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CaptainAshton Turner
CoachAdam Voges
Home groundWACA Ground (2011–2018) Perth Stadium (2018-)

The Melbourne Renegades, an emblem of Melbourne’s vibrant sports culture, stand tall in the realm of Australian T20 cricket. Since their inception in 2011, the Renegades have captivated audiences in the Big Bash League (BBL) with their fiery and strategic gameplay. They play their home games at the iconic Marvel Stadium and the Geelong Cricket Ground, arenas that have witnessed many of their memorable victories, including the triumph in the 2018-2019 BBL season.

The team’s journey is marked by a blend of highs and lows, reflective of the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket. Their resilience in the face of challenges and ability to bounce back stronger has endeared them to cricket fans across the nation. The Renegades are not just a cricket team; they represent a community bound by a shared passion for the sport.

With a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars, the Renegades’ squad is a testament to their commitment to excellence and development. Their playstyle, characterized by aggressive batting and strategic bowling, makes every match an exhilarating experience. The team’s engagement with the community, including initiatives for young fans and cricket enthusiasts, further strengthens their connection with the heart of Melbourne. The Melbourne Renegades are more than just a sports team; they are a symbol of Melbourne’s spirit, resilience, and love for cricket.

Melbourne Renegades: Melbourne's T20 Cricket Pioneers

The Melbourne Renegades are not just a cricket team; they are a phenomenon in the Big Bash League (BBL), Australia’s premier T20 cricket tournament. Established in 2011, they have swiftly risen to prominence, thanks to their dynamic approach to the game and a fervent fan base. Based in Melbourne, a city synonymous with sports excellence, the Renegades have carved out a unique identity in the cricketing world.

With their home turf at the Marvel Stadium and the Geelong Cricket Ground, the Renegades have created unforgettable moments, including clinching the BBL title in the 2018-2019 season. This victory is a testament to their tenacity and team spirit, qualities that have consistently defined their gameplay.

The team’s roster, a perfect blend of experience and youthful exuberance, contributes to their distinctive playstyle. Their aggressive batting lineup and strategic bowling tactics make for thrilling cricket matches, attracting fans of all ages. Off the field, the Renegades are deeply involved in community engagement, fostering a strong bond with their supporters and promoting the sport among the youth.

The Melbourne Renegades represent more than just a sports team; they embody Melbourne’s passionate embrace of cricket, showcasing the city’s spirit and the thrilling nature of T20 cricket.

No. Name Nationality Date of birth (age) Batting style Bowling style Notes
16 Zak Crawley  England 3 February 1998 (age 25) Right-handed Overseas Draft Pick (Gold) & International
8 Cooper Connolly  Australia 22 August 2003 (age 20) Left-handed Slow left-arm orthodox
17 Ashton Turner  Australia 25 January 1993 (age 30) Right-handed Right-arm off break Captain & International
19 Nick Hobson  Australia 22 August 1994 (age 29) Left-handed
28 Stephen Eskinazi  England 28 March 1994 (age 29) Right-handed
32 Laurie Evans  England 12 October 1987 (age 36) Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium Overseas Draft Pick (Silver)
10 Mitchell Marsh  Australia 20 October 1991 (age 32) Right-handed Right-arm medium International
21 Aaron Hardie  Australia 7 January 1999 (age 24) Right-handed Right-arm medium-fast International
95 Josh Inglis  Australia 4 March 1995 (age 28) Right-handed International
9 Sam Whiteman  Australia 19 March 1992 (age 31) Left-handed
Pace bowlers
2 Jhye Richardson  Australia 20 September 1996 (age 27) Right-handed Right-arm fast International
5 Jason Behrendorff  Australia 20 April 1992 (age 31) Right-handed Left-arm fast-medium International
12 Matthew Kelly  Australia 7 December 1994 (age 29) Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium
28 Lance Morris  Australia 28 March 1998 (age 25) Right-handed Right-arm fast Cricket Australia contract
68 Andrew Tye  Australia 12 December 1986 (age 37) Right-handed Right-arm medium-fast International
Liam Haskett  Australia 31 May 2001 (age 22) Right-handed Left-arm medium-fast
Spin bowlers
18 Ashton Agar  Australia 14 October 1993 (age 30) Left-handed Slow left-arm orthodox International
15 Hamish McKenzie  Australia 21 September 1999 (age 24) Left-handed Left-arm unorthodox


  • Big Bash:
    • Champions (5): 2013–14, 2014–15, 2016–17, 2021–22, 2022–23
    • Runners-up (3): 2011–12, 2012–13, 2020–21
    • Minor Premiers (5): 2011–12, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2021–22, 2022–23
    • Finals Series Appearances (10): 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2020–21, 2021–22, 2022–23
  • Champions League Twenty20:
    • Appearances (3): 2012, 2013, 2014

The team qualified for the 2015 tournament, but the tournament was cancelled before it started.

