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Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli

Batsman, India

About Virat Kohli

Born on November 5, 1988, Virat Kohli is celebrated as one of cricket's all-time great batsmen and has formerly led the Indian national cricket team. As of now, he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and for Delhi in India's domestic cricket circuit. Kohli's prowess is acknowledged globally, with records like being the top run-scorer in both T20I and IPL formats. The International Cricket Council (ICC) honored him as the male cricketer of the decade in 2020. In international cricket, he ranks as the fourth highest run-scorer and is second in scoring the most international centuries, tying with Sachin Tendulkar for the most centuries in One Day Internationals. Kohli's significant achievements include being part of the Indian team that clinched the 2011 Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

Profile Details
Full Name
Virat Kohli
November 05, 1988, Delhi
Batting Style
Right Handed Bat
Bowling Style
Right-arm medium
As known as
King Kohli, Chiku
Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi

Bowler, Pakistan

About Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi, a prominent Pakistani cricketer, excels as a left-arm fast bowler and all-rounder for the national team and Lahore Qalandars in the PSL. Born on April 6, 2000, in Zakzak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he debuted internationally in 2018 at 18. Afridi is celebrated for his pace, swing, and crucial wicket-taking abilities, making him one of the world's top fast bowlers. He has achieved significant milestones, including being the youngest Pakistani to take 100 wickets in ODIs, with 102 wickets in 51 matches. In T20Is, he's the fastest to 50 wickets, totaling 64 in 52 games. Afridi was the ICC's 2021 Cricketer of the Year, taking 78 wickets in 36 matches. As Lahore Qalandars' captain, he led them to back-to-back PSL titles in 2022 and 2023. Afridi is an inspiration for aspiring cricketers globally.

Profile Details
Full Name
Shaheen Afridi
April 06, 2000, Khyber Agency
Batting Style
Left Handed Bat
Bowling Style
Left-arm fast-medium

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Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi

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Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi

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The Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi rivalry on the cricket field is known for its intense encounters, particularly in high-stakes India-Pakistan matches.

Their first memorable face-off was in the 2018 Asia Cup, where Afridi notably dismissed Kohli with an inswinging delivery, turning the tide of the match and showcasing his bowling acumen.

In subsequent encounters, Afridi has consistently challenged Kohli, often claiming his wicket at critical moments.

Their rivalry was further highlighted in the 2022 T20 World Cup, marked by Afridi dismissing Kohli with a yorker.

Another intense moment occurred in the 2021 T20 World Cup, where Afridi's celebration after dismissing Kohli led to a brief verbal clash between the two.

Despite these rivalry, both share their respect to each other. But, the question still the same on both side, Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi, who is better?

Virat Kohli Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Not Outs (NO) Runs (R) High Score (HS) Average (Avg.) Balls Faced (BF) Strike Rate (SR) Hundreds (H) Fifties (50x) Fours (4s) Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Balls (B) Runs (R) Wickets (W) BBM Average (Avg.) Economy (Econ.) Strike Rate (SR) 5W 10W

Shaheen Afridi Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Not Outs (NO) Runs (R) High Score (HS) Average (Avg.) Balls Faced (BF) Strike Rate (SR) Hundreds (H) Fifties (50x) Fours (4s) Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Balls (B) Runs (R) Wickets (W) BBM Average (Avg.) Economy (Econ.) Strike Rate (SR) 5W 10W
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Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi

Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi

Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi has evolved into a thrilling rivalry on the cricket field, characterized by outstanding performances and intense moments, especially in India vs Pakistan matches.

Their early notable encounter during the 2018 Asia Cup saw Afridi dismissing Kohli with a remarkable inswinging delivery, a pivotal moment in the match that highlighted Afridi’s bowling skills.

In later games, Afridi continued to be a formidable challenge for Kohli, often getting the better of him at crucial junctures.

The Shaheen Afridi vs Virat Kohli episode drew more attention in the 2022 T20 World Cup when Afridi dismissed Kohli with a yorker, leading to Kohli’s bails flying off.

Another significant moment was during the 2021 T20 World Cup, where Afridi’s celebration of Kohli’s wicket led to a heated exchange between them.

