
  • World Cup Participation: Her skills earned her a spot in the 2020 ICC Women's T20 World Cup, highlighting her as a key player on the world stage.
  • Last Appearances: Her last ODI and T20I matches were both against India, on 1 July 2022 and 29 February 2020, respectively.
  • Inspirational Figure: Beyond her gameplay, Karunaratne stands as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers worldwide, demonstrating the impact of hard work and dedication.
  • Legacy: Throughout her career, Karunaratne has left an indelible mark on cricket with her commitment, skill, and passion for the game.

In 2016, Karunaratne made a splash in international cricket, debuting against India in both One Day and Twenty20 formats.

Her prowess and dedication soon became evident. As a right-handed batsman and a right arm medium bowler, she brings versatility and skill to the team.

Notably, her contributions secured her a spot in the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia, showcasing her talent on a global stage.

Hansima Karunaratne stands not just as a player but as a beacon for aspiring cricketers, demonstrating the heights passion and hard work can reach.

A Stellar Journey: Hansima Karunaratne’s Cricket Odyssey

Hansima Karunaratne

On a vibrant day, 19 February 2016, Hansima Karunaratne made a memorable entrance into international cricket.

Donning the Sri Lankan colors, she faced India, marking her debut in One Day Internationals (ODIs) as the 65th player to join the ranks. The game not only showcased her skills but also set the stage for a thrilling career.

Fast forward, her last ODI appearance came on 1 July 2022, again against India, closing a chapter filled with passion and dedication.

Merely days later, on 22 February 2016, Karunaratne took another significant leap. She debuted in a Twenty20 International (T20I), wearing the cap number 41 against India.

This match further solidified her presence in the international cricket arena. Her journey in T20Is continued until 29 February 2020, where she once again faced India, showcasing her prowess on the field for one last time in this format.

Throughout her career, Hansima Karunaratne has exemplified determination, skill, and the spirit of cricket. Each match, from her debut to her last game, tells a story of commitment and excellence.

Her journey inspires many, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of cricket enthusiasts around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did Hansima Karunaratne make her debut in international cricket?

Hansima Karunaratne made her international cricket debut on 19 February 2016 against India, marking her entry into both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) within days of each other.

What roles does Hansima Karunaratne play in the cricket team?

Hansima Karunaratne excels as a right-handed batsman and a right-arm medium pace bowler, bringing versatility and significant skill to the Sri Lankan cricket team.

What was a notable highlight of Hansima Karunaratne's cricket career?

A major highlight of Hansima Karunaratne’s career was her participation in the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia, showcasing her talent on a global stage and contributing significantly to her team.

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