Evan Gulbis

Evan Gulbis

Batting Allrounder,

About Evan Gulbis

Evan Gulbis showcased one of his finest performances with the ball when he secured a crucial wicket, taking 1-8 against the Brisbane Heat. Throughout the season, he maintained a commendable economy rate of 7.30, ranking as the Stars’ third-best in this regard. Gulbis’ remarkable efforts earned him a call-up to represent Victoria in the Matador Cup one-day competition as a replacement for the injured Jon Holland. Subsequently, his exceptional skills and contributions led to the award of a contract with the Bushrangers for the 2016-17 season. He seized the opportunity to make his debut for the Victorian Shield against New South Wales in February, marking a significant step in his cricketing career.
Profile Details
Full NameEvan Gulbis
BornMarch 26, 1986, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
RoleBatting Allrounder
Batting StyleRight Handed Bat
Bowling StyleRight-arm medium
As known asGulbis

Evan Gulbis Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Not Outs (NO)Runs (R)High Score (HS)Average (Avg.)Balls Faced (BF)Strike Rate (SR)Hundreds (H)Fifties (50x)Fours (4s)Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Balls (B)Runs (R)Wickets (W)BBMAverage (Avg.)Economy (Econ.)Strike Rate (SR)5W10W
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Evan Gulbis

Evan Gulbis

Evan Gulbis, a name synonymous with exceptional all-around talent in cricket, has etched his unique presence in this fiercely competitive arena.

His career trajectory, a blend of formidable challenges and notable victories, transcends mere Evan Gulbis stats.

It’s a narrative rich in resilience, unwavering commitment, and a profound passion for cricket.

In every match, whether showcasing his fluid Evan Gulbis batting prowess or executing strategic deliveries in bowling, Gulbis has consistently enthralled cricket aficionados worldwide.

Delving deeper into his professional journey, particularly his performances in the Evan Gulbis BBL (Big Bash League) appearances, it’s clear that Gulbis is not merely a participant in the sport.

He is, indeed, a cricketing marvel, imprinting his legacy on the game with every stroke and every bowl.

Key Takeaways in This Article


About Evan Gulbis Cricketer

Evan Gulbis

Evan Peter Gulbis, born in the heart of Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria on March 26, 1986, has risen to prominence in the realm of Australian cricket.

With a commanding height of 182cm, he excels as a right-handed batsman and a right-arm medium bowler, a skill set that has significantly propelled his cricketing career.

The core of Evan Gulbis career has been with the Victorian cricket team, where he has consistently displayed his cricketing prowess.

His dedication to cricket is further highlighted by his enduring involvement with the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League (Evan Gulbis Big Bash), starting from BBL 05.

His tenure with the Melbourne Stars has been marked by notable performances, despite encountering some batting hurdles in his sophomore season.

Beyond the boundaries of professional cricket, Gulbis has diversified his talents into property development and relief teaching, showcasing a multifaceted skill set.

Representing Carlton in Victorian Premier Cricket, he has made significant contributions to the sport at various tiers.

Gulbis’ journey in cricket, particularly in T20 and other formats, is a narrative of unwavering commitment and a deep-seated passion for the game.

His career (Evan Gulbis career) may not align with the traditional definition of a star, but it’s a chronicle of gradual yet impactful experiences.

His adeptness in Evan Gulbis bowling and batting, combined with his off-field endeavors, underscores that true sporting success is rooted in persistent effort and a genuine love for the sport.


Evan Gulbis

Gulbis, born on March 26, 1986, in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, embarked on his cricketing journey with a flair that promised a remarkable career ahead.

His debut in professional cricket was a significant moment, marking the arrival of a player who would become known for his versatile skills in Evan Gulbis batting and Evan Gulbis bowling.

From the outset, Gulbis demonstrated a keen understanding of the game, quickly establishing himself as a player to watch.

Evan Gulbis Achievements

Throughout his career, Gulbis has amassed a series of achievements that highlight his prowess in the sport.

His Evan Gulbis stats speak for themselves, showcasing his ability as an all-rounder in both domestic and international cricket.

A notable highlight of his career has been his performances in the Evan Gulbis Big Bash League (BBL) appearances, where he has consistently delivered both with the bat and the ball, earning him a respected place in the league.

Highest First-Class Score229 runs
First-Class Batting Average24.20
First-Class Bowling Best5/104
List A Highest Score63 runs
List A Batting Average27.65
List A Bowling Best4/8
T20s Highest Score61*
T20s Batting Strike Rate125.66
T20s Bowling Best3/29
Total Catches in T20s19


Evan Gulbis’ career has been a testament to his dedication and love for cricket. Playing primarily for the Victorian cricket team, he has also been a key player in the Melbourne Stars team in the BBL.

His Evan Gulbis career statistics reflect his significant contributions to the teams he has played for.

Known for his sharp Evan Gulbis catch and strategic play, Gulbis has been a reliable team player, often turning games around with his performances.

Career AspectDetails
Full NameEvan Peter Gulbis
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1986
Place of BirthCarlton, Melbourne, Victoria
Batting StyleRight-hand Bat
Bowling StyleRight-arm Medium
First-Class Matches Played21
First-Class Runs Scored726
First-Class Highest Score229
First-Class Batting Average24.20
First-Class Wickets Taken59
First-Class Best Bowling5/104
List A Matches Played33
List A Runs Scored636
List A Highest Score63
List A Batting Average27.65
List A Wickets Taken36
List A Best Bowling4/8
T20 Matches Played52
T20 Runs Scored475
T20 Highest Score61*
T20 Batting Strike Rate125.66
T20 Wickets Taken20
T20 Best Bowling3/29

Evan Gulbis Personal Life


Off the field, Gulbis leads a life that complements his cricketing persona. At Evan Gulbis age, he has balanced a professional sports career with personal endeavors.

Information about Evan Gulbis wife and family life is kept private, reflecting his preference for maintaining a distinction between his professional and personal life.

His interests outside cricket, including property development and relief teaching, demonstrate his multifaceted personality and ability to adapt to different roles.

In conclusion, Gulbis remains a significant figure in cricket, with his contributions to the sport evident in every game he plays.

Whether it’s for his current team or in his past performances, Evan Gulbis continues to be a player whose career is marked by resilience, skill, and an unwavering passion for cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of Evan Gulbis' key achievements in his cricket career?

Evan Gulbis has achieved notable success in various formats of cricket.

His highest first-class score is an impressive 229 runs, and he has a first-class batting average of 24.20.

In bowling, his best first-class figures are 5/104. In List A cricket, his highest score is 63 runs with a batting average of 27.65, and his best bowling figures are 4/8.

In T20s, Gulbis boasts a highest score of 61* and a batting strike rate of 125.66, with his best bowling figures being 3/29. Additionally, he has taken a total of 19 catches in T20s.

How has Evan Gulbis contributed to his teams throughout his cricket career?

Evan Gulbis has been a vital player for the Victorian cricket team and the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League (BBL).

His career statistics reflect significant contributions in both batting and bowling.

Known for his strategic play and sharp catching, Gulbis has been a reliable team player, often influencing the outcome of games with his performances.

His versatility as an all-rounder has made him a valuable asset to his teams in domestic and international cricket.

What are some aspects of Evan Gulbis' personal life and interests outside cricket?

Outside of his professional cricket career, Evan Gulbis has engaged in property development and relief teaching, showcasing his diverse skills and interests.

He maintains a private life, especially regarding his family and marital status.

His ability to balance a professional sports career with personal endeavors and interests in other fields demonstrates his multifaceted personality and adaptability.

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