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Chadd Sayers


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Chadd Sayers, a right-arm opening bowler renowned for his late swing, made an astonishing leap from relative obscurity during the 2012-13 season. His remarkable performance earned him recognition as he topped the Sheffield Shield wicket tally with 48 scalps at an impressive average of 18.52. This accolade also led to him being named South Australia’s standout player for the season. Though the call to represent Australia in the Ashes remained elusive, Sayers continued to display his bowling prowess, securing 36 wickets in the following season. His strong performances for Australia A in 2014 brought him to the brink of national selection. Sayers faced a brief setback during the 2014-15 season when he was limited to just five Shield appearances due to ankle surgery. Nevertheless, he made a strong comeback the following Shield season, claiming an impressive 32 wickets in eight matches. His consistency was rewarded with a place in the Australian squad for the New Zealand tour. In addition, Sayers had the honor of representing Australia A against India A in Brisbane in September, where he took six wickets across two first-class matches. Notably, he delivered an exceptional performance with an 11-wicket haul against Tasmania early in the Shield season, once again thrusting his name into consideration for national selection. Hailing from a cricketing family, Chadd follows in the footsteps of his father Dean, who also represented South Australia in three matches during the early 1980s. His dedication and hard work eventually led to his Test debut, becoming the 452nd Test cricketer for Australia in a match against South Africa in 2018.
Profile Details
Full Name Chadd Sayers
Born August 31, 1987, --
Country Australia
Role Bowler
Batting Style Right Handed Bat
Bowling Style Right-arm medium
As known as Sayers

Chadd Sayers Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Not Outs (NO) Runs (R) High Score (HS) Average (Avg.) Balls Faced (BF) Strike Rate (SR) Hundreds (H) Fifties (50x) Fours (4s) Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Balls (B) Runs (R) Wickets (W) BBM Average (Avg.) Economy (Econ.) Strike Rate (SR) 5W 10W
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Chadd Sayers

Chadd Sayers

Chadd Sayers – Delving into the world of cricket, it’s impossible to overlook Chadd Sayers, a cricketer whose name is synonymous with exceptional seam bowling.

Unlike many, who focus on sheer speed or mesmerizing spin, Sayers has etched his name in cricketing lore through a unique blend of skill and strategy.

His bowling speed, not overwhelming yet deceptively effective, has become his trademark in outwitting batsmen.

At an age where many players peak, Sayers continues to evolve, bringing a depth of experience to every game, notably in the Big Bash League (BBL), where his performances have been nothing short of impressive.

Standing tall, his height adds to his bowling advantage, allowing him to extract unexpected bounce and movement off the pitch.

However, his journey hasn’t been without challenges. An injury had once threatened to sideline his career, but Sayers’ resilience saw him return stronger, a testament to his physical and mental fortitude.

His stats speak volumes of his consistency and skill, painting a picture of a bowler who has remained a reliable force for his teams.

Perhaps most notable in Sayers’ illustrious career is his test debut, a moment that showcased his readiness for cricket’s grandest stage.

In every match, Sayers demonstrates not just skill but a cerebral approach to the game, analyzing and adapting to each batsman’s weaknesses.

Chadd Sayers is more than a cricketer; he’s a strategist, wielding his bowling as a chess master would his pieces, always thinking several moves ahead in the high-stakes game of international cricket.

Key Takeaways


About Chadd Sayers Cricketer

Chadd Sayers

Born in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, on the 31st of August, 1987, has etched his name in cricket history through sheer determination and a deep-rooted love for the game.

From a young age, his path to cricketing stardom seemed predestined.

Renowned for his right-arm fast-medium bowling, Sayers quickly rose to prominence in the domestic cricket scene.

His exceptional skill in swinging the ball in both directions, combined with an innate ability to decipher a batsman’s strategy, made him a standout early in his career.

His entry into first-class cricket was nothing short of spectacular, marked by a series of performances that highlighted his bowling speed and tactical acumen, swiftly catching the eye of national selectors.