Despite these confrontations, Kohli and Afridi have expressed mutual respect for each other’s talents. But the debate on who has better performances: Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi? Still continue.

Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi: Who is Better?

Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi, India vs Pakistan, T20i, 2021

Cricket, a sport with a rich history and global following, has seen many talented players, but few have sparked as much debate and admiration as Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi.

Virat Kohli, an Indian batting maestro, has redefined batting standards in all formats of the game with his aggressive style and consistency.

On the other hand, Shaheen Afridi, a young Pakistani fast bowler, has quickly risen to prominence with his lethal pace and ability to swing the ball.

Both have made significant contributions to their respective teams, but who has the better performance?

Highlight of Virat Kohli’s Cricket Career

India vs Afghanistan, Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India, is one of the most accomplished batsmen in modern cricket. His career is marked by numerous records and achievements.

In ODIs, Kohli has amassed over 12,000 runs with an average of around 59, including 43 centuries and 64 half-centuries.

His Test career is equally impressive, with over 7,500 runs at an average of 52.37, including 27 centuries. In T20Is, he has scored over 3,000 runs at an average of 52.65.

Kohli’s domestic T20 career, including the most prestigious India’s tournament, IPL, has been stellar, with over 6,000 runs, making him one of the top run-scorers in the format.

Highlight of Shaheen Afridi’s Cricket Career

Shaheen Afridi, New Zealand vs Pakistan, T20 World Cup 2022

Shaheen Shah Afridi, born on April 6, 2000, in Khyber Agency, Pakistan, has emerged as one of the leading fast bowlers in international cricket.

In Tests, Afridi has taken 105 wickets in 27 matches with a bowling average of 25.58, including four 5-wicket hauls.

In ODIs, he has claimed 104 wickets in 51 matches at an average of 23.86. His T20I career has seen him take 64 wickets in 52 matches with an average of 22.73.

Afridi’s domestic and franchise career is equally impressive, with notable performances in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and other T20 leagues around the world.

Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi: Who is Better?

Comparing Virat Kohli and Shaheen Afridi is challenging due to their different roles in cricket – one as a batsman and the other as a bowler.

The question of who is better depends on the specific criteria one considers – batting or bowling – making this comparison more subjective than definitive.

Key Differences and Insights

Career Span and Roles

Kohli’s career began a decade earlier than Afridi’s, with Kohli being a top-order batter and Afridi primarily a bowler.

Afridi’s international career started in 2018, making him relatively new to the international scene compared to Kohli.

Performance in Different Formats

Kohli has a prolific batting record in all formats, with a particularly impressive ODI career.

Afridi, as a bowler, has shown remarkable skill in Tests and ODIs, with notable performances in T20Is as well.

Statistical Achievements

Kohli’s batting statistics are among the best in the world, with high averages and a significant number of centuries.

Afridi has quickly made a name for himself with impressive bowling figures, including multiple instances of taking 5 wickets in an innings.

Impact on the Game

Kohli is known for his aggressive batting and ability to dominate bowlers, making him a key player for India.

Afridi’s fast bowling and ability to take crucial wickets make him a vital player for Pakistan, especially in crucial matches.

Final Words on Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi

In conclusion, while both players are highly skilled in their respective roles, their contributions to the game are vastly different due to their roles as a batter and a bowler.

Kohli’s batting prowess, characterized by his consistency, ability to play under pressure, and versatility across formats, makes him one of the greatest batsmen of the modern era. His records, especially in ODIs and T20Is, are a testament to his skill and endurance.

Shaheen Afridi, though younger and less experienced than Kohli, has shown remarkable talent and effectiveness as a fast bowler.

His ability to swing the ball, coupled with his pace, makes him a formidable opponent in all formats. His performances in international cricket, especially in ODIs and Tests, have been outstanding, considering his age and the short duration of his career so far.

In conclusion, while Kohli excels in batting with his extraordinary records and consistency, Afridi shines in bowling with his impressive wicket-taking ability and impact in matches.

On the debate of Virat Kohli vs Shaheen Afridi, both players have had a significant impact on their teams and have shown exceptional skill in their respective roles.

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