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Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes

Batting Allrounder, England

About Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes, a dynamic all-rounder in cricket, is known for his aggressive play and consistent performances.Born in New Zealand, he quickly rose through the ranks, debuting for Durham at 18 and making his mark in youth and U-19 cricket.His all-round abilities earned him a spot in England's national team, despite initial struggles and injuries.Stokes' career has had its ups and downs, including disciplinary issues and injuries, but his talent shone through in key moments.He played pivotal roles in England's cricket, notably in the 2019 World Cup and the Ashes series.His remarkable innings against Australia at Headingley and his leadership in the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup are highlights of his career.Appointed England's Test captain in 2022, he led a transformative approach in Test cricket.Despite retiring from ODIs in 2022, he returned ahead of the 2023 World Cup, continuing to prove his worth.In the IPL, Stokes fetched high prices due to his all-round capabilities, though his performance varied across seasons.He missed some seasons due to injuries and national commitments, but remained a sought-after player in the league.

Profile Details
Full Name
Ben Stokes
June 04, 1991, Canterbury, New Zealand
Batting Allrounder
Batting Style
Left Handed Bat
Bowling Style
Right-arm fast-medium
As known as
Stokesy, The Dragon
Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya

Batting Allrounder, India

About Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya, a charismatic all-rounder from Gujarat, embodies the modern Indian cricketer with his bold style and confident play.Rising to fame through the IPL, he showcased his powerful batting, smart bowling, and exceptional fielding, playing a key role in Mumbai's IPL success. His all-round skills, including fast bowling, earned him a spot in India's ODI team.Pandya's ability to perform under pressure, both in batting and bowling, has been crucial in ODIs. He's known for scoring fast runs and executing tight run-chases.While his batting technique needs refinement for Test cricket, his bowling has improved significantly, especially in swing and trajectory.Despite controversies, including a talk show incident and a back injury, Pandya returned to the Indian team, contributing significantly in the field and with the ball.He's seen as a vital part of India's World Cup plans, filling the long-vacant role of a fast-bowling all-rounder since Kapil Dev.His journey from a carefree player to a more mature cricketer has been notable, and he remains a key player for India.

Profile Details
Full Name
Hardik Pandya
October 11, 1993, Choryasi, Gujarat
Batting Allrounder
Batting Style
Right Handed Bat
Bowling Style
Right-arm fast-medium
As known as
Hairy, Rockstar

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Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya

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Most Centuries

Most Sixes

Bowling Stats Head-to-Head

Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya

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Most Runs

The debate amongst fans and analyst to find out 'who is the best all-rounder in the world' started to comparing one and the other players, including Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya.

]In the IPL, Pandya's notable performance for Mumbai Indians, including a rapid 60 off 21 balls, was eclipsed by Stokes' match-winning 107 not out for Rajasthan Royals, a pivotal moment in the 2020 IPL.

Their rivalry was also evident in a T20I match between India and England, where Stokes' exceptional catch dismissed Pandya.

Additionally, in the ODI format, Pandya's bowling skills were on display when he took Stokes' wicket with a sharp bouncer.

These instances across various formats highlight the intense competition between Stokes vs Pandya, each consistently striving to excel against the other.

Ben Stokes Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Not Outs (NO)Runs (R)High Score (HS)Average (Avg.)Balls Faced (BF)Strike Rate (SR)Hundreds (H)Fifties (50x)Fours (4s)Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Balls (B)Runs (R)Wickets (W)BBMAverage (Avg.)Economy (Econ.)Strike Rate (SR)5W10W

Hardik Pandya Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Not Outs (NO)Runs (R)High Score (HS)Average (Avg.)Balls Faced (BF)Strike Rate (SR)Hundreds (H)Fifties (50x)Fours (4s)Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

FormatMatches (M)Innings (Inn)Balls (B)Runs (R)Wickets (W)BBMAverage (Avg.)Economy (Econ.)Strike Rate (SR)5W10W
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Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya

Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya

The rivalry between Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya, two prominent figures in international cricket, has been marked by several notable encounters over the years.

In the IPL, Pandya’s explosive batting for Mumbai Indians, including a 60 off 21 balls performance, was a highlight, but it was overshadowed by Stokes’ match-winning unbeaten 107 for Rajasthan Royals.

This innings by Stokes was crucial in keeping the Royals in the playoff race and was a significant moment in the 2020 IPL season.

Another key moment in their rivalry occurred during a T20I match between India and England in 2021.