Reaching the zenith of his career, Sayers proudly wore the iconic Baggy Green, marking his test debut for Australia – a dream come true for the cricketer, who, at his age, had already shown immense potential.

In the international circuit, his signature swing bowling, a product of his notable height and skill, frequently baffled batsmen, showcasing his unique talent.

Beyond the pitch, Sayers is celebrated for his modest nature and unwavering commitment to cricket.

His resilience in overcoming injuries and making strong comebacks stands as a testament to his mental fortitude and dedication to the sport.

While he may not be the fastest bowler on the team, his mastery in seam bowling and significant contributions to Australian cricket, especially in the Big Bash League (BBL), have earned him widespread respect and admiration as a key figure in the cricketing world.

Chadd Sayers Debut

Chadd Sayers

Chadd Sayers’ ascent to international cricket was a defining moment, not just in his career but also in the annals of the sport, leaving a lasting impression on cricket aficionados worldwide.

Renowned for his precise seam bowling, Sayers’ eagerly awaited test debut for Australia was the fruit of relentless effort and determination over the years.

On the cricket field, his first appearance was nothing short of a tutorial in seam bowling.

Leveraging his height to generate bounce and movement, Sayers demonstrated a tactical brilliance, becoming a formidable challenge for experienced batsmen.

His debut was characterized by a blend of strategic patience and pinpoint accuracy, crucial for success in test cricket.

Aspect Details
Test Debut 2018, Johannesburg. Notable for coinciding with the ball-tampering scandal in the previous game.
First-Class Cricket Played for South Australia in the South Australian Grade Cricket League. Known as one of the state’s best pace bowlers.
Career Highlights Won the Bradman medal in the 2010-11 season. Achieved 65 wickets at an impressive average of 8.63, leading up to his Test debut.

His bowling, marked by a cleverly moderate speed, was a tactical ploy that consistently outsmarted the opposition, turning each ball into a conundrum for the batsman.

Away from the pitch, Sayers’ test debut was a celebration of his resilient spirit.

After refining his skills in domestic circuits and battling through various challenges, including injuries, his journey to the international scene was a testament to his steadfast commitment to cricket.

His debut transcended the conventional metrics of wickets and runs; it symbolized the fulfillment of a dream shared by many budding cricketers.

Chadd Sayers’ initiation into test cricket was more than a game; it was a moment that captured the true essence of sportsmanship and the enduring spirit of cricket, as reflected in his impressive stats.


Chadd Sayers

In the illustrious career of Chadd Sayers, a standout achievement is his winning of the Bradman Young Cricketer of the Year award.

This prestigious honor, named after the iconic Sir Donald Bradman, is bestowed upon young cricketers who demonstrate extraordinary talent and performance.

Sayers, at a relatively young age, earned this accolade, signaling his potential to leave a lasting imprint in the world of cricket.

His remarkable bowling speed and skillful performances in domestic cricket have also led him to be recognized multiple times as the Player of the Match, cementing his status as a pivotal player.

Sayers has made significant contributions to his teams, especially in the Sheffield Shield, where his outstanding bowling, characterized by his notable height and speed, has consistently yielded impressive figures across various seasons.

These performances have earned him numerous Best Bowler awards, celebrating his ability to turn matches in his team’s favor.

Award/Honor Details
Neil Dansie Medal Awarded for being the best South Australian player of the season.
Sheffield Shield Player of the Year Recognized for his outstanding performance in the Sheffield Shield, finishing just behind Ricky Ponting.
Other Recognitions Sayers has also been acknowledged for his significant contributions in various seasons and tournaments, particularly in first-class cricket.

His leadership qualities and commendable sportsmanship have not only earned him spots in the Team of the Year but have also highlighted his role as a key figure in cricket beyond just his playing capabilities.