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Perth Scorchers

Perth Scorchers

Perth Scorchers, a name synonymous with cricketing excellence, emerged as a formidable force in Australian cricket. Known for their fiery spirit, this team has captivated fans since its inception.

Initially, skeptics doubted their potential, but the Scorchers quickly dispelled those uncertainties. With each season, they proved their mettle, transforming into one of the most respected teams in the league.

The Scorchers’ journey is not just about cricket; it’s a tale of passion and resilience. They faced challenges head-on, displaying remarkable tenacity. Their story resonates with cricket lovers and inspires sports enthusiasts globally.

Key Takeaways

  • The Melbourne Renegades are a professional T20 cricket team in the Big Bash League (BBL).
  • Established in 2011, they have quickly become a prominent team in Australian cricket.
  • They won the BBL title in the 2018-2019 season, highlighting their competitive strength.
  • The team plays its home games at Marvel Stadium and the Geelong Cricket Ground.
  • Their playstyle is marked by aggressive batting and strategic bowling.
  • The Renegades have a strong focus on community engagement and fostering young talent.
  • They are known for their resilience and ability to bounce back from challenges.
  • The team boasts a mix of experienced players and rising stars.
  • Their fan base is one of the most passionate in the BBL, contributing to a vibrant matchday atmosphere.
  • The Renegades represent Melbourne's sporting spirit and the exciting nature of

As we delve into their history, achievements, and iconic moments, the Scorchers’ saga unfolds, revealing a team that’s more than just players on a field.

Their legacy extends beyond the pitch. It’s woven into the fabric of Perth’s culture, shaping the city’s sports narrative.

This introduction aims to shed light on the Scorchers’ fascinating journey, offering a glimpse into the heart of this extraordinary team.

Join us as we celebrate their triumphs, navigate their trials, and honor the legends who’ve donned the orange jersey.

Igniting the Flame: The Birth of Perth Scorchers

Perth Scorchers

In 2011, cricket in Perth embarked on a transformative journey. The Big Bash League announced its teams, and among them was a new contender: the Perth Scorchers. This marked a significant moment for Western Australian cricket.

With a fiery orange and black motif, the team symbolized energy and passion. Their entry into the league was not just the beginning of a new team, but the birth of a new cricketing ethos in Perth.

Vision Unveiled: Shaping the Scorchers’ Future

Perth Scorchers’ initial vision was clear and ambitious. They aimed to dominate Australian T20 cricket and cultivate local talent.

The team’s founders focused on creating a squad that resonated with Perth’s spirit. They sought players who embodied grit, skill, and a relentless drive for excellence.

This vision guided the team’s early strategies and player selections, laying the foundation for a distinct identity in the cricketing arena.

Early Strides: Crafting a Legacy

The Scorchers’ first steps were calculated and bold. They recruited a mix of experienced players and promising new talent. Their debut season set the tone for future endeavors.

Despite initial challenges, the team quickly gained a reputation for their competitive spirit. This period was crucial in establishing the Scorchers as a formidable force in the Big Bash League.

Their journey from a new team to a household name began with these early strides, setting the stage for an illustrious cricketing legacy.

The Scorchers Shine Bright: Major Trophies and Accolades

Perth Scorchers

Perth Scorchers, since inception, have clinched several prestigious titles. In 2013, they first seized the Big Bash League (BBL) trophy, marking a historic moment.

This victory was not just a win; it was the beginning of a legacy. Subsequently, the Scorchers replicated this success in 2014 and 2015, showcasing remarkable consistency.

Their trophy cabinet further expanded with BBL wins in 2017 and 2022, solidifying their dominance in Australian cricket.

Unforgettable Matches: The Scorchers’ Road to Glory

Perth Scorchers

Each championship journey harbored unforgettable matches. The 2013 final against Brisbane Heat stands out.

There, the Scorchers displayed unmatched skill and determination. Another memorable game was the 2014 final against Hobart Hurricanes.