Stokes, known for his fielding prowess, took a remarkable catch to dismiss Pandya, showcasing his all-round abilities in the game.

This incident highlighted the competitive nature of their encounters, with both players often finding themselves in crucial situations against each other.

Their rivalry of Hardik Pandya vs Ben Stokes also extended to the ODI format in 2021, where Pandya delivered an impressive performance with the ball.

In one instance, he dismissed Stokes with a well-directed bouncer, showcasing his skill as a fast bowler and adding another chapter to their ongoing competitive episodes.

These encounters between Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya across different formats and leagues illustrate the intense and competitive nature of their rivalry.

Summary & Key Takeaways


Who Has a Better Performance: Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya?

Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya, England vs India, 3rd ODI 2021

Ben Stokes and Hardik Pandya are two of the most dynamic all-rounders in modern cricket. Stokes, born in New Zealand and representing England, and Pandya from Gujarat, representing India.

Both made significant impacts in international and domestic cricket. Their aggressive playing styles, ability to change the course of a game, and contributions in all aspects of cricket make them stand out. But who has the better performance?

The Highlight of Ben Stokes’s Cricket Career

Ben Stokes at the Kia Oval

Ben Stokes, an English international cricketer, has been a key player for England across all formats.

He made his T20I debut in 2011 and Test debut in 2013. Stokes has played 97 Test matches, scoring 6,117 runs at an average of 36.41, and taken 197 wickets.

In ODIs, he has played 114 matches, scoring 3,463 runs at an average of 41.22, and taken 74 wickets. His T20I record includes 585 runs and 26 wickets in 43 matches.

Notably, Stokes holds the Test world record for most runs in an innings at number six (258 runs) and has the highest partnership for the sixth wicket (399 runs). In the IPL, he has played 45 matches, scoring 935 runs and taking 28 wickets.

The Highlight of Hardik Pandya’s Cricket Career


Hardik Pandya, the Indian all-rounder, made his international debut in T20Is in 2016. In Tests, he has played 11 matches, scoring 532 runs and taking 17 wickets.

His ODI career includes 85 matches with 1,769 runs and 84 wickets, while in T20Is, he has played 87 matches, scoring 1,251 runs and taking 69 wickets.

Pandya’s IPL career is impressive, with 123 matches, 2,309 runs, and 53 wickets. He is known for his powerful hitting and fast-medium pace bowling, making significant contributions in crucial matches with India cricket team.

Key Differences on Comparison of Hardik Pandya vs Ben Stokes

The ongoing debate about who is the superior all-rounder between Ben Stokes and Hardik Pandya is fueled by their impressive performances and significant contributions to their respective teams.

Both players have showcased their prowess in international cricket, making them key figures in their national squads.

Here’s a detailed comparison of their careers to provide a clearer picture of their achievements and impact on the game.

1. Career Span and Experience:

Stokes has a longer international career, starting in 2011, compared to Pandya’s 2016 debut. This gives Stokes a broader range of experience in different formats.

2. Performance in Different Formats

Stokes has a more extensive Test career, with higher runs, centuries, and wickets, showcasing his proficiency in the longer format.

Pandya, while having played fewer Tests, has made a significant impact in ODIs and T20Is, with a higher strike rate and notable bowling figures.

3. Impactful Performances

Stokes holds the record for the most runs in an innings by a batting position in Tests (258) and has a higher batting average in ODIs.

Pandya’s T20I career features a higher strike rate and more impactful bowling performances, including best figures by a captain.

4. All-round Capabilities

Both players have demonstrated exceptional all-round capabilities, but Stokes has shown a greater ability to perform in high-pressure situations in Tests. While, Pandya’s agility and quicker scoring ability make him a more dynamic player in limited-overs cricket.

Final Words on Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya Comparison

Comparing Ben Stokes and Hardik Pandya is challenging due to their different playing styles and roles in their respective teams.

Stokes has a more substantial Test record, with higher runs and wickets, showcasing his ability in the longer format. His record-breaking innings and partnerships in Tests highlight his impact in this format.

In contrast, Pandya’s strength lies in the limited-overs format, with impressive performances in ODIs and T20Is, both internationally and in the IPL.

His ability to score quick runs and take crucial wickets makes him a valuable asset in shorter formats.

All in all, Stokes excels in Test cricket with significant contributions in batting and bowling, while Pandya shines in limited-overs cricket, particularly in the IPL.

The debate to find out ‘who is the best’ on the rivalry of Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya still continue on fans and analyst. But one thing for sure, both excel in different aspects of the game.

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