Beyond the tangible awards and accolades, the true measure of Sayers’ success can be seen in the respect and admiration he receives from his peers, opponents, and cricket fans globally.

His journey, marked by resilience, skill, and a commitment to excellence, has elevated him from just a celebrated cricketer to a respected ambassador of cricket, especially noted in his performances in the Big Bash League (BBL).

Chadd Sayers, with his impressive height and bowling prowess, continues to be a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the spirit of cricket.



The trajectory of Sayers’ career took a significant upturn with his remarkable performances in the Sheffield Shield.

Here, he consistently led the bowling statistics, a clear indicator of his skill and profound grasp of cricket’s intricate aspects.

His dominance in the domestic circuit was a precursor to his well-deserved inclusion in the national squad, culminating in his test debut for Australia.

This milestone was more than just a personal achievement for Sayers; it was a testament to his enduring commitment and hard work in the sport.

Throughout his career, Sayers has been celebrated for his strategic brilliance on the cricket field.

Test Career Played 1 Test match, with a best bowling match figure of 2/146
First-Class Career Played 85 First-Class matches, with a best bowling match figure of 13/131
List A Career Played 16 List A matches, with a best bowling match figure of 2/41

His bowling speed, which may not break records, is nonetheless strategically effective, often catching batsmen off guard with its clever variations.

His stature, too, plays a pivotal role, aiding him in generating challenging bounce and movement, a nightmare for even the most seasoned batsmen.

Beyond the pitch, Sayers is lauded for his professionalism and unwavering dedication to cricket, traits that have established him as an exemplar for budding cricketers.

Sayers’ career has not been without its share of hurdles, including injuries, but his ability to bounce back stronger after each challenge is a reflection of his resilient character.

These comebacks are a testament to his mental fortitude and unwavering commitment to the game.

Chadd Sayers Personal Life


Away from the limelight of international cricket, Sayers is known for his grounded personality and strong family values.

He often credits his success to the unwavering support of his family, who have been his pillar of strength throughout his career.

This close-knit bond is a key aspect of his life, providing him with a solid foundation and a sense of balance amidst the pressures of professional sport.

Sayers is also an individual of diverse interests. When not wielding the cricket bat or strategizing on the field, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors, often indulging in fishing and hiking, activities that reflect his love for nature and adventure.

These hobbies offer him a respite from the rigorous demands of cricket, allowing him to recharge and maintain his mental and physical well-being.

Community involvement is another facet of Sayers’ life that he holds dear. He is actively involved in local cricket clubs, where he mentors young aspiring cricketers, sharing his experiences and insights.

This commitment to nurturing future talent speaks volumes about his character and his desire to give back to the sport that has given him so much.

In essence, Chadd Sayers’ personal life is a tapestry of family, hobbies, and community engagement, all of which play a significant role in shaping him not just as a cricketer, but as a well-rounded individual.

His life outside cricket adds depth to his persona, making him a relatable and admired figure in the world of sports – Chadd Sayers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Chadd Sayers and what is his contribution to cricket?

Chadd Sayers is a cricketer known for his exceptional seam bowling skills.

He is recognized for his unique blend of skill and strategy rather than just sheer speed or spin.

Sayers has made significant contributions in the Big Bash League (BBL) and test cricket, showcasing his consistency and skill.

What are the key highlights of Chadd Sayers' career?

Chadd Sayers made his test debut for Australia in 2018 in Johannesburg, which was notable for coinciding with the ball-tampering scandal in the previous game.

He achieved recognition as one of South Australia’s best pace bowlers and won the Bradman Young Cricketer of the Year award.

Sayers is known for his remarkable seam bowling and has been a key player in the Sheffield Shield.

What is Chadd Sayers' personal life like outside of cricket?

Chadd Sayers is known for his grounded personality and strong family values.

He enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking when not playing cricket.

Sayers is actively involved in local cricket clubs, where he mentors young cricketers, reflecting his commitment to nurturing future talent.

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