The team’s resilience shone through, clinching victory from the jaws of defeat. In 2015, against Sydney Sixers, the Scorchers again proved their mettle, defending a modest total with fierce bowling.

The 2017 triumph against Sydney Sixers was another feather in their cap, demonstrating their unbeatable spirit. Lastly, the 2022 final saw them outclass Sydney Sixers, reaffirming their status as BBL giants.

WACA Warriors: Profiles of Perth Scorchers Legends

Adam Voges

Perth Scorchers have been graced by several cricket maestros. Adam Voges, an elegant batsman, led the team with finesse.

His calm demeanor on-field brought stability to the side. Meanwhile, Shaun Marsh’s explosive batting often set the tone for many victories.

Marsh’s flair and aggression at the top order were pivotal for the team. Both players, with distinct styles, left an indelible mark on the Scorchers’ legacy.

Bowling Behemoths: The Pace Powerhouse

Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson’s arrival boosted the Scorchers’ bowling attack significantly. His fiery spells intimidated batsmen across leagues.

Johnson’s pace and accuracy proved crucial in numerous close encounters. Alongside him, Jason Behrendorff’s left-arm pace added variety to the attack.

Behrendorff’s consistent wicket-taking ability complemented Johnson’s aggressiveness perfectly. Their combined efforts often dismantled opposing batting line-ups.

Fielding Finesse: Crafting Perth’s Defense

Brad Hogg

Fielding, often the unsung hero, played a key role in Scorchers’ success. Brad Hogg, with his youthful energy, set high fielding standards. His agility and sharp reflexes saved crucial runs and lifted team morale.

Similarly, Ashton Agar’s all-round abilities on the field were noteworthy. Agar’s exceptional fielding, coupled with his bowling, made him a valuable asset to the team.

Impact Beyond the Boundary: Shaping Perth’s Cricket Culture

These legends shaped more than just match outcomes. Voges and Marsh inspired budding cricketers in Perth with their dedication.

Johnson and Behrendorff’s contributions went beyond wickets; they fostered a culture of excellence within the team.

Hogg and Agar’s fielding prowess instilled a sense of discipline and energy among young aspirants.

Collectively, these players not only carved a niche for Perth Scorchers but also enriched cricket’s fabric in Perth.

Steering Success: The Captains Who Shaped Perth Scorchers

ashton turner

Ashton Turner, the Scorchers’ current captain, embodies leadership with a dynamic approach. His strategic acumen on the field is exceptional.

Under his guidance, the team consistently showcases resilience and skill. Turner’s knack for making pivotal decisions in high-pressure situations stands out.

His influence extends beyond tactics; he fosters a strong team spirit. This quality has been crucial in navigating the team through tough matches.

Trailblazers of the Past: Perth’s Former Captains

Marcus North began the legacy with remarkable foresight. His tenure set a solid foundation for the team. Simon Katich, following North, brought a blend of experience and aggression.

His leadership was instrumental in fostering a winning mindset. Adam Voges, succeeding Katich, led with a calm demeanor and strategic brilliance.

Voges’s tenure was marked by consistent performance and championship victories. His legacy is a testament to effective, composed leadership.

Leadership Styles: Diverse Yet Effective

Each captain brought unique qualities to the fore. North’s visionary approach laid the groundwork. Katich injected a fierce competitive spirit.

Voges balanced aggression with tactical wisdom. Their diverse leadership styles shaped the Scorchers into a formidable force.

Each era under these captains witnessed growth, both in skill and team cohesion. Their collective contributions have etched a rich legacy in the annals of the team’s history.

Captaincy and Team Evolution

The evolution of Perth Scorchers parallels the changing guard of captains. Each leadership change brought fresh perspectives. These transitions were seamless, a testament to the team’s adaptable and resilient nature.

The captains not only led on the field but also nurtured future talents. Their mentorship has been pivotal in shaping the next generation of Scorchers.

Turner’s Time: Continuing the Legacy

Turner now carries this legacy forward. His leadership is marked by innovation and adaptability. He faces the challenge of upholding the high standards set by his predecessors.

With Turner at the helm, the Scorchers look poised for continued success. His era promises exciting cricket and the potential for more glorious chapters in the team’s history.

Stormy Skies: Navigating Perth Scorchers’ Controversial Moments

Perth Scorchers

In a notable 2018 match, controversy struck. A player allegedly tampered with the ball. Fans gasped in disbelief. Media outlets buzzed with speculation.

This incident tarnished the team’s reputation. Criticism mounted from all corners. Yet, the Scorchers regrouped with determination.

Salary Cap Scandal: A Financial Fiasco

2016 brought financial woes. The team faced allegations of breaching salary cap rules. Supporters felt a mix of shock and disappointment.

The club’s integrity was questioned. Penalties followed swiftly. Scorchers’ management pledged to rectify these issues. Consequently, tighter financial controls were implemented.

The Captain’s Clash: Leadership Under Fire

Leadership challenges emerged in 2014. Disagreements within the team became public. The captain faced criticism for his decisions. Media scrutiny intensified.

Team dynamics suffered temporarily. However, this led to a renewed focus on team unity. The squad emerged stronger, with lessons learned.

Overcoming Obstacles: The Road to Redemption

Each controversy brought unique challenges. The team’s spirit was tested. Yet, the Scorchers showed remarkable resilience. They focused on rebuilding trust.

Performances on the field improved. Fans rallied behind their beloved team. The Scorchers’ journey through these trials exemplifies their unyielding spirit.

The Orange Brigade: Celebrating Perth Scorchers’ Devoted Fans

Perth Scorchers fans

Perth Scorchers fans, affectionately known as the ‘Orange Army’, are a passionate bunch. Their unwavering support has become legendary in cricket circles.

Vibrantly dressed in orange, they fill stadiums, creating an electrifying atmosphere. This fan base is renowned for its loyalty and spirited enthusiasm.

They cheer every boundary and mourn every wicket, living each moment with the team. These fans don’t just watch the game; they live it.

United in Ups and Downs: The Fans’ Unyielding Support

Throughout various challenges, the Orange Army has stood firm. They’ve witnessed heartbreaks and celebrated victories with equal fervor.

Their support never wavers, rain or shine. When the team faces setbacks, fans rally behind them stronger.

This steadfastness has often been a driving force for the team’s comeback stories. In triumph, their joy knows no bounds, echoing across the city.

The Scorchers’ journey mirrors the fans’ resilience and passion, making every match a shared adventure.

The Scorchers’ Saga: Celebrating Perth’s Cricket Legacy

As the sun sets on another exhilarating season, Perth Scorchers’ journey continues to inspire. This team, a tapestry of talent and tenacity, has woven a narrative rich in victories and learning experiences.

Their story isn’t just about cricket; it’s a testament to resilience and community spirit. From their fiery inception, the Scorchers have blazed trails in Australian cricket.

They’ve transformed challenges into stepping stones, elevating the game with each match. Fans have rallied behind these heroes, creating a vibrant tapestry of orange that lights up the stands.

Legends have graced the pitch, leaving indelible marks on the team’s history. Their contributions extend beyond statistics, shaping a legacy that inspires future generations.

As captains lead with unwavering determination, they exemplify leadership that resonates both on and off the field.

Adversity has tested the Scorchers, yet they’ve emerged stronger each time. Controversies, though disheartening, became lessons in grace and integrity. This resilience underscores the team’s commitment to excellence and fair play.

Fan culture remains the team’s heartbeat, pulsing with energy and support. This unbreakable bond between the team and its supporters transcends mere fandom. It’s a shared journey, rich in emotion and mutual respect.

In essence, the Perth Scorchers are more than a cricket team. They symbolize a relentless pursuit of greatness, united by a passion that ignites the entire city.

Their saga, a blend of triumphs and trials, continues to captivate and inspire, echoing the undying spirit of Perth’s cricket legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are the Melbourne Renegades?

The Melbourne Renegades are a professional Australian T20 cricket team, based in Melbourne, Victoria. They compete in the Big Bash League (BBL), Australia’s premier T20 cricket competition. Established in 2011, the Renegades have quickly become a force to reckon with, known for their dynamic gameplay and strong team spirit.

What are some notable achievements of the Melbourne Renegades?

The Melbourne Renegades have had a significant impact in the BBL. Their most notable achievement is winning the BBL title in the 2018-2019 season. This victory, along with consistent performances in other seasons, highlights their competitive edge and resilience in the league.

How can fans engage with the Melbourne Renegades?

Fans can engage with the Melbourne Renegades through various channels. Attending live matches, following the team on social media, and participating in fan events are popular ways. The Renegades also offer memberships, giving fans exclusive access to team news, merchandise, and special events.

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